Round 6 – Adelaide v Richmond: Tex stole all the goals

Tex Stole All The Goals
Adelaide versus Richmond
4.10pm, Sunday 30 April
Adelaide Oval

Aidan Hammond Aged 11

Today the Tigers dare to challenge my teams twice. We’ll see how that turns out for them. We’ve got the Salisbury West Tigers dare to challenge the amazing Walkerville Cats and the Richmond Tigers challenge the top of the table Adelaide Crows. This day could go any way, the way is partly in my hands. I could help the Walkerville Cats win by playing an awesome game and I could help the Crows win by cheering them on as loud as I can to give them the confidence to go out there and win the game.


First things first I have my normal breakfast, a smoothie with Strawberry, Banana, Milk, Yoghurt and Protein Powder. Next thing I am putting on the awesome Walkerville Cats Guernsey for the first time in the season. I put my shorts and my under 11s jacket on with my last name on the back of it on. I pull up my socks, tie my laces of my footy boots, put the mouthguard on and I’m ready for battle. We go from our house, 30 minutes later we are at Salisbury West Oval. I think it is not good at all that they have pokies in their clubrooms. I just got there about 1 hour before the game, I just spend the first bit kicking with one of my teammates.


Then we have to go into the change rooms to put some of our Guernseys on and hang up our jackets. I think to myself gee these change rooms are really small compared to the Walkerville change rooms. We get told where we are told to play, I am in the midfield, defensive side. We get separated into groups. They tell the two defensive midfielders and the ruckman, when the ball is in the forward 50 we have to stand around the 50 metre line and build the great Trump wall. We get a last run over and then get into our game clothes and next we run out onto the ground, we get into our warmups and then the match starts. The first five minutes are really scrappy they don’t get much of the ball but we end up with 4 goals and them 0. I get 4 touches and next quarter I am benched. We get 5 goals. Next quarter is my and our best quarter I get about 11 touches and the Cats get 6 goals. Next quarter I get 5 touches and we get 4 goals we get 19.6 120 and they get 0.0 0.


I get 20 disposals and the nickname hard ball Hammond. I have an egg and bacon roll with some raspberry liquorice. I talked to my teammates, we kept the Tigers in the cage. We got home and then I had a shower and then I put on my Crows gear. After that we took the bus and went to the Adelaide Oval. The Riverbank Stand was full so we went onto the hill. The first quarter was kind of shaky.


The kids got to stand at the front of the hill. Uncle Dave and Elliot went to the kids’ zone in the second quarter when the Crows were winning by so much. I thought that I would see Eddie Betts’ 500th goal; he needed two goals but he only scored one. Tex stole all the goals; he scored five. I was a bit nervous but the Crows smashed them, Geelong lost against Collingwood, which was amazing. Ok, the Crows are playing the best ever; they beat a team loss-less. All they need to do is beat themselves.


ADELAIDE       5.0   11.6    18.11   21.14 (140)
RICHMOND     6.3    7.3     8.3      10.4 (64)

Adelaide: Walker 5, Lynch 3, Sloane 3, Cameron 2, Jenkins, Betts, Douglas, Jacobs, Smith, M.Crouch, Otten, Milera
Richmond: Rioli 2, Riewoldt 2, Markov 2, Butler, Martin, Lambert, Houli

Adelaide: Sloane, M.Crouch, Jacobs, Lynch, Walker, Laird
Richmond: Cotchin, Martin, Lambert, Nankervis

Umpires: Rosebury, Stephens, Hoskin, Crowd: 51,069

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  1. Dave Brown says

    Love it hard ball Hammond. Eddie just couldn’t quite get in the right spot for no. 500, could he? Kept on marking just beyond his range and was very closely checked by his opponent/s. Hopefully it comes in Tassie now along with 501, 502, 503, 504 and 505. Not that I’m greedy or anything….

  2. Yes, I think at the end of the match, the Crows should’ve just passed the ball to Eddie. For a player like Eddie he eventually would’ve scored his 500th goal. I’m not sure how good he plays in Tassie, but surly he can kick at least 1 goal. Then again, every body thought that he would kick more than 2 in front of his home croud. Let’s just hope he does.

  3. Ben Footner says

    Hard ball Hammond is a wicked nickname!. Try and keep that one up Aidan!

  4. Rulebook says

    Good stuff love the nickname,Aidan

  5. Thanks Guys!

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