Round 5 – West Coast v Collingwood: Floreat Pica Society Match Report





The footy season was about to commence when I purchased flights to Perth, I was quite looking forward to flying across, not only for work but to see the mighty Pies play again at the stadium where our zenith of the 2020 season was played out. Though arriving in Perth with the  Pies at 1 and 3, I was now dreading getting to see the the Pies in front of a parochial Eagles crowd, though it will be the first time since moving back to Melbourne that it’s taken until Round 5 to see my first live game for the season.


Having lived in the nest of Eagles and Dockers fans for just on 15 years, I still find it difficult to think of anything nice to say about the collective of each of their supporter groups. When they are losing they are quite as a country mouse, and when winning they are unbearable in their arrogance, ongoing bragging and consistent booing of any decision that doesn’t go their way. In all I find it difficult to watch games live when we play them.


With respect to the rivalry between the Woodsmen and the Eagles, it has been slowly building since the first game between the two clubs in 1987, with WCE leading in the head to head at 29 to 26 with one draw in 1990. And after the Pies start to the 2021 season, the win in 2020 Elimination final most likely counts for nothing, but as the WCE second half fade out loss last week to St Kilda and the Pies to GWS possibly it does …. both teams with a lot to play for.


What a cracking first quarter with ebbs and flows of each team taking control , but the signs were ominous with WCE speedy play leading to clean scoring shots where as the Pies really had to scrap to keep the ball in our control. McGovern was taking on his usual role in marking any of the high bombs into the forward line, always disappointing to see. But it ended up being a solid tacking count our way that enabled the ball to spill free into 50-50 contests, which we were winning and getting mostly clean possessions out of. There was a moment in the quarter that summed up what was going to be the pies night when Crispy Chicken looked as if he has spent a bit too long on the rotisserie and delivered the ball with pin point accuracy to a WCE in the clear, and the ball was between the big sticks at the other end of the ground before you could blink.  Though at least with the restructured forward line things were looking up. Grundy was resting in the forward half rather than going to the bench, and Cameron at times was also being rested in the same manner. This created options that we had not seen in the preceding weeks.  Goals to Checkers, McCreery, Grundy x2 and Moore but there could have easily been a couple more to Daicos, Checkers and Sidebottom had they kicked straight. It was a really positive display by the side with in the pressure cooker that is Perth Stadium. On a sour note the facial injury / concussion to DeGoalie was not what we needed. One key midfielder down and three quarters still to play.


Sidebottom, Noble, IQ Moore , the pig and Grundy all playing well


The rest of the game can be summed up with the little things that started to eat away at the team’s confidence. The loss of Howe early in the second quarter deprived us of a general in the back line, Thomas hand-balling the hot potato when ever he had the pill, the midfield being demolished for the second and third quarters, with the combination of Pendlebury, Sidebottom and the Pig getting two possessions each in the 2nd after all being our possession winners in the first. Gaff, Kelly, Duggan and Sheed took our Mids apart with surgical precision, and it was not easy to watch. And as always it was left up to our defence to attempt to save the day , but unfortunately Keane was having an absolute shocker ( that boy need to find his confidence again). On a brighter note both Macrae and McCreery were having promising games and we would look forward to seeing more of these boys on the park this year.


The forward structure that looked so promising in the first, started generating options like what we see in the Under 15s with packs forming when the ball is delivered to the forward line, rather than individuals running in to clear space to generate options.


Losing Checkers in the final was really the nail in the coffin, and by this point on the WCE were treating the black and white jumpers as the orange training cones at practice. The ball was being delivered cleanly down the field, in stark contrast to the mish mash of skill errors that dominated our play. And Gaff was having a field day cleaning up after us.


In the final stanza we had a chance to get back within 3 goals, but Checkers kicked into the man on the mark. Enough said.


Not the finest performance that I’ve seen by the Pies, and with this, it certainly put us in the rebuilding category and it’s time to trial more of the younger players. Let’s hope Bucks gives the side a chance going forwards in letting go of the rusted on poor performers we all know and watch week in week out.


3 votes

Maynard: he was there all game and never gave up, even when the others in the side were standing still in the third. (Would really like to give him all 6 but I can’t)


2 votes

Crisp: with 32 possessions and 5 critical tackles early on, he was the only Midfielder to stand up and take accountability for his actions.


1 vote

I pondered long and hard over this one vote and there was really only one who could take it home. Greenwood (The Pig), even though he had a really quite second and third quarters he did his job and kept Kelly to 1.1 … a couple of skill errors but could be forgiven


Floreat Pica


The Victorian correspondent in the West at the right time.



WEST COAST                    3.1   9.5   14.6   16.7 (103)
COLLINGWOOD              5.4   7.5   7.7   11.10 (76)


West Coast: Darling 5, Allen 5, Sheed 3, Brander, Kelly, Kennedy
Collingwood: Moore 3, Grundy 2, McCreery 2, Mihocek 2, C Brown, Cameron  


West Coast: Darling, Allen, Redden, Sheed, McGovern, Kelly, Witherden, Gaff
Collingwood: Crisp, Pendlebury, Maynard, Grundy, Moore, Mihocek


West Coast: Cole (head), Rotham (head)
Collingwood: De Goey (facial injury), Howe (hamstring), Mihocek (shoulder)


West Coast: Jamaine Jones (unused)
Collingwood: Brayden Sier (replaced Jordan De Goey)


Crowd: 54,159 at Optus Stadium




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  1. Good report. Thought your Pies were on top when Howe went down. He is the general as well as the extra tall down back. Like Hurn for the Eagles last week – you lose the brain more than the body. Gave the edge for Allen and Darling to get well on top.
    Not so sure about De Goey. He is explosive at his best, but I reckon you are playing well overs for a lot of your blokes other than Darcy Moore. Shocking mismanagement to have to trade Treloar. Moore is better than McGovern now as the best marking and rebounding defensive tall.
    I thought Buckley’s early game plan was brilliant with Grundy taking centre taps then pressing forward. The game was still in the balance at half time and I thought he had to move Moore back and rely on Cameron to provide a contest for crumbs up forward. Moore was wasted in the forward line in the 3rd quarter when you couldn’t get the ball forward.
    We wasted Jeremy McGovern for half a season trying to make him a marking forward when we had injuries. Just had no positional and leading sense playing forward. Moore looked the same leading too early. Maybe he can learn, but I vaguely remember Lou Richards saying Phonse Kyne only moved blokes getting beaten on the grounds they had nothing to lose.

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