Round 5 – Hawthorn v Adelaide: “… for without victory, there is no survival.”

Snatched it!


votes – 3: Puopolo, 2: Tex Walker and 1: shared between E. Betts & S. Thompson




  1. Eloquent as ever Steve.

  2. No doubt they are a brilliant team, but,….some questions about the hawks
    Every time Lewis, particularly Lewis, when he sits on the ball , Gibson or Smith drop the ball, it is play on?
    Have Sicily, Smith, Shiels and Puopolo perfected the acting talents of non-existent high tackles that leave Hollywood waiting, but the umpires gullible.
    Have Rioli and Burgoyne perfected the act of the head high tackle with the body that the MRP will never review?
    Anyway, just some things to consider.. Sorry hawks..

  3. Ah Hawthorn. You think that they are stomped and sqished and finally vanquished, but just like a cockroach they just scuttle away to live another day!

  4. chris cunningham says

    My household of Crows supporting family and friends roared all night at the simply marvelous game of football and the talents shown by all the little blokes, proving yet again that Aussie Rules is a game for all sizes. We were overjoyed by Eddie’s start , but also marvelled at Gunston’s incredible goal, Cyril’s constant briliance, the ever present threat of Mitchell, although he was much less effective largely because of the intense pressure he was placed under, and finalyl the former chunky Norwood back pocket’s alround brilliance.At times we looked to clearly have the Hawks measure only for one of the above to do something miraculous
    However if those last 2 decisions were in a final there would be some serious blood letting. Poppy’s in the back gets overlooked most times, particularly in the forward lines, and Smith’s non holding the
    ball would get called up as holding the ball most times.
    THe Crows have a lot to learn from that game and some considerable upside from their emerging new breed of Atkins, Lever and co. It is a shame that there is no rematch. Maybe the finals ???

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