Round 5 – Adelaide v Gold Coast: Not There Yet


I Feel It Coming

Gold Coast versus Adelaide

4.35pm, Saturday 22 April

Carrara Stadium, Gold Coast

Aidan Hammond Aged 11

I hate how they delay the matches to force you into getting Foxtel. So the match was already over before we watched it. But I battled myself and I didn’t look at the end score. The Suns missed their key defender May. So I thought that this would be fun! Then Daniel Talia got injured right at the start and I wasn’t so sure. At the start, the Gold Coast got the clearance and had the ball, I was not feeling well in my head but knew that it was just a replay.

Just after that Curtly Hampton scores the goal and the rest of the match is chilled. But at the same time I want the Crows to beat Gold Coast by over one hundred points. I am also a bit worried about Kyle Hartigan because he has to play on Tom Lynch now that Daniel Talia is injured. I note that Curtly Hampton has his second goal. He has been a good pick up for the Crows from GWS.

The Suns actually aren’t playing that bad. At quarter time the Crows continue their goals and lead by 33 points. The second quarter good, like the whole game. When I think of the first quarter, I think the Crows are on track to win by 100 points. The second quarter the Crows extend the lead but in the last half the Crows drop off a bit. They win by 67 points. The Crows kept Tom Lynch to 2 goals which is good considering that he got 7 last week.

Credit to Kyle Hartigan. Rory Atkins has dyed his hair. I think it helped, he played so well. The Crouch brother business as usual, and Rory, as he always does, gets my 3 votes. Gold Coast didn’t play horribly, they are a good side. The Crows are just a really good side. Gold Coast aren’t there yet.

Gold Coast   2.2    4.3    8.5    13.8 (86)

Adelaide  7.6   11.9  17.12  23.15 (153)


Gold Coast: Ah Chee 5, Lynch 2, Hall 2, Matera 2, Sexton, Swallow

Adelaide: Betts 3, Lynch 3, Hampton 2, Cameron 2, Knight 2, Walker 2, Menzel 2, Otten 2, M. Crouch, Sloane, Atkins, Brown, Smith


Gold Coast: Ablett, Saad, Ah Chee, Barlow, Leslie

Adelaide: Atkins, Sloane, M.Crouch, Laird, Lynch, B.Crouch 

Umpires: Findlay, O’Gorman, Mitchell  Crowd: 12,672

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  1. When do you think Suns will win a premiership.

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