Round 4 – Brisbane v Gold Coast: So You Barrack For Brisbane Do Ya?

So You Barrack for The Brisbane Lions Do Ya?

Brisbane might have been the real deal back in the early 2000’s but those three premierships, consecutive, NOT back to back to back, are now a distant memory. In fact, since 2004 there has been very little to write home about,
Here at our retirement village, sorry I meant our “Plus Fifties Lifestyle Village” our footy team has had very little impact, or what sense of impact there has been hasn’t been particularly positive. “Oh, your lot are down three zip aren’t they? Weren’t they Fitzroy once, you know, the Lions? You won’t even beat the Gold Coast.” I slink away wanting to say yet again, and indeed shout, “NO, I HAVE NO FIZTROY AFFILIATION WHATSOEVER. I BARRACK FOR THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE THE BRISBANE SIDE, THE FIRST QUEENSAND AFL TEAM, THE TEAM THAT AT ITS PRIME WAS UNBEATABLE. I slink away because based on recent form, say over the past ten years, they won’t get near the Suns. In addition, I always feel the sneering presence of our family in New Zealand, but they can’t talk, they barrack for Essendon.

Eddie reckons that Rodney Eade has his side just right, but as the Lions run out on the field my feelings of euphoria for the old times return. Brownie reminds us all that our goal kicking has let us down. Shot to Justin Leppitsch looking appropriately miserable in a replay shown of a Brisbane clanger, “overdoing some handball” so it is said, against Geelong. Jonathon Brown wished for a tough game, how prescient. Jason Dunstall says that the momentum is all with the Suns. The momentum is always with any team playing the Lions.

Dayne Zorko wins the toss for Brisbane, that’s a good start. The Lions Josh Walker misses his first kick at goal about 30 seconds after the start, how typical, (“but at least he made good contact” according to a rather hopeful eternally optimistic Jonathon Brown). I hadn’t really noticed the Suns Tom Lynch previously but I have now, great lead, left Merrett for dead, goal. Tom Bell goals after a Suns turnover, Brisbane leads, won’t last though. Day of course kicks straight after receiving a pass through a loose Brisbane defence; the whole disaster is unfolding again.

All the same, the Lions aren’t looking too bad, they look sharp, hope springs eternal. It’s sad though to see so many empty seats at the Gabba. Rischitelli former Brisbane star, to Lynch, far too fast, far too skilled for Merrett; goal. I wrote a moment ago that the Lions looked sharp, but their defence is a shambles, this fact outlined when Lynch gets his third from a gifted 50 metre penalty, could get ten! Commentator Mooney lets slip a rather private off air comment made by Lynch prior to a pre match interview. Brisbane’s Martin with his sissy hairdo gets a good goal around the corner, a goal mind you, not yet another point. Still the Suns are making clangers as well, and now Schache goals on the run as the result of a great Zorko intercept at centre half back. Then Zorko got Saad, holding the ball, just as he was heading for goal. What a tackle, great, but the Suns lead by two points, both sides missing easy chances.

Jonathon Brown points out that Hall and Ablett were kept quiet in the first quarter.

So it is that the Suns Sexton goals after another Brisbane stuff up started by a kick-out being recalled for being over the line. Now Rischitelli around the corner, the Gold Coast are getting away. The Lions Bell gets a goal but no, recalled, and of course now misses.

The Lions are now three goals ten after gettable misses, bloody hell! Due to more slack defence by Brisbane, fumbling fools, another goal to the Suns via Cameron, this match might get away. Tom Bell though now scores Brisbane’s fourth, at last, after a series of brilliant passes from the back line. Zorko receives a kick in the head, off, blood rule. Now a gifted fifty metre to Brisbane at four goals thirteen but Hanley misses again. Stefan Martin flattened, happened in a flash, looked like a deliberate action as May had his eye on Martin, he had run past the ball, Martin had his eyes entirely focused on it as he was following it through, was helped in his forward momentum by a push from Ablett. There should be a send-off rule in the AFL. Brisbane have been severely disadvantaged. Meanwhile the Lions have now kicked one goal nine for the quarter. They are down eight points at half time.
Hanley, fantastic fantastic running goal from fifty out. Brisbane now two points behind. Malceski ruins it by scoring the Suns eighth goal after they broke away from the Brisbane defence. Another Brisbane miss, five goals sixteen. But Rowan Buick marks and goals from fifty metres, a one-point game. Cutler of the Lions goals from around the corner BRISBANE IN FRONT. Ablett to Rosa, after a Brisbane fumble, again, the Suns back in front. Now Lewis Taylor has marked, come on, kick straight, he has, ripper, Brisbane back in front. Hanley is everywhere. After ten minutes of arm wrestling the Suns Martin has been free kicked in the goal square, another lead change. The scores are level Brisbane eight goals nineteen the Suns ten goals seven. Now Zorko has goaled, the Lions up a goal but Lynch has out-marked Merrett and kicked his fourth. Scores level. May to the goal square, Merrett gives away a free kick to Lynch who is simplytoo good for him. The Gold Coast back in front but Green has dashed in front of the pack as a high “bomb” has come down, marks and just goals from twenty-five metres out. Brisbane one point in front, eighty to seventy-nine. Three Quarter time. The Lions have showed a passion that I haven’t seen in years. The mighty Suns have been brought right back to earth despite Brisbane having no recognised ruckman courtesy of May. Darcy Gardiner has maybe broken his left hand, another Lions loss. Got that wrong, he came back.
The Suns miss two gettable shots but Christensen left alone in the goal square, goals, Lions five in front. Walker has got on the end of a chain of passes, but just misses, Brisbane six in front. The Suns have “got out” from the backline and Sexton has marked and goaled, just. Scores level. Aaron Hall has snap goaled from in front. the Suns lead. Lewis Taylor, long kick from the centre to Lester, misses, the Lions five points behind. Now an another fantastic passage of play by the Lions sees Cutler pick up a bouncing ball just out of the square. Ablett just misses ninety-four each. Hanley great goal, one step, on the run one hundred to ninety-four. Bastinac goals BRISBANE CANNOT LOSE fourteen twenty-three fourteen-ten. The final siren, and at last our song rings out around the stadium. Makes me feel the best about the Lions that I have felt for years. Players of the future if not now, Schache, Lynch

Brisbane Lions 3.6 4.15 10.20 14.23 107
Gold Coast Suns 4.2 7.5 12.7 14.10 94
Goals Brisbane Lions: Hanley 2, Bell 2, Cutler 2, Christensen, Zorko, Green, Schache, Taylor, Bastinac, Bewick, Martin.
Goals Gold Coast Suns: Lynch 5, Sexton 2, Hall, Cameron, Martin, Rischitelli, Rosa, Malceski, Day.
Best Brisbane Lions: Hanley, Zorko, Rich, Bell Bewick.
Best Gold Coast Suns: Lynch Malceski, Day, Ablett.

Umpires: Donlon, Chamberlain, Wallace.
Crowd 20,041 at the Gabba.
My Votes: Hanley (B) 3, Zorko (B) 2 Lynch (GC) 1


  1. Good on ya Peter; credit where it’s due !

    The Brisbane team is not a continuation of the old Fitzroy, they are first and foremost the original Queensland team. We really need to dispense with the shibboleth that Fitzroy and Brisbane are the same. Enjoy your season.


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