Round 4 – Adelaide v Essendon: Betts & Walker the New Beethoven & Mozart



Adelaide 24-9-153 def Essendon 13-10-88

Goal Kickers-
Adelaide: E Betts 6, T Walker 5, A Otten, R Sloane, T Lynch, R Atkins 2, R Laird, B Smith, C Cameron, R Douglas, T Menzel
Essendon: A McDonald-Tipungwuti 4, T Colyer 3, J Daniher ,K Langford 2, O Fantasia,D Zaharakis
Best players-
Adelaide: E Betts,R Sloane,T Walker,S Jacobs,R Laird,M Crouch,C Cameron,B Smith,D Talia,A Otten,R Atkins
Essendon: T Colyer,Z Merritt,D Zaharakis,A McDonald-Tipungwudi,D Zaharakis,J Daniher
Umpires: C Debby, J Schmitt, C Kamolins


Malarkey Medal Votes:
E Betts (Ad)3, R Sloane (Ad)2, T Walker(Ad)1
Crowd 47,492 at Adelaide Oval


Saturday is up early and off to Oakbank (Oakbank have cooked the golden goose and made it to expensive to get in and lost the families. As stupid and idiotic as the AFL rule changes). I run in to Michael Kelly and David Clancy, Michael makes the point he was one more red wine away from unloading on Facebook the night before, joining in with me re the AFL rule changes (geez I wish you had of Michael!). The AFL just panic and change rules without thinking of the CONSEQUENCES. The new ruck rule is just promoting every club to recruit a 7 foot ruckman, it goes against the grain of all shapes and sizes having a equal opportunity in the game. How these bozos making decisions couldn’t appreciate the SKILL of a gun 3rd man up player has me stuffed. The deliberate keeping the ball in play is bizarre, there is not the footy nous of having played the game in the umpiring ranks at AFL level, or instruction to give a common sense decision. Hayden Kennedy as umpires boss has been bitterly disappointing, why in the hell can’t he admit when a mistake has been made is pathetic. The Paul Puopolo in the back and then the ruck garbage free to Dunkley, hell even The Fonz and Graham Cornes are better at saying the word, WRONG!


In the dees v dockers game Harmes missed with the last kick of the game to win it, was it really JTH who had a bet on the dockers? No, regular readers will know it was really Troy Chaplin bursting out of the Melbourne coaching box, dashing on the ground and taking the kick! Well, he should have been fined his entire career for being a spectator on the ground! (happy with that one?)


Saturday night sees the Crows take on the Dons. The Crows blow the game apart early, Tex Walker and Eddie Betts combine to put on a clinic. It was like Beethoven and Mozart putting on a concert together, it was the old if Lillee doesn’t get you Thommo must.


Sam Jacobs dominated in ruck, feeding the Rory pack, Sloane, Laird and Atkins on ball. Matty Crouch getting in and under distributed the ball effectively, his 20 handballs starting many a Crow running tidal wave resulting in a goal.
Charlie Cameron’s electrifying pace was important, if he can improve his disposal he can become an elite player of the competition. Andy Otten was again important early and his ruck work is improving as well. The Bombers were powerless to stop the onslaught.


The Crows quick hands and run were pivotal and they have the mix right between
outside and inside players. Realistically there is not a spot available for Brad Crouch unless further injuries strike. The game as a contest was over early and while Essendon improved in the 3rd quarter, especially in the contested ball area and not allowing the Crows to get them on the outside so easily the result of the game was never in question. Essendon better players were harder to find, Travis Colyer and McDonald-Tipungwuti with their pace getting in behind the Crows defence were a problem kicking 3 and 4 goals respectively. Small forwards seem to be the Achilles heel of the Crows defence. Joe Daniher worked hard, always presenting, he is going to be a superstar. Zach Merrett to his credit worked into the game but to become elite in the game he must go from the get go not effectively when the game is all over.
The sensible one David Zaharakis was a good contributor, if only the rest of the Bombers had said NO, how much better would the footy world be!


With the game meandering towards the inevitable result, Sir Edward Betts yet again provided the individual highlight with a brilliantly crumbed snapped goal, he is fast closing in on Peter Daicos re making the miraculous appear normal.


While I know footy has evolved re inside and outside players, there are times when it is your turn and you must have a dip re the hard ball. This is an area of the game Wayne Milera must improve in, while Brodie Smith’s number of concussions seems to have eroded his confidence in this regard.


So the Crows continue on their merry way and will confront the resurgent Gold Coast at Metricon next week, while Essendon will confront Collingwood on Anzac Day. (Grrrrr it really is still just a bloody expanded VFL competition!)



  1. Luke Reynolds says

    Great work Rulebook, loved the Lillee & Thommo line.
    Another great Chaplin!
    What a star Sir Edward is. As good as he is, there is only one Macedonian Marvel though (totally unbiased view from a Pies fan!).

  2. Great night at the footy but I still cannot come to terms with the card only bar. As far as I am concerned cash is still legal tender. They must have done a deal with their bank. Still can’t justify $13.90 for 330ml of premixed bourbon. It’s cheaper to drink at the Hyatt.
    Essendon were reduced to witches hat status at times. Crows move the ball so quickly.Charlie is a weapon and when he realises he has more time to steady watch out. Milera needs to adjust to the hot pace of the game but that will come. Menzel just needs a hair-cut. Laird’s recovery from the ground is elite. Crouch should watch tapes of Zac Merrett’s left foot kicking and model his kick on Zac’s. Pike is the calmest coach I have ever seen. Let’s hope the boys can maintain this momentum and stay injury free. Very exciting to watch.

  3. Jill Tathra says

    Finally the Crows started of like a electric train instead of a snail but then they went to sleep in the 3rd quarter. Come on boys I`m not going to be happy until you play 4 quarters!

    I`m sorry mate but I wasn`t available when Sir Eddie was knighted but think he should now be granted the title of King! WTG Eddie. WTG too for another great write up Rulebook.

    It was a great day, first my Eagles beat West Adelaide, red and black, by 60 points then the mighty Crows beat Essendon, red and black think there` is something happening here, by 65 points.

  4. Cameron Glenn says

    Big win by the Crows last night in a really enjoyable game with the only low points being that it clashed with Adelaide United’s last A-League game of the season (why AFL why?) and the train line closure on the Grange and Outer Harbor line plus closure between Mawson and city on Gawler line. The Crows are dangerous even playing only 3 quarters. Oppositions teams should be grateful they don’t play 4.

  5. Was stunned to turn on the telly just before quarter time and see the Crows had already all but killed the contest with a 6 goal lead. Thankfully the Dons responded well in the second half to make for an entertaining game despite the lopsided score line.

    Well written assessment of the game Malcolm.

    Highlights generally centres on Betts and Walker no doubt. Tex selling the dummy on the left HFF and hitting Eddie lace out 15 m dead in front was only bettered by the one handed body on body mark also by Eddie in almost the same spot. I don’t think I have ever seen a mark quite like that in the usual David v Goliath size mismatch that Eddie thrives on. I think it’s his ability to read the flight of the ball and understand where his body needs to be in time and space that is the mark of his brilliance. I too loved watching Daics but I don’t think I’ve seen better than Eddie these last few years week in week out.

    The sight I enjoyed as much as anything, though, was Jake Lever winning most contests in defence – Spud would have been drooling over his effectiveness with the spoil. If only Hartigan could take a clean grab we would have an impassable back 6. The only disappointment was seeing Kelly leave the field when he was seemingly making his own mark in defence.

  6. I’d hate to think of what would happen to the schools in adelaide if tex decided to grow a man bun like Menzel. Untouchable first quarter.

  7. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Luke glad you liked the cricket line,Sir Edward and Daics both freaks.Steve totally agree what a farce a bar which you can’t use cash what a jokeM Crouch hand ball is his weapon.Laird is a gun and agree get a hair cut it looks diabolical.Jill love your passion probably a tad unrealistic for us to dominate all 4 quarters like you wouldn’t mind if we did.Cameron not a Afl responsibility they are effectively not competing with the a league for a audience it is the other way round they are the sport who should be avoiding clashes train line closures v disappointing more than happy with our domination overall last night better opposition awaits.Model totally agree,Betts ability to read the ball in flight and subsequent body positioning is extroadinary.Lever a significant step forward re his year so far last night.Raf that is a scary thought indeed need more youngsters watching fully knitted including wearing there coloured boots at the game ! Thanks folks

  8. Melina Mueller says

    Rory, Rory, Rory .. and not just Sloane! And Betts, and Crouch, and Otten, and Jacobs, and Cameron, and Smith, and Hartigan, and and and and .. And of course TEX

    I am so impressed by depth of this team. Watching last year, it felt like they just needed to take another step – this year has started with a massive bound!!
    It’s only round 4, too early to make any wild predictions, but omigosh these boys look good this year. I’ve just today had a Port supporter AND a swans supporter tell me that the Crows look virtually unbeatable. Whilst I doubt we could make the whole season unscathed, I am looking forward to seeing how many of the opposition teams can take it up to us.

    Due to work commitments, the Showdown is the only game I’ve been able to watch so far this year, but I managed to catch the first half of last night’s game this morning. Utterly superb footy, fantastic viewing, and the perfect result!!

    What an incredible symphony these boys are putting on for us!!

  9. They are looking really good Mal. It is a long season, but runs on the board early will help.
    Eddie and tex outstanding, they seem to have a great understanding of each movement up forward.
    You have a couple of tricky games coming up, north Melbourne who will make it ugly, and Geelong at Kardinia in round 11.
    Give Milera time, he looks a bit nervous at the moment, but he will be very good in the next couple of years. Body strength will help that.
    As another famous Malcolm once said, it’s a marathon, so good luck.


  10. It pains me to say it, but Adelaide are looking impressive, Malcolm.
    Really liking Don Pyke’s style also.

  11. Great article Malcolm, but not quite as good as the effort from the Crows on Saturday night lol.

    If Eddie and Tex are Beethoven and Mozart, does that make Don Pyke the conductor?

    Loving the team first ethic and willingness to work harder than the opposition that Adelaide are showing.

    The way that we are moving the ball is at times breathtaking and wonderful to watch. We’re finally getting a balance of inside and outside midfielders and those who provide the run and carry (DMac and Wayne Milera Jr etc) are being fed by Sloane, M. Crouch and co.

    As for outside run, who could forget Charlie Cameron? His effort Saturday night to take the ball at half back and burn off a number of opponents had an element of deja vu. (His final disposal led to a bounce in our forward line. His tackle at the resultant bounce ended up in a goal for us. )

    Some really promising signs from a number of players and there are still those who can play a little bit better, but that’s the great thing, each player will be looking to contribute to the team to make sure they stay in the team.

    Look forward to your next article Rulebook.

    (Nice Chaplin reference again lol. )

    Cheers, Steve.

  12. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Melina as always love your enthusiasm for the Crows but hold hold it’s only round 4 lots to like earl in the season.Steve it is the symmetry between the two which stood out it was Krakeour brothers like,Milera work in progress just need to see more body at times and yep,Blightys line is spot on.Smokie,Pyke v v impressive ( hard to get money out of his brother tho ) Steve love the conductor line! and to me the inside and outside mix is vital we were to much inside with Thommo and both Crouch’s not a spot available for
    Brad at this stage.Cameron is just so important just need him to improve his disposal and he could be elite.Glad you enjoyed the Chaplin sledge thanks folks

  13. Ben mclean says

    Completely agree re the rule book.
    A good read overall but I do think you’re a bit rough on Brodie Smith, he was in and over the ball quite a bit, took that mark in the first quarter going back with the flight and got crunched.
    Also very much agree about Crouch not having an automatic spot in, he’s gonna have to wait for someone to have a bad game, maybe that’ll be Milera

  14. Great article again. Adelaide are looking pretty good this year, really great start and it was good to see Essendon fight back a bit after going so far behind so early.

  15. Barb Jamieson says

    Thanks for a great read Malcolm.
    Yes, Eddie and Tex, the new Mozart and Beethoven , what music to the ears, and magic to behold. I swear my blood pressure went sky high , it was one of the most exciting games I’ve seen us play , and whats more exciting is that Pykey thinks they can still do better , and that there is so much ability in the side. I think his belief and expectation is really rubbing off on them . What I’m seeing and really loving right now , is their confidence, self belief, composure and understanding of what is expected of a side that is aiming high , and when I listen to Don Pyke in his post game interviews, more and more, (without getting ahead of ourselves) I see a man who could take us all the way. We have a good mix of experience, and talented youth ,and the potential to be a stable and strong side that every club strives to be, and after a long period of being just not quite good enough, there’s plenty to look forward to from our club in the future.
    I take on board your comments on Milera, but given time, I see a big future ahead for him . Provided the boys can continue to carry him for awhile, that’s only going to come with playing on the big stage, and I think it is well worth continuing to play him unless it’s detrimental to the side. I know I continue to hand out accolades to Ottens, but there’s a man who has well and truly worked hard to get back to the game. Watching him now, it’s hard to believe that he was out of the game for two years, AND the man can ruck too , five out of six hit outs, Jacobs must be feeling pretty good about having a good second ruckman to back him up.
    Not sure that Troy Menzal is up to par, I so wish he was , but again , listening to the match review, they may persevere with him , and maybe he will play his way into form . And what more can I say than you’ve already said about team Rory, + Matty Crouch , our midfield is not only alive and well , you can smell the hunger , and is our Charlie Cameron the fastest footballer in the competition , hes like a man possessed , when he disciplines himself and finishes off , he will become a legend, and really own that number on his back.
    Well Malcolm, forgive me for my excitement, I can almost see the flag, most unlike me, to get so carried away , and maybe I should have waited a bit longer to settle down before I hit the keyboard this week , but you will just have to understand that while we continue to wait for that damn phone call for my husband’s transplant , there’s not too many things right now that excite me quite as much as my beloved Crows.

  16. Some good points Malcolm. Crows looking very good at the moment, even with the two major forward injuries. Midfield is fascinating. Who would have thought it might be hard to squeeze B Crouch into the midfield. Hampton is the one that has surprised me the most, looking dangerous and gaining in confidence. There will invariably be injuries and that will be how B Crouch gets back in.

  17. Saw a lot of footy on the TV this Easter. There is a big divide in the AFL. Some of the footy was very ordinary and the Crows were amazing. Essendon was better than I had expected but didn’t get close.

  18. Jeff Milton says

    Great first half. Tex and Eddie sensational with 2 of the big forwards out. Only early in the season but looking like a top 4 side. Hard to see them losing a game at home.

  19. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Brodie Smith as I have said I thought he was selective in his commitment not the 1st and won’t be the last player to do so Ben I think we have our money x re inside and outside spot on no spot for Brad especially at Metricon where pace is paramount.Thanks Campbell.Barb your passion for the Crows always floods thru far more importantly all the best to you and your husband.Peter yes it is staggering but a fantastic sign that B Crouch is not a automatic selection and yep a spot will become available in time.Tiger yes a huge gap re standard some games compared to others and yep the crows were v good.
    Milts a official from another club said to me at Oakbank that he didn’t think the Crows would lose a game at home it was refreshing honesty which he wouldn’t be allowed to say publicly we must remember it is only round 4 thank you !

  20. Yeah great game and great start. Maybe didn’t finish them off in the second half which could be a problem against better sides but lots of positives. Amazing what a bit of confidence can do. And that Eddie betts goal —- what the? Amazing

  21. I’ll grant you that Adelaide is good to watch, Rulebook…

  22. John Butler says

    Rulebook, the problem last year was the midfield – didn’t bat far down after Sloane. Has that really been fixed?

    We already know the forward line is good enough.

  23. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Debbie yep confidence just so important the Hawks a great example of how much sport is influenced by what’s above the ears.Litza Betts is the one in that he was a good player at the blues and is now making a strong claim re best small forward ever ( saints supporters claiming,Milne ohh Please ) and is the most exciting player in the afl today imo.JB Thompson and both Crouch’s meant we got exposed re pace big time,Hampton and Cameron have fixed that I hope B Crouch does not come in the week at Metricon pace just so important v Glod Coast.JB I reckon contested footy is a lot about want,desire and honesty the Crows are obeying that mantra at this stage thank you

  24. Sally Dickson says

    It was awesome to see both Tex and Eddie have blinders after the bullshit. Shows me that they rise above the low life’s and do what they do best. Sadly I didn’t get to see the whole game, and I’m trying not to get ahead of myself but wow we look good. Exciting times

  25. Good summary again Rulebook. I’m surprised in your observations of Troy Chaplin that you haven’t yet pointed out that this season, since his retirement, the Tigers are undefeated! Coincidence?
    If we’re going to continue the Beethoven & Mozart analogy then surely Pike is Otto Klemperer.

    Much as I hate to say it, I thought Hartigan had a pretty poor game, fumbling the ball and generally making some pretty basic mistakes but I guess he couldn’t maintain the form that saw him comprehensively beat Robbie Grey last week. Hampton is starting to look the goods in the middle and Sloane was his brilliant, indefatigable best while words cannot describe how good Eddie was and the same for Tex in the first half. Your views Rulebook on why Tex faded so badly in the 2nd half? Was he double teamed or did I miss some crucial tactical move from Essendon that nullified him?

  26. Corey Gray says

    A few points Rulebook:

    > Sam Jacobs is the best ruckman in the competition, (by best I mean most effective), and is material to Adelaide’s success. I watched too much football on the weekend, (WCE-Syd; Fre-Mel; GWS-Port; Adel-Ess; Geel-Haw), and Jacob’s ascendancy is profound. He taps, he runs, he fights for and wins ground ball, he shepherds, he presses forward, he takes attacking marks and defensive marks. There is a vast gap between him and the best of the rest; the likes of Mumford, Sandilands et al.
    > Cameron is exciting, but however hard you work and however exciting you are, if you make the contest, win the contest, break the contest, run with the ball but miss your target, its worse than not winning the ball because you completely open up your defence to exploitation.
    > Sloane is a complete midfielder in the highest echelons of all time. work rate; loose ball, marking, scoring, skilss on both sides, leadership, courage; he is truly exceptional.
    > Lever is a gun. His intercept marking and reading of the play is elite, as is his courage.
    > Laird is elite in terms or run, interception, reading the play, and physical pressure.
    > Pyke is an exceptional coach; calm, considered he has developed a team that can play different styles of football depending upon the opposition, the conditions and the moment. Hawthorn we all over Adelaide in the first quarter of round 2 (?), and then they completely changed style. Adelaide is now far more efficient in terms of possession and is working more on the “fast break” style of play to try and break the defensive line, that is, hold in the midfield, draw the defence out (so they have twice the amount of attacking territory to defend her person), and then cut through to a key space. Its highly effective. They understand that possessions are not key, rather possessions in dangerous field position are what create opportunities and win games. Its good to watch.

  27. Usual high standard thanks Book.
    Was “bush”for 5 days so didn’t see the match live.
    Whilst we are traveling well I do wonder if a couple of our players are just cruising?
    Walker imposed himself early, Betts looked dangerous just driving to the ground & Sloane willed himself from contest to contest.
    He’s not getting big numbers but I like what Hampton offers.
    Thought that for the Injectors that Watson looks a shell of a player to what he was….
    Danger game next week .

  28. Nice write up as usual. I see where you are coming from with Milera, but Brodie Smith is quite prepared to take the hit when it’s his turn – think of that early mark backing back with McDonald-Tipungwuti closing in.

    Why do opponents seem so keen to belt Riley Knight – is it the haircut?

  29. Good one Book.. Who did the picture?

  30. Nick raschella says

    Only watched the first half and the crows were just too good, winners on every line and too slick for the Bombers. It starts with Jacobs and the guys in the middle. Best team in the comp at the moment – but its only April.

    Betts is staring at the moment but his test comes in September. Doesn’t have a great record in finals when its close, especially in loses. He is a great finisher. Some commentator said he could be the best small forward of all time. To win that title, you gottta do it in September when the manic pressure of defenders don’t give you time and space. But he has a coach who plays plenty of big forwards the club has recruited. That will help compared to clubs who are scared to play 4 “talls” in the forward line.

  31. Sam Enright says

    Good Article, these are becoming a weekly routine read after all Crows games. While our defence is holding up well I do have a query/worry over Daniel Talia , throughout the JLT series and into the 2017 series he has been taking the NO.2 Key forward while Hartigan has played mostly on the NO.1 Key forward, not sure why or what the reasoning it is for this, while he hasn’t been playing bad footy I think he has set his standards so high that when he has so so games we start to question his form( well I and a couple of other fans have) Also is Jake Kelly in our best side?

    So Bring on Gold Coast ,run Brad Crouch another week in the 2’s and bring him in for a possible blockbuster game against Richmond( not sure we would have been saying that 4 weeks ago)

  32. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Sally yes fantastic to see both Tex and Sir Edward dominate after the other garbage and yep only round 4.Thanks Big Jim no I don’t think it is sheer coincidence also Vickery being at the Hawks has helped.Hartigans hands let him down on occasions way to hard they were like rocks,Essendon got on top around the ball for a while especially in the and denied the Crows the outside run and carry ball this denied,Tex as much as any thing I thought they were slightly tighter on him but more so lack of quality ball supply as much as any thing.Corey at the moment,Sauce and Grundy are the two best ruckman re the whole package keeping him fresh and not banged up in September is crucial agree re Cameron’s disposal needs to become more consistent agree completely with every other point you have made well and truly ! Chris agree re Hampton adds pace and a compeditivd and necessary edge.Watson was poor had to laugh re Bomber followers rating him in front of Dangerfield yet another case of delusional stupid rubbish.Steve probably a better way of putting it ( which I should have) is Smith was guilty re of being selective after the game was effectively already won.Knight has got that sort of college haircut which invites belting.Lawrie glad you like the picture.Papa as I have said above getting to September with,Jacobs in good shape is vital let’s remember,Betts has been v good in the 2 winning finals he has played in for the Crows and being a significant contributor the finals he has been average in the side has been terrible a small forward does need at least some quality supply which he didn’t receive thanks folks

  33. Pleasurable as always. Happy with Troy Chaplin reference.

  34. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Onya ‘Book.

    Even I cheered Tex from my possie on the lounge. I ate more words than chocolate on the weekend.

    How good was Sloane when he ran through short-Steppell on the back edge of the centre square.

    Pleased to see Lever imperious in defence.

    If that bloke at Scienceworks sued after he hit the wall, perhaps Dennis Denuto of Puckle St might be in for a busy week.

  35. Nice prose Book
    I have to admit that was the best I have seen Tex play in the first half, hoping he can do it for four quarters now
    Always enjoy how you get the Chaplin sledge in and it always seems to fit as well as the mix of cricket in there too.
    We do have some outstanding players with Sloane leading by example in absolutely every contest.
    I will be at Metricon cheering on the Crows
    Keep it up Malcolm

  36. Bryan Haines says

    Good read as usual book, some really good points.
    I think Crouch does fit in the midfield, I think he can be rotated through with Douglas playing a bit more up forward and Mackay more down back. Brad is a lot more creative than Matt. The one I am worried about is Thommo, I think he is done unless we get a heap of injuries.
    I think the criticism of Smith and Milera is a bit harsh. Smith still did some quality intercept marking under heat. And Milera is young and contested is not his role. For me the biggest difference in the team is Milera and Hampton, particularly Hampton who’s contested work is great. The amount of ground they can cover, forward and back fills in all the space that allows the guns to go to work. I think Pyke missed a trick last year when he got spooked by Geelongs contested work and dropped Mileras speed for more contested players. Cheers ?

  37. Ben Larsen-Smith says

    Great article Book, it’s such a shame when any news about the umpiring gets such noteriety and has a negative outcome on play and results.

  38. Great article Rulebook. Just think how great this team will be once Jenkins if fit and firing soon. The work done by the midfield and half backs right now is at a level not seen since 2005/2006.

  39. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks TC,Swish I reckon,Dennis Denuto would be v busy in the footy world in general geez the blacks would keep him in full time employment likewise re the words but the chocolate tastes better.Soane while not as naturally talented as some works harder defensively than any other player in the game.
    Lever will be the best defender in the game with in 3 years.Paddles glad you enjoyed the Chaplin sledge finding it hard to come up with new ones but I am sure there are a few more to come a bit of cricket never goes astray I reckon there would have been begrudging appreciation from you re Tex in the 1st half
    danger game this week take your gear I remember giving you Votes.Birdy agree the pace is the key much prefer,D Mac on a wing than down back worries Brads lack of pace affects the chemistry and think your point is valid re last year v good point re closing the space as well Ben as I have said leave the bloody game alone.Paul a lot to look forward to but let’s remember it is only round 4 thanks folks

  40. Tony Miles says

    yet another sloane upwegian led triumph

    Beware the tigers from Upwey

  41. Well, hope my Pies do better on the Anzac Day block buster match.
    Tipping them to win. Fingers, toes crossed.

  42. Malcolm nice article surely Betts now is the best small forward ever and the crowds greatest recruit

  43. Dave Brown says

    There was a video doing the rounds earlier in the week of Walker dropping the ball strangely in practice, fun was made. As he dropped it that way onto his left twice during the game, hitting Eddie on his chest, it is now clear what he was practicing. Will be interesting to see who replaces Kelly this week.

  44. Willow Wilson says

    Another good read Book.
    It really was a complete first half from Tex and Eddie, clean skills, great bodywork, (generally) good goal kicking, and a great understanding of what the other one is doing.
    I enjoyed the earlier reference to Lever’s spoiling and reading of the play, his ability to get to the contest and effect a spoil is very good. Always good to see the backmen recognised!
    At the risk of being ridiculed, I think Sloane is a more complete player than Dangerfield. Yes Dangerfield can get it and then break lines, but his kicking is far from elite. Without looking at stats, I would think Sloane’s efficiency would be far superior.

  45. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Milsey about time your praise of Rory Sloane appeared again,Cherylee I will be barracking for the pies.
    Raj yep best small forward and it’s close still hard to pip,Darren Jarman re his last day in September performances.Dave interesting point re Tex what he was practising the chemistry with Sir Edward was remarkable,v interesting selection.Willow agree re Lever while I am a huge,Sloane fan and he works harder defensively than any other midfielder in the game I am with the players in that,Danger won the MVP by a record margin last year he is the best player in the game imo and does things no one else can
    best player at pace below his knees I have ever seen thank you

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