Round 3 – St Kilda v Collingwood: Not many positives

It takes just 21 seconds for Tom Langdon to score the first goal for Collingwood in perfect conditions at the ‘G. Two minutes later Adam Oxley kicks our second. The momentum from the stirring last gasp win over Richmond is being carried on. Our season is back on track. Or so I thought.

I’m in the Olympic Stand with my whole family. Mrs R and the 3 kids. Mrs R the only non Pies fan. While the Saints scarf and beanie have been brought along, it would be quite a few years since she has watched a full St Kilda game. She would know more Collingwood players on a 4:1 basis.

St Kilda didn’t emerge until 1.41pm for the 1.45 start. There’s a well done tribute to their 1966 premiership team. A distraction for the current day Saints?? They reply with 2 goals of their own and it’s game on.

The first half is entertaining, free flowing footy. How it should be played. The Pies are 2 points down. I’m not worried. Pretty sure we will come home stronger. The St Kilda kids are impressive. Paddy McCartin invokes memories of Jonathan Brown. Built like a tank, can take a grab and a thumping kick. With Josh Bruce, they’re well catered for key forwards for the long term.

At the main break we are joined by the Labor candidate for the federal seat of Goldstein, whenever that election will be held. Or “Uncle Matthew” as he is known to my kids. More commonly seen at the Trevor Barker Oval supporting Sandringham in the VFL, Matthew is utilising his St Kilda membership while also being at the ground for a function. He is the only man in a suit in the top level of the Olympic Stand….

It all unravels in the 3rd term. The Saints slam on 6 goals to one. Their ball movement is fast and slick. Decisive. They dare. We don’t. How good is Jack Steven? The lad from Lorne has pace and skill. Wins clearances. The Pies are getting smashed in the middle. Grundy wins his share of hit outs but not to our advantage.

The Saints are 3 down at the last break. Riewoldt, McCartin and Roberton are done. Sure, we have Marley Williams finished for the day with a foot injury, but with St Kilda’s fade outs in the first two rounds and down to 19 players, I’m confident of pegging back the 31 point margin.

Yeah we peg it back. By 2. Some horrible football in the final term by Collingwood. St Kilda hold on as we fumble and are indecisive. It’s so frustrating to watch. We lose by 29 points and St Kilda celebrate their big day. It’s their day. The rise could be rapid for their young team. Happy to see Alan Richardson do well. Was a favourite of mine when he wore the black & white number 13. Just not against us please Alan.

Not many positives out of this game for the Magpies. Adams, Oxley and Langdon were good. Treloar came good after a slow start. Goodyear showed a little bit on debut.

Pendlebury is wasted in defence, injured or not. One of the elite AFL midfielders playing back because of the poor disposal of our defenders. Get him back in the centre Bucks.

Greenwood got a fair bit of the ball but his disposal is very ordinary. Hasn’t been worth our investment so far. Who the @&)% was keeping an eye on Montagna?? He ran around and did whatever he wanted. Howe’s Magpie debut was utterly forgettable. Maynard’s last 3 quarters were ok after a shocking first term. Who was manning up on the St Kilda forwards??

The radio offered no answers on the trip home. Bucks sounded angry in his press conference. I love our coach but it’s time for results. It’s only round 3. So I tell myself and the kids. They were over the loss after we’d driven over the West Gate. I’ll take longer.

Sidebottom and Varcoe return this week. Will be welcome additions. Anything but a win against Melbourne will be disastrous though. Go pies.

St Kilda 6.3 9.6 15.7 18.11 (119)
Collingwood 4.3 9.4 10.6 14.6 (90)

St Kilda- Steven 3, Weller 3, Riewoldt 2, Billings 2, Bruce 2, Gilbert 2, McCartin, Armitage, Sinclair, Lonie
Collingwood- Fasolo 2, De Goey 2, Pendlebury 2, Cloke 2, Langdon, Oxley, Aish, Crisp, Howe, Adams

St Kilda: Steven, Montagna, Newnes, Billings, Fisher, Ross
Collingwood: Pendlebury, Adams, Langdon, Oxley

Umpires: Hay, Hosking, McInerny

Crowd: 50,903 at the MCG

Malarkey Medal Votes:
3. J. Steven (St K)
2. J. Montagna (St K)
1. S. Pendlebury (Coll)

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Cricket and Collingwood tragic. Twitter: @crackers134


  1. Gee, Luke.
    It’s only early days, but I really thought the Magpies were really on the up.
    I’m not sure I really understand why they have been so average thus far.
    “I love our coach but it’s time for results”… a few of my Magpie mates are
    far less understanding and less tolerant of NB at present.

  2. Luke – Goodyear looked tired. That’s not my joke by the way, I just borrowed it.

    The Pies were flat and slow. That’s a worry for them. It seems to me that the Saints are trying the manic Doggies style of game. It will win in the home and away but I’m not sure about the pressure of a final (if they make it). Anyway good luck to them.

  3. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Luke staggering re the pies form from how good they were pre season to the seeming quality on there list mystifying to say the least.The Saints have a lot of very good youth and seemed to have drafted and planned very well and will be a good side in years to come

  4. DBalassone says

    Luke, I was in the Olympic stand too (top deck) and what was abundantly clear to me was that this game was lost on the drawing board. On many occasions the Pies defenders were standing 20-30 metres in front of their opponents when the ball was in dispute in the middle of the ground – with our poor disposal skills this was a high risk strategy for which we paid the price for time after time. I was watching this very closely, even when our defenders had a chance to run back and man up on the Saints cherry-pickers waiting over the backdoor, they did not do so – they were under instruction – it was a coaching strategy by Bucks that failed miserably and was a show of utter disrespect to the opposition (who were great by the way; full credit to Saints for punishing what was a pathetic game plan).

  5. How times change. Only a month ago Pies fans would have welcomed “Not Many Positives” as a headline.

  6. Neil Anderson says

    Good report from the Reynold’s family at the G.
    Do you have to watch a replay before you do a report? Just wondering if you got a request for a packet of chips or a toilet break just as young Moore was flying for a mark.
    The Pies seemed to be right for a good season, but lost some pretty handy mid-fielders and you can’t rely on just Cloke to kick your goals.
    It takes me three days to get over a loss, so your boys did well to cast off the gloom on the off-ramp of the West Gate Bridge.

  7. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Excellent report Luke,
    Is it Bucks’ fault that the players aren’t executing? He was remonstrating with the forwards at qtr time. Maybe they are not listening or not as good as they/we think they might be. As Damo, (who I bumped into at the same time as Andrew Fithall before the game) says, no respect for St Kilda. Even worse, their was no evidence of respect for their fans, their coach, the club and themselves. Too pampered maybe?

  8. keep writing Luke the herald should have you your report are much better than some of there writers

  9. The People's Elbow says

    This is cartoon-jaw’s fifth year as coach, yes?

    He’s got the list he wants, so at least some of this is on him.

  10. Luke- what does it suggest when injured Pendlebury is clearly your best player?

  11. Luke Reynolds says

    Thanks for the comments.
    Damian-spot on Damian, agree with all your points. So frustrating watching Saints forwards mark with no one anywhere near them.
    Well played Peter B
    Thanks Neil. The replay only gets watched if we win. Very little interruption from the kids on Saturday during the game!
    Phil-too pampered indeed
    Mr Elbow- yes it’s his 5th year and his list now. A list that looked so much better 3 weeks ago…
    Mickey- suggest we are in a bit a trouble! And that Pendles is a star…

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