Round 3 – Geelong v Gold Coast: Bruised and Battered Cats hold off determined Suns

The Cats were bruised and battered but were able to hold off the fast finishing Suns to win by 9 points in an enthralling clash at Simonds Stadium on a wet Sunday afternoon. The Gold Coast Suns traveled down to the Cattery to take on the Geelong Cats in a clash that both sides were looking to get their first win of the season. The Cats were slight favorites going in but with the Cats having a few out (including the late withdrawal of Tom Hawkins) the Suns were in with a real chance. It was Geelong, however, who were able to get the four points in a hard fought game against the Suns.

The Cats got off to the perfect start with the late inclusion for Tom Hawkins, Josh Walker kicked the first goal of the game, then with 1st year player Darcy Lang kicking a goal a couple of minutes later the Cats were off and running. The Suns however were able to respond through young gun Jack Martin and then through a wonderful goal from 1st year player Jarrod Garlett the Suns were able to hit the front. However, that wasn’t for long with the Cats getting back in front through a goal from Steven Motlop. Then for the next 10 minutes it was the Suns, who dominated the play and somewhat on the scoreboard kicking 3.1, to get the margin out to a handy 13 points. however you knew the Cats were not going to go away and the quickly responded with two quick goals and bought the margin back to a single figure margin. At quarter time after a tightly fought 1st quarter it was the Suns, who were up by 8 points; 6.5 to 5.3


The Second quarter began with a 8 point margin separating the two sides. The Suns kicked a goal in the first minute of the quarter thanks to the stand in captain Michael Rischitelli, the Cats, however responded not long after that through Mitch Clark and then for the next 15 minutes there was a tight tussle between the two teams with both sides unable to get the advantage and kick a goal. The next goal wasn’t until the 20th minute mark and that was courtesy of Josh Walker. After a couple of missed opportunities by the Cats it was the Suns, who started to dominate the game but were unable to put thew dominance on the scoreboard due to them only kicking the one goal and four behinds. So at half time it was the Suns who went into the break with only a 12 point lead and quite possibly ruing those missed opportunities at the end of the quarter, scores at the end of the quarter was 8.12 to 7.6.


The Third quarter began with the Suns up by 12 and with the Cats knowing they had to get off to a good start and boy did they! Through goals to Walker, Johnson, Caddy, Selwood, Caddy again and Gregson in the first 23 minutes of the quarter, in the blink of a eye they were up by 24 points. It was as if a fire had been lit under the Geelong players, and for that 23 minutes it was like the Geelong of the last 8 years. At this stage there was the thought that this game could get ugly for the Suns, but unlike the first two rounds they worked hard and for the last 10 minutes of the quarter they had most of the play and the ball was in their half for most of the time, but unfortunately for them, they could only get 1.3. At 3 quarter time they (the Suns) were still in the game, they trailed by 17 points: 13.8 to 9.15.


The last quarter began with the Suns trailing by 17 points and still in with a shot of winning the game, they also had the advantage on the bench because Geelong were reduced to one on the bench due to injuries to Bartel, Stokes and Lonergan. Even though this was the case the Suns knew they needed to get off to a quick start in the last quarter, kicks a few goals back to back to give them a chance in this game. They did kick the first of the quarter through Sam Day but it was quickly cancelled out by Geelong. Then the Suns, through goals to Touk Millar and Branden Matera brought the margin back to 4 points and suddenly it looked like the Suns were going to run over the Cats. But with about 5 minutes to play Steven Motlop was able to kick a steadier for the Cats to get the margin back out to 10 points and it looked like that was it for the Suns, but no they kept on fighting and with just a 1 minute 20 seconds left on the clock, it was Suns young gun Jack Martin stepping up to the plate to kick a great goal to get the margin back to 3 points. The Cats were struggling, had their backs to the wall, they needed someone to stand up and who did? the captain Joel Selwood, who through grit and determination was able to get a centre clearance (the most crucial of the game) got the ball down to big man Mark Blicavs, who through a massive kick from outside 50 was able to get a goal to seal the game for the Cats.


In the end it was the Cats who came away with the four points in a tight contest but not without cost, due to the injuries to Jimmy Bartel, Mathew Stokes and Tom Lonergan. From the Suns point of view they had a lot of opportunities throughout the game kicking 18 behinds, but this was a much better effort from the Suns (compared to the last two weeks) and if they can bring that effort and perhaps fix up their disposal efficiency they will win plenty of games this year.


Geelong  5.3       7.6        13.8    16.9  (105)

Gold Coast   6.5      8.12       9.15     13.18  (96)



Geelong: Walker 4, Caddy 2, Gregson 2, Motlop 2,Clark, Lang, Thurlow, Johnson, Selwood, Blicavs

Gold Coast: Lynch 3, Martin 3, Matera 2, Rischitelli, Hall, Garlett, Day, Miller



Geelong: Selwood, Kelly, Enright, Walker, Blicavs, Gregson

Gold Coast: Rischitelli, McKenzie Lynch, Bennell, Prestia,


My Votes 3 Selwood (Gee), 2 Kelly (Gee), Prestia (GCS)


Umpires: Bannister, Stephens, McInerney

Official crowd: 20,813 at Simonds Stadium

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  1. Nice summary Nick. I think the Cats will be ordinary this year, but it will be interesting to see which youngsters emerge. Gregson is miles ahead of Cockatoo, and Walker is a far better option than Stanley. The future may not be full of bright lights, but it will be full of interest.

  2. Peter Flynn says

    Selwood 6 votes

  3. E.regnans says

    Another case of footy improving as a contest/ spectacle when interchange is removed.

  4. Good point ER. Albeit on this occasion it was only one team that lost the interchange.

  5. Premiership aspirations back on track!
    I loved this game – great to see Bartel, Hawkins out and Johnson down. Gregson, Lang, Thurlow all looked good. The Suns should have won this – and hard to see these youngsters repeating this effort against better sides, but they showed plenty and it has sparked my enthusiasm for the season. I’m looking forward to watching these young fellas play. A 9 point win against the Suns with bartel, Johnson and Kelly in the best is ordinary but a win with plenty from the younger lot much more interesting.

    Simpson and McIntosh shouldn’t play again. Keep rotating Stanley and Clark in the ruck.

  6. Dennis Gedling says

    A great caveat to the article last week about Geelong’s youngsters. It made me feel alive again to see Gregson, Lang et al stand up when many of the senior players went down and Stevie J was either injured or not giving a shit. In the final quarter yesterday there were only 7 players on that field who played in a premiership. Chris Scott actually made some great moves too with Blix up front but how does he now fit Hawkins back in without dropping Walker.

    Also was it just me, did they change for effects mikes for TV or was the home crowd the loudest it’s been in quite some time.

  7. Dennis, it was loud – I think the crowd liked seeing the kids play too. They knew how much the win would mean to the club.

  8. Paul Spinks says

    Never doubted ’em.
    Seriously, I admit to being one of the doubters, but that ranks among the best wins by the greatest-team-of-all mob.
    I’m not saying now that we’ve turned the corner – we might not even beat a lot of teams this year – but as long as we’re putting in that sort of effort I’ll be happy.

  9. A gutsy win by an out of sorts and undermanned Geelong which turned it around in the second half. I think Eade would be pretty happy with the performance by the Suns, minus Gazza, as well. Could easily have won with just a touch more composure in front of goal.

    More opportunities coming up for the kittens with Bartel, Lonergan, Stokes and probably Hawkins out for a while. Bring it on.

    Selwood is a champion.

    Cheers, Burkie

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