Round 3 – Collingwood v Brisbane: Floreat Pica Society Match report


Collingwood V Brisbane

Thursday 1 April 2021

Match Report – Floreat Pica Society


We all returned from watching footy on TV in round 1 with a few trepidations, though as hard-nosed Pie barrackers deep down we had a sense of optimism that comes with every season opener. The close season had been more traumatic than most with the salary cap issues that forced the exit of a proven ball winner and midfielder with pace, Adam Treloar; a Rising star winner in 2018  Jaiyden Stephenson and a promising Fijian Atu Bosenavulagi. This exit of proven players with pace, though but who had weaknesses, was only the start of the issues the club was facing, when the ‘race’ issue report was released accompanied by another set of ‘gaffes’ by Eddie Everywhere who showed himself worse than ScoMo at handling sensitive issues and that is saying a lot. Eddie Everywhere then became Eddie Nowhere and we would get back to thinking about football not about how the club as a whole appeared to the population as a whole in these post COVID lockdown days – hopefully?


I suspect many of us were thinking of the possible effect on the performance of the  of all these issues, especially after the last match we suffered from in October last year, usually a good time for us to play finals. Remember 2010 and 1990!


The first two rounds brought contrasting feelings about our prospects for the year. In round 1 we were really towelled by a promising Footscray team, including Treloar, and were quite luck to only lose by 16 points, due largely to a stern defence. Against Carlton we began to show something of our form in 2018 and parts of 2019, though one wondered whether the Carlton team was not as switched on as they had been the week before.


This fixture had to be switched from way to home due to a mini outbreak of COVID in Brisbane. The Lions had been comprehensively beaten at home in round 1 by a Swans team many had already booked for the bottom 4; then they had lost by a point to Geelong when a free kick had not been paid that should have won them the game.


I have to admit I had pencilled in Brisbane as losing Grand Finalists in my 2021 time capsule. I expected them to be beaten by Port Adelaide, since I did not wish for any other Victorian team to win this year, except for Us and could only see us sneaking into the 8 just like last year. Brisbane have been something of a revelation in the last year and seemed to have strengthened their squad since losing the Prelim to Geelong last year. They are strong in all areas of the ground and seem to have some grit to their character.


So it was that I approached the game and my first report for the year with optimism after last week, but also with trepidation since we do not really know which team will turn up. The loss of ‘Billy’ Elliot was a significant one since he was one of the players last week to do what all good forward should; lead into space, get good delivery and hold his marks. His replacement, Chris Mayne, seemed logical as we need to get some runs on the board early and his experience wold help.


Obviously while writing this I know the result, and have been thinking about 1 point games in the time I have been watching the mighty Pies as a barracker, 1978 to be correct and cannot think of any that we lost. (I stand to be corrected but a Google search only revealed 1 point loss to Footscray in 1994). The wins I recall were against Carlton in 1979, Fitzroy in 1981 semi, West Coast in 1994 and 2020, St Kilda in, I think 1989. There have been a few nail biters, but little to compare with this one after the siren.


First Quarter

We started well, except for conceding the first goal, and ended up 12 point in front. Our pressure was fine with good ball movement, though there were a few too many defensive marks as well as inside 50’s to Brisbane. Grundy was getting his hands to the ball but we were not winning the clearances by enough. Though we appeared to dominate the quarter, Brisbane moved the ball quickly and gave their marking forwards more chances than we did. It was notable that Moore was playing a defensive role and not being allowed to start moves from the back half as he had in the first two weeks.


Good players for this quarter were the usual suspects, Grundy, Adams & Pendlebury. Thomas was prominent in this quarter.


Second Quarter

Three goals early with one reply from Brisbane on gave us a 25 point lead and there was promise of more. A great piece of work from Cox to soccer a goal as well as a Daicos magic goal, plus a Cox free kick were the notable early goals. However Brisbane hit back with three in succession to go in at half time only 8 point down. Two of Brisbane’s goals showed the marking power of their forwards, while delivery into the forward line and not enough movement from forwards led to Collingwood missing opportunities they could have taken. Grundy was again getting his hands to the ball but we were unable to capitalise to only lead the clearances by a few.


Good players for this quarter continued to be Grundy and Adams. Noble and Crisp improved, as well as Quaynor, though his defensive skills were being tested. Pendlebury dropped off a bit in this quarter.


Third Quarter

Cameron brought the margin back to single figures before goals swaps with two from Mihocek and one from Brisbane left the margin at three quarter time again at eight points. We were hanging in there with a narrow but useful lead. Mistakes were being made and some players were tiring. Again delivery into the forward line was not as clean as it could have been and forward movement also not as fluid as it needs to be. This game was going to go down to the wire and it could be ugly for one of the teams.


Grundy and Adams were again prominent, as well as Pendlebury, Noble, Crisp and Quaynor.


Fourth Quarter

An early long goal from Howe gave us the impetus needed but two from Brisbane, a mark in the square and a long shot brought the margin back to single figures. Then a free kick that could have gone to Cox for holding the ball, but was given to Callum Brown, should have given us a 6 point lead, was only a point. A classic Daicos goal gave us a lead of over a goal, which was followed by a time of stern defending with the lead being shaved to 5 points. This time was survival of the fittest or those least tired. Collingwood tried to save the game and nearly succeeded until Baily was found 35 metres out dead in front; right on the siren. Put your glasses down or hope he fluffs it, but he did not!


A heartbreaking loss that could have been a win.


There have been a lot of comments by pundits who say Collingwood should not have tried to save the game and that is why they lost. It should be noted that we had no interchanges for the last 5 minutes or so, so could it have been management of our resources at fault or did we try to win it too early in the quarter and run out of steam late on.


It really is a case of time running out for us and not the opponents.


Best Players


3 – Brodie Grundy

Massive number of hitouts which is what he is supposed to do, though they were not converted into clean possession for us. Is that his fault? Some would say yes but then the players at his feet need to take some responsibility. His work around the ground was better than for some time and he mad at least one goal directly and more indirectly.


2 – Taylor Adams

Knocked up getting possessions and used them to the good most of the time. Was consistent across 4 quarters. His distribution has improved greatly since 2091 and before.


3 – John Noble and Jack Crisp

Both these players contributed to both smooth ball movement and directly to goals. Their defensive work was sound too


Apologies to Isaac Quaynor, Scott Pendlebury and Jeremy Howe


The real tests come in the next 3 weeks to see if the players can face this down disaster as an imposter and treat it the same as the triumph of last week. (Apologies to Rudyard Kipling)


Go Pies



COLLINGWOOD        4.2       7.3       9.5       11.6 (72)
BRISBANE     2.1       6.1       8.3       11.7 (73)


Mihocek 2, Cox 2, Daicos 2, De Goey, Howe, Sidebottom, Sier, Thomas
Brisbane: Daniher 3, Cameron 2, Bailey, Berry, Hipwood, McCluggage, Rich


Grundy, Quaynor, Pendlebury, Howe, Sidebottom, Adams
Brisbane: McCluggage, Rich, Robinson, Lyons, Adams, Zorko


Brisbane: Nil


McCreery (unused)
Brisbane: Prior (unused)


Crowd: 28,057 at Marvel Stadium



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