Round 3 – Adelaide v Geelong: Cats show their class


Let’s put things into perspective. South Australia is in big trouble.


Driving down through the Riverland on Thursday I was reminded what  Australia is all about – “it’s all milk and honey”. Well I can tell you it is far from that.


The majority of the Riverland is in horrific drought conditions as you drive through Barmera, Waikerie and all other towns along the Sturt Highway. You guys based in the city would have no idea how bad it is out there. As a friend of mine in Waikerie told me on Thursday “ if things don’t improve Adelaide will have no water within two years”. Let alone the countryside.


I stay in North Adelaide and was further astounded when I found the iconic restaurant Cucina on the corner of O’Connell and Ward “closed for good” said the notice on every door and window. Even the revered Lutheran Australian College had no live-in students this year.  No wonder the restaurant closed!


What a balmy night for football It was like having a day-night cricket match. Adelaide was missing a key ingredient in Sauce while the Cats who have been purring along went in with virtually an unchanged side since Round 1. The Crows were slight favourites, which intrigued me as Geelong had done nothing wrong this year.


In the early stages it looked like it was going to be a great game.  Both sides were playing their trump cards with no thoughts of throwing in the joker. The Pivotonians always looked to have the Crows measure and so it turned out to be.  They would get out to a handy lead; Adelaide would fight back and then the Cats would apply pressure moments e.g. goals from Dangerfield and Ablett typified this.


The Moggsy was the best cat and the brilliant Stewart led a very good defensive line-up. Just on Stewart and team mate Kelly, I shake my head as to why these two players were allowed to play domestic football for years before the almighty finally caught up with them. Does not say much for the recruiting teams.  Kelly was again as smooth as butter.


Adelaide missed Jacobs in the ruck and Stanley , the much-maligned Cat, continues to show improvement in this area.


However it is the new players in the Geelong line-up who are taking everything before them. Jordan Clarke, Charlie Constable, Gryan Miers are playing superb football while trades in Rohan and Dahlhaus are showing their class.  Rohan still has some way to go but he has kicked 5 goals in the last 2 weeks.


Must mention my old home town of KooWeeRup.  Three players Dangerfield (32 disposals), Brad Crouch (35) and Matt Crouch (27) had 94 disposals between them or 15% of the match total.  KooWeeRup?  Well the Crouch boys’ dad Phillip and Dangerfield’s mother Janette went to school together at KooWeeRup.


Brad Crouch has come back from the wilderness and hopefully he has an injury free season as in 7 years at the club he has only played 63 games.  Matt continues to rack up ball from the centre. Other good players for the Crows were Lynch, Milera and Sloane.


Chris Scott seems to have the Cats on the right path with his new look line-up but Adelaide seem to be still suffering from their Grand Final defeat against Richmond two years ago.


Adelaide:   3 – 6.               4 – 9.                     9 – 12.                   10 – 15 – 75

Geelong:  6 – 2.                 8 – 8.                     10 – 9.                   14 – 15 – 99




Adelaide:             Lynch 2,  Crouch,  Knight,  Jenkins,  Crouch,  Sloane,  Talker,  Rankins, McMurphy 1 each

Geelong:             G.Miers 3,  G.Rohan 2,  T.Hawkins 2,  G.Ablett,  J.Clark,  H.Taylor,  C.Constable, S.Menegola,  T.Atkins,  P.Dangerfield 1 each


Best:   Adelaide:  B & M.Crouch, Milera, Lynch, Sloane


Geelong; Dangerfield, Stewart, Constable, Kelly, Dahlhaus.

Umpires:  B.Rosebury, A.Stephens, B.Hosking

Crowd:  45,631 at Adelaide Oval.



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About Bob Utber

At 84 years of age Citrus Bob is doing what he has always done since growing up on a small farm at Lang Lang. Talking, watching and writing sport and in recent years writing books. He lives in Mildura with his very considerate wife (Jenny) and a groodle named 'Chloe on Flinders' and can be found at Deakin 27 every day.


  1. Emphasising what you said about the drought – Dad said the Adelaide Hills were enveloped in a dust storm on Friday. February weather in April.
    Citrus – Will you be at Kardinia Park on Anzac weekend for the Eagles game? The Avenging Eagle and I are coming over as we have never been to Shell/Skilled/Baytec/Simonds/GMHBABC….XYZ before. Would be good to catch up. Hope Dips the President of the Chris Scott Fan Club will be there.

  2. G’day PB – might be a chance but will have to see how the post-Easter calendar looks.

    Chris Scott has done a great thing this year – he’s left it to his assistants! The key to the Cats this year seems to be the huge improvement in the bottom six players. Depth.

    The Eagles looked ominous in despatching the Pies.

  3. So far not impressed with the Crows. Non existent attack. Walker hopelessly out of touch with Jenkins not much better. It would appear opposition coaches have worked out Pyke’s methods and nullify Adelaide’s play makers. As I have said before, the Crouch brothers get plenty of possessions but don’t hurt the opposition. Dangerfield’s dash destroyed the Crows repeatedly.

    Full marks to the Cats. There brand of footy was truly exhilarating throughout the match. I am truly amazed the Crows lost by only 4 goals as Geelong looked at least sn eight to nine goal better side.

    For all that, I hope Pyke’s men start to show there undoubted talent soon. I love watching Walker in full flight but he has a long way to go.

  4. Here’s a thought. With Talia being more of a stopper I believe he could easily become a useful centre half forward allowing Betts and co to feed off him. Also it would be a chance for him to play a more attacking role. If Walker is to retain his spot he should play closer to goals more often to get better value from his kicking skills. Talia’s presence in the forward line would allow this.

    Anyway, something has to change otherwise the Crows will continue to look like “THE PYKERS”. I don’t expect Coach Pyke to take any notice of my opinions (he hasn’t heard them) but I hope we will see something better from Adelaide next week. We sure need to.

    What do you think Rulebook?

  5. citrus bob says

    Fisho – you seem to have gone to the “red phone” and the season is only three weeks old! The Crows lack a tall forward who is consistent. Jenkins and Walker returned to the 2017 GF last week and coach Pyke will be more than worried about these two. McGovern is a big loss as he could take big marks but there is no one else there.
    Dips – you are right. The bottom six plus Rohan and Dahlhaus. Whether the younger players can keep it up all season is another matter.
    PB – Like to be able to help you out with your social engagements unlkie Dips who will be covering all the territory around Stawell and contiguous areas.

  6. Bob, I love the Crows but I call it as i see it. At the moment they have a real mountain to climb. One can only hope they will get better as the season progresses and peak at the business end of the season. I know i have been critical of one of my favourite players, Taylor Walker only because I know he is capable of so much more. Would love to see him kick a bag of goals soon and then carry on.

    Go Crows and I hope my Redlegs keep winning in the SANFL

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