Round 23 – Richmond v North Melbourne: Finally, we beat North! (Junior Almanac)

I haven’t seen Richmond beat North Melbourne ever!

And this game, we really needed to win to avoid the BIG BAD ADELAIDE OVAL!!!!!

I went to the game and had good seats, right at the barrier, in the pocket and at the Richmond end. There was some movie star doing the toss but I didn’t have a clue who he was. We were also right next to the tunnel so we could see the Tiges coming out! I got to hi five two players, Jack and Cotchin. We could even see the cameras coming up the race. This was so much better than being on the moon (in the third tier.)

North started well and I felt a bit nervous I THOUGHT THEY WANTED TO LOSE!!!!!! They kicked two goals one to our two points. Our first goal was by Ellis and then followed by a Maric goal. We kicked about three more points after that.

The second quarter wasn’t much better; they kicked a couple more goals, Majak Daw kicked his second, and Houli kicked a great goal from the 50!!!

But in the third quarter we came back! We kicked lots of goals and by three-quarter time we led by about 30 points.

But the last quarter was when we really woke up. Dusty set one up for Vickery and then kicked three. Vickery kicked three for the quarter and the game! Dusty’s best one was his second one; he had a snap from the 50.

After the game a channel Seven camera started filming me and another kid. Cotchin and Newman lifted Foley off the ground.

I think we needed to win the game and we deserved to win the game.

After the game all the players hi-fived us; the player with the strongest hi-five was Maric by far!





  1. Simon James says

    Fantastic writing Laurie – I can see you writing the major columns for The Age one day!
    Let’s do it again next week eh?

  2. Bec. Blossomvictory says

    On Ya, but I Luv my Big Good Adelaide Oval!!! LOL … .. .

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