Round 22 – Port Adelaide v Adelaide: The Slip Up

The Slip Up

Port Adelaide versus Adelaide

7.10pm, Saturday 20 August

Adelaide Oval, Adelaide

By Aidan Hammond, Aged 10


People tipped a slip up, it was tonight. Not a major slip up, but still a slip up. Saturday, we won on school football and it went down to the wire. For the rest of the day I was pumped for the showdown. I was very excited and it I knew that the showdown is always uncertain but seriously, could you really see Port Adelaide running away with the four points? By the way I could not because Port Adelaide lost to Melbourne Demons by 40 points so their form is not too good and I wouldn’t see them winning. So we go to my Uncle’s place in North Adelaide for the first time. We have a look around his house then watch the last bit of the GWS v Fremantle game. I thought Fremantle had a chance at half time but the Giants blew the game away.  There was no surprise that the Giants would blow the game away. Some of Port’s best forwards are out like Dixon and Wingard. Justin Westhoff will have to step up for the Power. Maybe Ken Hinkley will move Robbie Gray to full forward. He is very dangerous in the midfield but he will defiantly test Luke Brown if he brings him up there. But if he brings him up there Travis Boak and Ollie Wines will have to step up. Hopefully Rory Sloane will manage Brad Ebert and the Crouch Brothers should continue their form tonight. I’m happy that Sam Jacobs is back in the line-up but it was good to get Reilly O’Brien a taste of AFL football.

The match starts off with the Crows warming up and the Power going full pelt. Port score 2 goals via Robbie Gray and youngster Jesse Palmer. The crowd are already alive, 49,500 people at this match today. It is a Port home game so they have more people coming to the game because of the members. On the television they show pictures of crazy Port fans and one or two Crows fans amongst them. I feel sorry for those Crows fans. Eddie Betts gets it started for the Crows and kicks the first goal for the Crows. Before the game Eddie Betts had an interview and took his son Lewis along. When they were interviewing Eddie Betts they asked his son some questions. One of the questions was: How many goals is Dad going to kick tonight? Lewis said “5”. Hopefully he will be right. Tom Lynch and Jesse Palmer miss but Aaron Young scores a goal. “Not on my watch says Eddie and scores a goal. Mitch Eddie and Aaron Young all score majors before the quarter time siren. Port have a one point advantage of the Crows at quarter time. I can just feel the intensity of the showdown, even though I’m one or two kilometres away from it. You know that it is going to be a better showdown than it was earlier in the year. Lynch, McGovern, Tex and Lynch all miss gettable goals. Please don’t play the inaccurate kicking game Adelaide. This game is a game of clearances and my tip is whoever wins the clearances will win the game. Brodie Smith is out of the game and possibly next week. The Crows basically dominate the whole term but little reward for the domination. Late in the second term the crows have a 26 point advantage but the power kick 2 goals and a behind and bring it back to 13.

The same thing happens in the 3rd quarter. Except at 3 quarter time the margin is only one point. In the final term the Crows are on top. Power look to have a late surge at victory but Eddie Betts seals the deal with an amazing goal from his opposite pocket. He turns to the Port Adelaide crows and goes look at me. This kid on the boundary line thought about giving Eddie Betts a squirt with water but he thinks, nah you are actually quite good. But the real trouble was caused when Eddie turned away. This lady threw a banana at him and it was a racial dispute. Josh Jenkins caught it anyway and Eddie Betts was fine. The end margin was 15 points to the Crows.


Port Adelaide      4.3   6.4       12.7    14.10  (94)
Adelaide          4.2   7.11    11.14   15.19   (109)

Port Adelaide: Young 3, R.Gray 2, Neade 2, Palmer, Westhoff, Polec, Toumpas, Boak, Amon, Broadbent
Adelaide: Betts 5, McGovern 3, Lynch 2, Jenkins 2, Walker 2, Brown

Port Adelaide: Wines, R.Gray, Boak, Impey, Polec, Ebert
Adelaide: M.Crouch, Lyons, Sloane, Betts, Atkins, Thompson

Umpires: Farmer, Kamolins, Harris Crowd: 49,541

Our Votes: M.Crouch (A) 3, Betts (A) 2, R.Gray (PA) 1,


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  1. Dave Brown says

    It took them six days but Port finally got us, Aidan. Given the big game, the losses of Sloane and Smith and the distraction of the banana it was not surprising the Crows were as flat as a pancake last Friday. At least the Showdown was a cracking contest.

  2. Good stuff Aidan keep em coming

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