Round 21 – Collingwood v Brisbane: Hot Pies defang Lions

Collingwood v Brisbane

7:25PM, Saturday August 11

Docklands Stadium



Early moments of the game were won by Brisbane. Play was open with ball movement fast. Brisbane were inaccurate early with Hipwood in his fiftieth game, missing an easy opportunity. Eventually, Cutler goalled for Brisbane after an accurate pass from Starcevich.



A mark to Zorko close to goal was missed by the umpires. Brisbane continued to dominate play. Martin and Grundy were having a terrific duel as Collingwood’s defence was under siege. Taylor goalled for Brisbane as they led by 15 points. Gardiner popped his shoulder as De Goey missed from close in. An errant McStay kick led to De Goey kicking the Magpies’ first goal and they lifted putting the pressure onto Brisbane. Grundy almost marked in front of goal before McStay goalled against the flow to give the Lions a 15 point lead.



The contest continued to be keen as the second quarter began. Collingwood kicked behinds as Brisbane was now content to chip the ball around before a soccered goal by Mihocek saw Collingwood gain supremacy. The game disintegrated as the Lions tried to slow the game down whereas Collingwood was opening up the play with run on football. McCluggage to McStay brought up Brisbane’s fourth goal. Martin was still doing well on Grundy as Hipwood goalled. The Pies broke free for Mayne to goal followed by goals to Mihocek and Varcoe saw Collingwood lead after an errant Rich fumble. They led by three at half time.



After the break Hipwood goaled within 20 seconds. Cox missed an easy shot then the Magpies regained the lead with a Sier goal. Brisbane, now under severe pressure, committed errors allowing Collingwood to take control of the game with their run and superior ball use. Mihocek kicked his third as they increased their lead. Stephenson goalled and then Beams answered for a much-needed Lions goal. Another handball error ended up with Thomas scoring for the rampant Pies. Collingwood had now taken full control, kicking long and running hard. Robinson goalled to narrow the lead to 15 points as Walker took the mark of the day. Grundy was now dominating and it was clear that Brisbane’s slow play was ineffective. De Goey goalled twice to end the quarter with the Magpies leading by 28 points, 11-14 to 8-4 after a 6 goal quarter.



Stephenson took first blood in the final quarter with a goal from a free. Collingwood benefitted from a string of free kicks as Mayne goalled. Brisbane were tiring yet Hipwood goalled to give the Lions spirit. The game began to deteriorate as Collingwood dominated possession. Brisbane tried hard ended up no match for Collingwood.



Summary: Collingwood were too classy over the journey and out-ran and out-kicked Brisbane. Brisbane showed good sign early in the game but appeared to change their game plan in the second quarter which was not successful. Critical errors didn’t help. Collingwood is playing well and with players coming back will give a good account of themselves finals come time.



COLLINGWOOD    1.3    5.7   11.14   14.20 (104)
BRISBANE               3.4    5.4    8.4      11.7 (73)



Collingwood:De Goey 4, Mihocek 3, Stephenson 2, Mayne 2, Varcoe, Sier, Thomas.

Brisbane:Hipwood 3, McStay 2, Robinson 2, Taylor 2, Cutler , Beams.


Collingwood: Adams, Crisp, Sidebottom, De Goey, Mihocek, Sier.

Brisbane: Beams, Robinson, Berry, Hodge, Andrews.

Crowd: 33,390



  1. george smith says

    Interesting. Still a chance for that all important fourth spot, although MCG against Richmond and Perth stadium v Weagles is a hell of a mountain to climb. But if we miss out, then based on 2006 and 2013, our record in home finals first up is not too flash. It seems to me that GWS and Hawthorn are just too annoying not to claim those 2 top four spots, so I expect us to finish 5th.

    Now, assuming Melbourne finish eighth, it puts the Pies in a pickle. We have not beaten Melbourne in a final since 1958, so I don’t expect things to change. If, however, we meet the Swans in Melbourne, then there is a chance for some payback for the Alex Johnson memorial 2 point win. Again, no sure bet, because momentum, like Jean Anouilh’s hope, is a foul deceitful thing…

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