Round 20 – Geelong v Sydney: Caecilius est iratus

To do the same thing over and over and expect a different result is insanity.

What, therefore can be concluded about the Geelong coaching panel?


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  1. What it means is that one gets in ones vehicle and heads back to Melbourne at half time.

  2. having see it all too many times before.

  3. Cat from the Country says

    Yes I have offered our coach some ideas. He does not seem considering new (old) ideas.
    I was intrigued to hear he was cincerned about congestion and that reduvvng the numbers to 16 may help. Heaven forbid that the AFL even considers it.
    Just keep the fiorward line in the foward line and that immediately takes out six players out of the other end and also gives those attacking someone to kick to.

  4. Loved the game. What a drubbing!! Couldn;t happen to a nicer (Geelong) team. Swans showed energy, integrity. relentless attacking, were hard as nuts, ran all night, irrepressible, strength – in fact, all the things needed for finals footy …. .
    But if I hear John Macavaney one more time I’ll puke. I just wish these commentators could give the Swans a break and the occasional pat on the back. The beginning commentary of the game was awful – it was going to be Geelong’s night alright, and the Swans were just onlookers. Well they can stick that where the sun don’t shine …

  5. Peter Flynn says

    Job preservation is the Scott aim.

    No improvement v Swans and v Coll over the last couple of years.

    The Swans are the best side in it.

    The G is an interesting venue for them.

    The Grundy tackle on Brown will cause some debate.

  6. Gromodg his name is Bruce McAvaney not John. Must be a Sydney thing. See you in September. Possibly.

  7. Dips just 2 many injuries surely both Motlop and Menzel are both in that bracket also ( and a disgraceful suspension) if Grundy is suspended the game is officially dead for goodness sake a footy accident

  8. Steve Hodder says

    Dips, “to do the same thing over and over…”; I’ve thought about that saying a lot.

    I’ve concluded that its author never went fishing.


  9. Cats for the flag? Say “silly us”.

  10. It says, very simply, Swans too good!

  11. Keiran Croker says

    Apparently it was good experience for the 10 Cats players who have played less than 50 games. I’d suggest it was better experience for the 8 Swans players who have played less than 50!

  12. Sometimes I don’t feel so bad about Brad being our coach. But that is very rarely.

  13. Ah, the Cambridge Latin Course, volume 1 with the orange covers.

    Caecilius est iratus; Metella est long-suffering.

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