Round 20 – Collingwood v Port Adelaide (Floreat Pica Society)



Collingwood v Port Adelaide
1:45pm, Saturday July 30th



After this incredible week – what to expect.


Floreat Pica has been reinvigorated. The number of emails and comments far outscores anything I can remember both as a member and before that as my son in law – Dave Curtis’ shadow reader.


What is special is not the 14:5 win:loss ratio but the magic of this reinspired team.


But how will they play this week?


Will the superhuman result against the Bombers be an inspiration going forward or a plateau of achievement?


Port were never going to be easy. Their record after 5 opening losses is 8 to 5 in the recent 13 games.


The only good thing is that the game is a home game.


Ziggy and I are a little concerned about the game. No Mihocek was not a good start. We would have brought in Carmichael or Henry for Ginnivan to add a bit of punch up forward. And Jack perhaps needs a breather from all the noise. Yet last time we questioned the selectors and they swapped Johnson for Henry – against Adelaide- they got it right.



First quarter

We start with a comment on the umpiring.


It won’t be the last comment. Inconsistency and needing to say ‘I am here everybody’


And the Daicos free was just that. Remember ‘I am in charge’


Charlie Dixon’s constant shoving in the back – that the umpires only picked up on later in the game.


Thank goodness the coaches and players do not appear to get as upset as we the followers do.


Will someone explain what a terrible sin Nick Daicos committed by elbowing Boak in the back before the first bounce.


Most players niggle and bump their opposition at the start of the game. But what a heavy penalty. Did anyone see whether Boak niggled Daicos first? They seem to be focused on softening up the young man.


And the 50 metre penalty that ended in the goal square?


At the end of the quarter we were relieved to be within two goals. Port were more efficient going forward quickly.


Johnson presented very well in the absence of Brody Mihocek.


De Goey was rusty but was involved and got better as the game went on.


We felt for Bianco who had nowhere to go when tackled in the back pocket and gave away a goal and then later when the ball bounced over his head and PA scored another. But he also improved as the game progressed.


Howe also had a poor quarter with indiscriminate disposals. We prefer Nick Daicos or Pendles kicking out. Certainly not Howe.



Second Quarter

This was a scrappy affair with all the goals coming from Collingwood.


Again the umpiring was frustrating especially the way Johnson was manhandled and received no support.


De Goey and Maynard stood out.


Have to say well done to Ginnivan for his two goals. But we find him so frustrating. Although the inconsistent treatment he receives from the umpires is infuriating, his immediate instinct to drop his knees upon contact rather than find a target is limiting his obvious talent.



Third Quarter

We outplayed Port scoring four goals to two.


The Hyphen came alive with two excellent goals and our ball movement was slick and clean.


We dominated the hit outs and Cameron had a huge quarter. Josh Daicos also excelled.


Powell Pepper kept Port in the game. He was the standout for the opposition.



Final Quarter

Billy Elliot never ceases to amaze. He starts the quarter with a brilliant soccer goal.


His energy and aggression on the ball is consistently there every week.


The terrible ‘play on’ when Quaynor tackled a Port player – clearly holding the ball –  that start the Port revival was disgraceful. Where was the ump?


That is when we started to worry we may be run over.


Similarly the in the back a few minutes later on Noble was inconsistent from the way it was paid all day.


It was only then with 12 minutes to play with Port 17 points behind did they come and fight to keep their season alive.


Otherwise we out tackled and pressured them.


We held up well in the dying minutes especially with Adams on the bench from half time and Howe from well into the quarter. And no Mihocek to throw into the back line.



Yes – we have had a very stable unit over the past 10 weeks BUT the standout of this team is that nearly everyone contributes every week for much of the game and there are real improvers.


Start with Cameron and Cox…what about Josh Daicos of 2022 v 2021?


The revival of Sidebottom and WHE moving from a minus to at least a neutral.


The good mid-season recruits in Carmichael and last year – but effectively this year- Johnson.


Carmichael is a huge asset. Cool under pressure.


The two new boys Lipinski and Nick Daicos and effectively a new player in Murphy.


And of course the ever reliables in Pendles, Crisp, Maynard , Elliot, Adams, Howe, Quaynor and Noble.


And the inconsistent but so valuable Moore and Mihocek.


Not to mention the emerging youngsters, Ginnivan, Bianco and McCreery.


In the reserves today as well as Grundy we have Ollie Henry, McRae and Poulter (and Magden and Ruscoe who have played their parts during the year).


And injured, McInnes, Dean yet to play a game, Wilson and Kreuger.


Not sure where Callum and Tyler will fit in – in the future?


Apologies to those we have forgotten.


We do need more depth in a strong bodied defender to compliment Darcy Moore and a serious key forward but we have the foundation of an exciting new era- with or without De Goey.



Best players (in alphabetical order)
Darcy, Cameron, Josh Daicos, Nick Daicos, De Goey, Elliot, Lipinski, Maynard, Moore, Pendlebury and Quaynor



Ziggy and Garry





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