Round 20 – Collingwood v Gold Coast: Sticking With Number 5


A snapped goal at the 18 minute mark of the first quarter to Collingwood’s number 5 brings great joy to the crowd. Said number five, Jamie Elliott, is playing his 100th game, eight seasons into his injury riddled career. He’s much loved by the Magpie faithful. No more so than by my 9 year old son Josh. The high five and huge smile from Josh as his hero goals makes us being there for this early afternoon Sunday game all the more worthwhile.


The Suns start the game well, kicking the first two goals of the game. That marks the last time the game isn’t controlled by Collingwood. Treloar is running amok, gathering possessions at will and at a far greater efficiency than normal. His running goal from 50 out was reminiscent of his play prior to doing both hamstrings last season. Callum Brown adds another before the Elliott goal. Both teams goal before the first break, Cox putting the fourth Magpie goal through as we take an 8 point lead into quarter time.


Usually it’s just the two boys and I sitting in the Ponsford Stand, on this day I have all three kids with me, 6 year old Emily joining her brothers in being clad in black & white. Josh adores the AFL’s indigenous guernseys and requested the 2019 version for his birthday. On receiving it, he was told he could go and get any number on it he wanted. His previous, long sleeved regular Collingwood guernsey had Elliott’s number 5 on it. I wondered if he would get a different number, given Elliott’s injury absences over the past few years. And Elliott’s uncertain future given his history and being out of contract at season’s end. Without hesitation, Josh firmly stated he wanted number 5 on his new indigenous guernsey. I shouldn’t have been surprised. Our first heroes are our best heroes. I still worship at the altar of Peter Daicos.


The second quarter sees the previously unsighted Varcoe and Hoskin-Elliott hit the scoreboard. Treloar still on fire, still unusually kicking with total precision. By half time we are 34 points up. A much needed percentage boost in the offing. Josh up on his feet and fists in the air as Elliott kicks his second at the 26 minute mark.


Just as your first hero is your best hero, your hero’s sons hold a special place in your heart. I watch Josh Daicos play footy with the same nervous energy and hope as when I watch my two boys play sport. Josh of the Daicos variety gathers 22 possesssions, moves smoothly but doesn’t have much impact on the game. He’s slight and skilled, I hope there’s patience with him.


A dominant third quarter makes the result a foregone conclusion. In the dim, darkness of winter in Melbourne, the Suns bright red outfits stand out on the game’s biggest stage. Sensibly, the lights are turned on for the final quarter. A classic Pendlebury baulk & goal from 50 out highlight this now one-sided contest. Pretty much every Magpie has contributed. Of course we have the obligatory season-ending affliction, Mason Cox won’t be seen until the 2020 season after a serious eye injury.


We leave the MCG amongst the throng of happy Pies fans. Nothing beats the walk back to the city when your team has won. Quality time with my kids, hopefully forging their lifetime love of Collingwood. Hoping that Josh has many more Jamie Elliott memories to come. Hoping for Josh Daicos to take the next step. Hoping for that next cakewalk.


Go Pies.



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About Luke Reynolds

Cricket and Collingwood tragic. Twitter: @crackers134


  1. Luke totally concur re 1st footy heroes walking off the sacred,Norwood oval having had the privilege of being part of the guard of honour for,Wally Miller receiving his well deserved afl life Membership,John Wynne turned to me and thanked me re what I do for Norwood that meant the world to me ( hope,Aishy is back this week )

  2. Very true, Crackers, there is something about your first footy hero. Mine was and is the great Brent Crosswell (as you may have noticed on my Twitter feed from time to time).

    Believe me, these are precious outings to the footy that you are undertaking. The time flies by so quickly, they are no longer kids – suddenly they are going to the footy with their mates, or have something better to do than attend a game with their old man. Enjoy every moment.

  3. Well done Luke.

    Your sons’ heroes do find a special place in your heart. Our eldest, Alex, has long held some deep, largely inexplicable affection for Peter Siddle, and despite the bowler’s unglamorous, unspectacular demeanour I admit that, by default, I’m really pleased he’s got another chance. Reckon he did pretty well, too, although I did hear that the plan was to give him two Tests only before Stark (Mitchell, not Tony) would be back.

  4. Luke Reynolds says

    Rulebook, that’s a wonderful encounter with your hero. They say you shouldn’t meet your heroes as you’ll be disappointed, I have been lucky enough to meet Peter Daicos once and he was a magnificent person.

    Smokie- your admiration of B. Crosswell on Twitter has been duly noted. Love going to the footy regularly with my boys, can’t believe they are already 11 and 9.

    Mickey- could Alex’s affection for the Victorian fast bowler come from Siddle’s time at the Adelaide Strikers? Mitch Starc will be back, *spoiler alert* sadly Tony Stark won’t be.

  5. Luke and Mickey have done a coaching clinic with,Peter Siddle he’s a ripper
    When there was game to help the bushfire victims at Ad oval all the players were given times and spots to collect re bins,Sidds went above and beyond he did it for every minute he wasn’t on the ground and collected nearly as much money as the rest of the players put together huge respect for that.I am not a fan of tattoos in general but love what,Matty Wade has done re the late,Phil Hughes also

  6. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Nicely Done Luke and friends.
    So good to see ‘Billy’ Elliot make it 100 and kick a couple of goals to celebrate. Let’s hope the next 100 come quickly, injury free and include a Collingwood premiership !
    Elliott at his best is a match-winner.

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