Round 20 – Adelaide v Brisbane: The Short Story

The Short Story

Adelaide versus Brisbane

7.10pm, Saturday 6 August

Adelaide Oval, Adelaide

By Aidan Hammond, Aged 10

I go to the park to kick the football, school football is not to be spoken about. Don’t ask me why. Then we eventually get to the rezz to have dinner with my family because my grandparents are leaving the country in the morning. I order my food then play some Pokémon Go. My grandma is a Telstra customer so I use the AFL live pass wisely. Crows are going to thrash the Lions tonight. My little cousin can’t believe that the Brisbane Lions won 3 premierships in a row. Lions lost their best player last year, James Aish. Yes I’m a Redlegs fan, that’s where champions are made! The match starts with Jets, kicking a goal. Off the back of the square, last week I saw the most ridiculous ever. Joe Daniher tried to run with Charlie Cameron. On debut Reilly O’Brien kicks his first point. Nothing else really happens for the rest of the quarter. The Crows lead but with uncertainty. Much the same in the second quarter. I love watching this game, I’m not stressed out. It’s fun. When I thought it  couldn’t get any better it did. The Crows feast and win till the final siren. If Brodie Smith kicked the last goal it would have been the biggest win ever. You noticed that it is a short report, because it wasn’t a close match. Not much to write about, but the Crows are third and I’m happy.
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Adelaide               7.4  14.10 22.13 27.15  (177)
Brisbane   3.0    5.0    6.1     6.3    (39) NE LIO
Adelaide: Walker, Lynch, Betts 4, Jenkins 3, Ellis-Yolmen, Sloane 2, Smith, Seedsman, O’Brien, Lyons, B.Crouch, M.Crouch, Brown, Cameron.
Brisbane Lions: Mathieson 2, Taylor, Rockliff, Robinson, Rich

Adelaide: Laird, Sloane, Walker, Lynch, Talia, Jenkins, Betts, B.Crouch
Brisbane Lions: Rockliff, Mathieson, Bastinac, Zorko

Umpires: Schmitt, Hay, Mitchell, Crowd: 43,549

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  1. Yes, my Lions were soundly thrashed that’s for sure. I agree with you about the Redlegs, I reckon that they should have been the first Adelaide team in the AFL but the Crow are OK anyway.

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