Round 2 – Hawthorn v West Coast: Grand Final Rematch

Hawthorn v West Coast was a great game to watch.


Mitchell, Gibson and Smith all had a great game. The thing I loved about Gibson’s play was the superb attack off the half back line. The thing I loved about Mitchell’s play was his ability to craft the ball to the forwards; and his ability to get the football anywhere on the field. Smith’s run through the midfield is superb and his carry provides great opportunities to attack for the forwards.


It’s good to see that Gunston, Breust, Rioli and Sicily are taking lots of marks and kicking lots of goals.


It is very surprising that Hawthorn won the game by the same margin as the grand final. Which means that West Coast need to work on their kicking efficiency, handballing and tackling pressure. They also need to get used to playing on other grounds.


McGovern, Naitanui and Kennedy I think played the best for the West Coast Eagles.


Votes: 3 – Gibson, 2- Mitchell and 1  for Smith.


Louis Hodder


  1. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    This was a very accurate article Louis. You have a great future as a footy analyst and writer.

  2. Terrific match report Louis. Accurate and concise. Thought you were a bit tough leaving Hartung out of your Hawks best. He is a little jack in the box. And very kind to have included NicNait in our best. I only rated Josh Kennedy’s game, because while he didn’t kick goals he was the only Eagle to put physical pressure back on Hawthorn.
    Hope to see more writing from you.

  3. Charlie Dillow says

    good work Louis.

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