Round 2 – Geelong v Hawthorn: The ancients rise



Friday June 12 5.30pm

Kardinia Park


No problems getting in tonight. Had temperature taken and went straight to the media box.  Had to bring your own food  although one entrepreneurial food van was doing well from the TV crews.


Hear that P.Dangerfield had problems getting in for his 250th as he did not have the right pass. “Lingy” thought it was a huge joke!


Shades of Sid Barnes jumping the turnstiles to get into the “G many years ago to play in a Test Match.  Upon reflection was the start of his downfall as a Test cricketer.


The Ground is in superb condition and why not?  No games have been played on it since a cricket match in February.


Kardinia Park (the real name) Friday June 12th at 6.30pm


This is an interesting season for the boys from Corio.  Most of the pundits have them missing out on the eight for only the second time in 18 years.  There are two schools of thought – either they are to young or too old.  I am inclined to think the latter, with Ablett, Hawkins, Taylor, Dangerfield, Stanley, Blivacs and Sellwood thirty plus or close to it and then you have the two recruits from last year in Rohan and Dahlhaus not as quick as they were with their former sides.  So a third or more (45%) of the team would be regarded as “seniors”.


In tonight’s 20/20 format they might be puffing at the end of the third let a lone the fourth.  Thursday night’s game certainly set the “pace” or lack of it.


‘Members you keep Geelong strong” said the scoreboard but who was watching? There is no one here!


What about the Hawks?  Well nobody would know.  Clarkson is the smartest cookie in the packet and he will have crossed and ticked all boxes and added a couple of his own that nobody knows about.  The big question for me is John Patten , who if he is like any other US general at the moment will be very toey and hoping to have a big impact on the game. He has ability but left it in the change rooms at GWS on plenty of occasions. O’Meara will be a big loss for the Hawks tonight but there is still plenty of experience in the line-up.


Kardinia Park Friday June 12th at 7.30pm


Very impressive circle produced by the two teams and umpires before the game in support of BLM.


The first quarter of football was better than the whole of Thursday night’s game. It was fast and furious with Geelong getting a goal in the first minute. Play fluctuated from end to end – This was real football,


An even first half with neither side giving an inch despite social distancing. Ablett, Sellwood and the much-maligned Rhys Stanley superb.  Hawks had no outstanding players but staying with the pacy Cats.


Kardinia Park Friday June 12th at 9.15pm


Some of Ablett’s efforts were pure magic and a cameo of his efforts on this night would be well worth seeing.  Sellwod was his usual rock-solid granite statue who would not be dismantled this evening. Stanley continued with his performance and dominated the ruck and around the ground BOG for mine. Man-of-the-moment Dangerfield stepped up during this term to be part of the celebrations. These ancients of yore were dominating. Oh you pessimist, shame on you.


Six goals up at three-quarter time and the Hawks had already thrown in the towel and Dangerman as well.


The last quarter was a cake-walk for the rejuvenated Cats and they kept Hawthorn goalless, a rare evening for the boys from Glenferrie and Waverley.  To say their performance was average is treating them kindly.


Geelong by 61 points.


Kardinia Park Friday June 12th at 10.05pm


No song and dance for Dangerfield’s 250th game as he beckoned the team to follow him in to the sheds.


There is much unfinished business this season and we have only just opened the doors.


Business as usual in Malop Street tomorrow will be up.




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About Bob Utber

At 84 years of age Citrus Bob is doing what he has always done since growing up on a small farm at Lang Lang. Talking, watching and writing sport and in recent years writing books. He lives in Mildura with his very considerate wife (Jenny) and a groodle named 'Chloe on Flinders' and can be found at Deakin 27 every day.


  1. Daryl Schramm says

    I’m going to have to put something down from my experience at the AO on Saturday night now Bob. I did watch most of this Friday night. The young ones seemed to perform very well.

  2. Citrus is Stanley the key ? Is there to big a gap between his good and bad ? Gee a Victorian club having to actually play a away game wonders will never cease

  3. Farcical S Burgoyne not getting a game also

  4. Stanley can only play well when he is 100% fit. I don’t think he’s the type to carry injuries. He relies completely on his athleticism as his basic football understanding isn’t as sound as some.

    Good solid win by the Cats. Always good to beat the Hawks, who really stank after half time. Hilarious that some of their supporters want to sack Clarkson! Already!

  5. citrus bob says

    Oh me of little faith!
    DS- yes put something down for The Almanac these notes will be history tomorrow. Those young guys at Port are beauties the 2 with “Z” in their name and the one with “X”. How many times has that happened?
    Rulebook – Stanley is great when he is on song and he could be the key this year along with one Jack Steven. PD got one week for the same thing that could have cost him a Brownlow. These fines are crazy and it seems like the AFL are getting their money back this way.
    Dips – Firstly apologies for borrowing your classic line about Sellwood. Watched Stanley put in kilometres before the game started and you are right his athleticism if it could be harnessed each week could bring us a flag. Bit worried about Tomahawk and Ravioli – cumbersome. Never seen Hawthorn play so bad.

  6. Bob
    too right. Danger would’ve won Dusty’s Brownlow by the length of the straight if he hadn’t been pinged for the same tackle on the big Carlton dill. And Burgoyne walks.

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