Round 2 – Essendon v Hawthorn: Essendon win by a second

We caught the train in from Preston. Dad says Uncle Gil paid for our tickets today. The mascots of both teams are going around to people and high fiving them. The umpires walk out to the field in their fluorescent green tops.

The Hawks run through the banner, their song playing, the wind rushing through their hair and feeling very proud. Next the Bombers run, run, run through the banner feeling pumped and ready for anything the Hawks throw at them.

I am feeling pumped too. I am so nervous because Essendon are very good players, but I am also excited because Hawks are good players and they have just won the toss.

And they’re off! Essendon gets the first mark and Hawthorn the first score, but only a point. Things are getting interesting as the ball runs up and down the wing. A mark right in front of Bombers goal and it’s a goal for the Bombers to Chappy. Another goal to Essendon from a free kick. I feel like the Hawks are playing the crappiest ever…well maybe not ever. With 10 minutes left of the quarter, the scores are: Hawks 2 Essendon 12.

Mark by Cyril and on to Poo who kicks the goal YES!!!

Another throw in. Really? More Essendon kicks (wow I seem to be writing a lot about the Bombers.) Hawks are mucking around. Hodge with a mark, getting closer to their goal, but they didn’t get one. Quarter time Hawks 9 to Essendon 14. Essendon was great. Flying through goals, running and kicking so hard. But they only lead by 5, so hoping the Hawks can get in the lead.

Bombers start the second quarter with a goal, SO SAD. Terrible play by the Hawks. I don’t know what’s got into them. Yikes, Bombers have got the ball a lot. They are dominating the play. I don’t like what I am seeing and either do the other Hawks supporters around us with a BOOO as ANOTHER GOAL TO ESSENDON and another. Cyril looks a bit hurt, and gets a free kick but can only kick a point.

Chappy get’s a goal, again Boos, and another, this sucks.  At this rate the Hawks are going in the trash. But they are not out of it as POO got us a goal after his head almost was ripped off, and then Rioli scores us another goal, YAY. So at the end of the second quarter it is Bombers 45 Hawks 23.

Essendon kick the first of the quarter. Gunston gets one with Cyril’s help. Hawks coming again but this time just a point after a mark to the Brown and Gold. Bombers quickly down the wing and a…. Point. Lucky for us, but still it is getting closer to winning for the Bombers. Hawthorn need to step up their game. After a point to Hodge, Gunston goals and seconds later got the mark again this time with one hand and another goal to Gunston. And another goal from their new player James Sicily.

Bombers are only in the lead by 3. We MIGHT win after all. But we might not, because Essendon have just scored again. Breust hits the post so only a point for the Hawks. That’s three quarter time, the scores are Hawks 50 Essendon 58. It could be anyone’s game. I do hope the Hawks will win.

The Hawks start off with a goal to Hill, and now a point, I am so excited. Poo kicks and levels the scores, I am nervous and excited (nervoucited). And Breust kicks the goal, Hawks are in the lead. And another goal by Rough-head this time. GO Hawks. Point for Bombers, they’re really getting closer. YIKES. Another point to Bombers.

A GOAL for Hawks, I am now feeling awesome. Not so much moments later though as Bombers scored the big one. OMG 5 mins to go and Hawks are in the lead. Wow a goal for Bombers, what a snap. They are in front. GRRRRRRRRR. Essendon win as Breust kicks a winning goal, but a second too late. Essendon win, I hate to look at the page as I have to write that down. But Bombers won all the same. I feel so bad and disappointed. Who do we play next week?


ESSENDON   2.2 7.3 9.4 12.6 (78)

HAWTHORN 1.3 3.5 7.8 11.10 (76)



Essendon: Daniher 3, Chapman 2, Colyer 2, Bellchambers, Carlisle, Merrett, Hooker

Hawthorn: Gunston 3, Puopolo 2, Breust 2, Rioli, Sicily, Hill, Roughead



Essendon: Watson, Hurley, Hooker, Daniher, Heppell, Colyer

Hawthorn: Gunston, Puopolo, Rioli, Hodge, Lewis, Burgoyne

Reports: Nil


Umpires: Foot, Margetts, Meredith


Official crowd: 59,866 at the MCG

About Kaisha Thompson

10 year old Hawks fan from Preston. Plays soccer for the Darebin Falcons. Enjoys dancing, singing and being on stage in musical theatre. Hopes to one day sing the National Anthem at the MCG on GF day.


  1. Grant Fraser says

    My heart bleeds with you Kaisha. Dogs next week, which will be tough.

    Keep the “Yikes!” coming.

    And we were crappy, especially the first half – but not the crappiest ever. For that ask Dad for some Youtube footage of Bernie Jones, Simon Taylor…or the current #25.

  2. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Nervoucited – great word Kaisha

    It might be a yikes kind of season

  3. Neil Anderson says

    I hope you save a few yikes for next week Kaisha when the Hawks play the Dogs.
    But unfortunately you might be yikeless because the Hawks will be angry and will take it out on the Dogs.

  4. aussie80s says

    I wish I was as mature as you. It took me 25 years before I could bear to watch a replay of the 1984 Grand Final and you have written a report the next day after a loss that definitely ‘sucked’. My notes had joined some pie wrappers which were blowing around beneath the seats.

    Essendon deserved to win as they played better for longer (it hurts to say that) but the position that the Hawks found themselves in with five minutes to go made the loss disappointing.

    I hope you write a report every week. The next generation of Hawks are in great hands with devoted supporters like yourself.

  5. Rick Kane says

    Hi Kaisha

    Thank you for a true fan’s take on a hard loss to swallow. Losses are the hardest to write about but you have taken to that challenge with a writer’s eye and a fan’s heart. I love the first sentence of the final paragraph … actually, I loved the whole piece.


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