Round 2 – Carlton v Collingwood: Reverse Tip-ology



I couldn’t wait for Round 1 to begin.


I counted months, weeks, days and then hours to the moment I’d be able to watch my Collingwood boys again.


Not members this year but Dad was stoked, he had me back watching the game at home with him.


I didn’t know what to expect going into our first game. After the game I Tweeted ‘Wasn’t great, but could have been worse.’ That still sums it up I reckon.




Now a Bulldog.




Buckley and Grundy under the microscope, but why so early?


I believe people expect too much of others.


Yes, Grundy signed a big deal with some serious coin, but let’s remember that he was the best ruckman in the AFL at the time. He’s a mellow guy, he takes his education seriously which also means he’d be taking the coaching feedback seriously too. I think it’s a bit unfair to put all the pressure on a ruck man when it’s also the responsibility of his team-mates to place themselves at an advantage to receive the ball. It’s not a ruckman one man show people.


One game into the season with a loss and already Caroline Wilson is out there firing shots. Apparently if you lose the first game of the season your coaching life comes to an end. When Bucks took on his senior coaching role at Collingwood in 2012 we also lost our Round 1 Game AND were defeated by Carlton in Round 3 HOWEVER we then won our next ten matches, finishing fourth on the ladder and playing some finals footy.


Fast forward from 2012 to 2021 the only current players still left from that list are Scott Pendlebury, Steele Sidebottom, Josh Thomas and Jamie Elliott. In those nine years Collingwood did considerably well but fell short to the Malthouse era in 2018 as Bucks failed to equal the 1 Premiership Mick had secured in his time as coach. Taking all that into consideration I don’t believe Bucks has failed as a coach and am more than happy to watch him coach out this entire year.




Ten minutes before the bounce, Hubby Christian, Sister-in-law Vanessa, Brother-in-law Julian & his girlfriend Maydena and I are all decked out in our Collingwood jumpers. We line up for a group photo, the only one missing lone Geelong supporting brother-in-law Andre.


Vanessa is in fangirl heaven when not only her first husband, Mr.100 Games De Goey kicks a goal, but is followed by her second husband Jamie Elliott.


We start much better than last week, there’s more fire.


My tummy bubbles with nerves but I also can’t help but run away with excitement at the difference in play.


Every time Grundy touches the ball I’m like – THERE YOU GO HATERS, THERE YOU GO!


I’m also saying prayers for Coxy. He also cops a LOT of criticism. He’s so tall we just expect him to pluck it from the air no excuses. But its not that easy, half the time he’s being held or rushed forward by the pack of defenders surging towards the ball with him.


Then as usual (call me pessimistic), just when everything seems to be going so well and it feels like sunshine, daisies, and rainbows… Jamie Elliott goes down.


Vanessa: “NOOOO Jaaaaamieee!”


He’s on the ground for a while, in pain and that right there is when you know Collingwood is going to say it’s a ‘2-3 months injury’ which in Collingwood math actually means a ‘5-6 month injury.’


Kid had 2 goals before he went down, he could have done some SERIOUS scoreboard damage.


Next thing you know Trey Ruscoe has completed his sideline warm up, ditched his tracksuit jacket and its show time starring in his role as ‘The Medical Emergency Sub.’ At least they picked one of my favorite boys you know I love me a larrikin – Yassss TreyTrey!


Taylor Adams dominates like its nobody’s business, dare I say it…he might be better than Pendles. Can we talk about THAT GOAL though? If Peter Daicos got up and about when Josh plucked his goal then Taylor Adam’s parents should have been doing cartwheels. What a goal!


Sir Darcy Moore just keeps giving and giving so it’s about time he receives some love. Not only has he stolen the title of best defender in the AFL (not biased, just fact) but he’s also stolen the heart of Maydena who was watching only her 2nd ever AFL game. I would compare her to a young me with the Alex Fasolo infatuation haha.


The Blues tried though. They kept creeping back slowly, giving me little heart attacks, but we were too good and managed to take back advantage even when we were only ahead by a whisker.


Four goals for Jordy, let ‘em know!


Relief when the siren sounded. Bucks could go home this week without having an angry mob with pitch forks waiting for him outside the MCG carpark.


We all compare footy tips. I reveal that I tipped Carlton. Christian calls me out on it, but I call it reverse tip-ology.



CARLTON                3.2      8.3      12.4      13.7 (85)
     6.2    11.5     13.7    16.10 (106)


McKay 4, Martin 3, Gibbons 3, Pittonet, Fogarty, Fisher
Collingwood: De Goey 4, Mihocek 3, Elliott 2, Cox 2, Sidebottom, Hoskin-Elliott, Daicos, Adams, Ruscoe


McKay, Fogarty, Walsh, Saad, Martin, Weitering
Collingwood: Adams, Moore, De Goey, Pendlebury, Crisp, Noble


Collingwood: Elliott (ankle)


McDonald (Unused)
Collingwood: Ruscoe (replaced Elliott)


Crowd: 51,723 at the MCG



3- Taylor Adams (COLL)

2- Darcy Moore (COLL)

1- Jordan De Goey (COLL)


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A passionate 28 year old Collingwood supporter who fangirls like a 16 year old at heart. Chased down and yelled "I love you" at a startled Brodie Grundy in 2018 after the Semi-final loss. Danced down the stairs with a Collingwood scarf one time to a De Goey song and the video went viral.

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