Round 2 – Carlton v Collingwood: Floreat Pica Society report – Pies regain ascendancy




As usual I go into this game with trepidation. I’ve decided I can’t attend a Pies game until I see some level of skill and desire that deserves my presence and voice. So I went down to our local to put in my tips and battled for quite a while ( 1 Pint) to decide who would win. My heart forced my hand. Tick next to Collingwood margin 15 pts. I then had to have another pint to steady my hand.


Back home with TV on and souvlaki in hand I take to ‘Dad’s chair’.



Opening bounce, Blues away for a very rapid shot on goal by Levi. Miss!

Breath again. The Pies then return the favour with a terrific sequence JT tackle to Pendles to Billy to Goey. Goal! Did that just happen? I pinch myself. It did.

Rest of the quarter was pretty much owned by Collingwood albeit with lots of fundamental errors. The Yank just can’t hold his ground. Noble OOF. Grundy too easily moved by beginner Pittonet. Hyphen terrible delivery into the pocket. Cripps fumble but fortunately had time to recover. Adams floater to the Yank, Yank can’t read it. Brown pass direct to the Blues. Gibbons freak goal but OOB.

All that having been said I feel there’s some cohesion amongst the boys.

Coll 6.2 to Caaarlton 3.2



Grundy rucks to Cripps. Grundy second effort to tackle Cripps reminds me of when he was in full flight. I hope this is the beginning of his redemption.

J Howe shocking shank goes over the boundary line. Maggot calls insufficient intent. I call insufficient football intelligence from the umpire!

Howe reads the ball beautifully shortly there-after to mark and clear from half back. A glimpse of his pre-knee talent.

Pies back line loses form. 3 quick goals against the flow to keep the Blues in it.

Hyphen does a couple of good things including a goal to keep him in the side.

Elliot flys high but lands awkwardly. By the look on his face I fear a break. How much bad luck can this boy have? Hope it’s not season ending, he was showing a fair bit before this incident.

Cox fluffs it again. Roughhead very ordinary.

Moore takes an extraordinary mark one-on-two at half back. He just keeps getting better.

Thomas accidentally kicks to Goey. Goey kicks truly.


Pies 11.5 Blues 8.3


Moore, Crisp, Adams, Pendles, Sidey and Daicos having a lot of influence.



Quaynor backs himself against Martin and clears from half back.

Forward pressure is much better than all of last season. Tackles are sticking. Adams goals from a boundary line snap. Review requested by Goal ump. “I believe it’s a goal. I know it didn’t hit the post, I just want to check it wasn’t touched.” Review response “there is insufficient evidence as to whether it hit the post.”  GOAL! I think the reviewer misunderstood the umpires request but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t touched anyway.

Mihocek is covering miles. So underestimated.

Pendles has a shocker moment. A rarity.

Boundary umpire throws the weakest ball-in since I ran the boundary. Pittonet takes it out of the air, is immediately tackled and drops it. NO FREE!

Grundy takes a mark at last. The Yank fails again to compete one-on-one. Pies are flagging badly.

Cox goals at last, from a pathetic free, supposedly chopping arm. The ball had already gone through his fingers before incidental contact was made.

Sier attempts to handball to Pendles but bangs it straight into Crisps’s face who’s running next to him. Goal against ensues.

Hyphen makes his first appearance since Q1. Things are looking very dangerous for the Maggies.


Pies 13.7  Blues 12.4



Moore has  a rare kicking error.

OOF off Pittonet shin not paid.

Ruscoe goals from a lace-up pass from De goey.

Pendles misses on the run. It’s not over yet.

Chekkers is everywhere.

Umpire, “Holding, Cox.” Sorry Liam. Cox Misses from 30M.

Cox Marks and goals then dares to give it to the Carlton crowd on the way off. First thing he’s done right all night. Are you kidding Yank???

Adams great chase down tackle to save an almost certain goal.

Heart in the mouth as Gibbons snap misses for his 4th for the night.

Pies slow the ball right down. Game over!


Pies 16.10  106 Caaarlton 13.7  85




So much better than last week. Forward pressure was very good. Still too many skill errors but kicking much improved. Disappointed we lost our way in the third but very pleased they held strong in the fourth.

Very difficult to pick the votes. It has come down to the number of gaffs. Pendles 1 gaff. Adams 1 gaff. Crisp 3 gaffs. Mihocek 1 gaff. Moore 1 gaff. DeGoey No gafs (unless you call missing a snap on your wrong foot a gaf)


3 Votes:  De Goey 4 goals. Went a bit quiet after half time but still played his role.


2 Votes:  Moore rock solid. Held the back line together, 1 miss-kick.


1 Vote:  Mihocek  Only gaff, a dropped mark albeit a bit high but would have scored 4 goals if he had clunked it. He halves every contest and runs all day.


Honourable mentions to Pendles, Adams and Crisp but their gaffs resulted in goals to the opposition.

Brody was serviceable. Maynard seems to have lost all confidence. Flickers of light from Howe.

We still have too many passengers who give an occasional cameo: JT, Hyphen, Brown x 2, Cox, Madgen, Roughead.


As they panned on Buckley I noticed he had ‘Carlton Zero’ sponsor on his left collar. I wonder if he had ‘Pies One’ on the right collar??


Onwards and upwards. I might even consider going back to the footy soon



CARLTON                3.2      8.3      12.4      13.7 (85)
     6.2    11.5     13.7    16.10 (106)


McKay 4, Martin 3, Gibbons 3, Pittonet, Fogarty, Fisher
Collingwood: De Goey 4, Mihocek 3, Elliott 2, Cox 2, Sidebottom, Hoskin-Elliott, Daicos, Adams, Ruscoe


McKay, Fogarty, Walsh, Saad, Martin, Weitering
Collingwood: Adams, Moore, De Goey, Pendlebury, Crisp, Noble


Carlton: Nil
Collingwood: Elliott (ankle)


Carlton: McDonald (Unused)
Collingwood: Ruscoe (replaced Elliott)


Crowd: 51,723 at the MCG


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