Round 19 – GWS v Essendon: Game Plan Broken. Please fix?

Away Game. Spotless Stadium. Giants playing to remain in finals race. Essendon playing for pride.

Bombers taking on game. Playing on. Quick ball movement. Confidence. Forward-line looking potent. Early lead. Hopes raised.

Siren blows.

3.5.23 vs. 2.4.16.

Second quarter begins.

Errors aplenty. Neither side playing ‘September’ footy. Turnover. Clanger. Turnover. Clanger.  Repeat.

Siren blows.

4.7.31 to 3.5.23.

Crowd restless. Skill please?

Giants shaky. Bombers holding on. Dare to dream of ‘ugly win’.

Third quarter begins.

Hopes fade.

Essendon defenders. Gather in the defensive 50.

Short kick. Mark. Pause.

Short kick sideways. Mark. Pause.

Short kick on a 45 degree angle to edge of defensive 50. Mark. Pause.

Short kick backwards. Mark. Pause.


Handball to loose man. Handball back.

Long kick to the opposite flank. Switch the play. Mark. Pause.

Short kick to lead-up forward on the wing. Mark. Pause.

Handball over the top. Handball back. Pause.

Kick to half-forward flank. Mark. Pause.

Lack of movement Inside-50. Panic. Pressure.



Rushed kick inside attacking 50. Intercept mark by GWS. Quick movement from Giants defenders. Link up with hard-running midfielders and half-forwards.

Defensive structure compromised. ‘Slingshot’ by GWS. Goal.


Forward-line hopeless. Delivery worse. Familiar scenario.

Siren blows.

5.9.39 to 8.7.55.

Fourth quarter begins. TV signal must be bad. Third quarter seemingly on repeat. Surely not?

Game gone. 5 minutes left. Adam Cooney. Late hit. Trouble. Bombers kick three. Far too late.

Siren blows.

8.13.61 to 14.9.93

55 more possessions. 33 more kicks. 37 more marks. 5 more clearances. 4 more free kicks. 13 more inside 50’s.

32 points loss.

Game plan broken. Please fix?

GREATER WESTERN SYDNEY      2.4   3.5    8.7    14.9 (93)
ESSENDON                                              3.5   4.7    5.9    8.13 (61)

Greater Western Sydney: McCarthy 2, Smith 2, Kelly 2, Cameron 2, Haynes, Whitfield, Greene, Hoskin-Elliott, Palmer, Coniglio
Essendon: Howlett 2, Daniher 2, Hooker 2, Edwards, Giles

Greater Western Sydney: Greene, Coniglio, Shaw, Whitfield, Phillips
Essendon: Hibberd, Goddard, Giles, Baguley, Gwilt


Coniglio (3), Greene (2), Giles (1)

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Thirty-something year-old Essendon supporter. Winning the flag in 2000 when I was 12 was supposed to kick off a dynasty I could boast about for years. Still waiting for that 17th flag.....


  1. Sam,
    From a fellow Bombers supporter I feel your pain. The game plan is definitely broken plus the inability for the Bombers to kick straight is also a major problem.

  2. What game plan?

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