Round 19 – Collingwood v West Coast: Messy (Floreat Pica Society)

by Frank Taylor for the Floreat Pica Society


Match Report Round 19 Pies v Budgies


Cold night, interstate team and, finals wise, not a real lot to play for.

A small crowd, 35,000.

Budgies are wearing their ”traditional” guernsey today with the yellow wingy things ala 1990 or thereabouts.

I’m with Baz, my mate from Perth and his daughter, Tessa, who’s moved to Melbourne for study and his 13-year-old son, David, who’s never been to Melbourne before. All are solid, ironed-on West Coast supporters….. This is their first match at the MCG. Baz and David are my WC brains trust as naturally I really have no idea about the West Coast side at all.

It’s bloody cold.


1st Quarter

12 mins in, Eagles have taken a screamer. 1.1.7 apiece, no real run going, play is just bouncing around the two 50m lines and that’s about it. Shooting from 25 metres out 20 degree angle but miss. Comments about the Cloke disease. Collingwood certainly lacking penetration.

Moore takes a good grab 60 metres out and messes up the kick.

Messy play.

This Aussie Rules game is looking like an aerial ping-pong/rugby hybrid so far….. Moore takes a good grab again about 40 metres out and will take a shot from about 50. After a very poor run-up he sprays it out to the right for a minor score.

Treloar gets some penetration, bangs it beautifully to Moore at 50 who thumps it promptly to Grundy in the goal square who has it punched through for a minor score – it’s now 1.4. At least it’s starting to look direct and purposeful even if the scores aren’t showing it. Should be at least 3.2. Eagles back line are holding firm but Baz’s call is that there is no run. They are dropping one extra back, to the detriment of their forward play. Both sides look similar in this regard.

After some good direct play Kennedy marks 40 out and slots it. After the Pies have all the play without scoring, they make us pay…. 2.1 to 1.4, 19 mins gone.

After some nice play out of the backline, Sidebottom gets a little too cute and thumps a beautiful pass down the throat of Cripps who passes directly to Hill who goals. 3.1 to 1.4, 22 mins gone. Turnovers……

After a good bit of play Greenwood takes a screamer about 40 out (one for his highlights reel for sure I reckon) and kicks a good goal. In reply Jack Darling kicks a good one for the Weagles, 4.1 to 2.4. 27 mins in and WC starting to play direct footy and getting on top. Darling has another easier shot on goal and incredibly misses on the siren.

Quarter time 4.2 26 to 2.5 17.


2nd Quarter

Quarter starts with the Dunnies moving it directly down the centre and looking to take the game on. However, after some good play Moore takes another really good grab and finally nails his first goal to add to his 2 points. 3 points the difference. We kick a point and after a shocking bit of defensive work, three Eagles raffle it and kick the answer. The Pies seem to be winning the ball out the centre so far this quarter without any real effect.

Moore gets a free, 50+ out, sizes up the situation well and kicks 10 metres out from the goal square where Cloke takes the mark and goals.

Really good play.

Seven mins in and it’s tit for tat and 2 points in it.

Aish kicks a terrific out-of-the-pack goal, 45 out, standing start. We hit the front.

Developing into an even contest so far – not exactly scintillating football – lots of on-the-ground, grubby stuff – but a good even contest.

Pies are starting to look a shade cleaner, with White passing directly to Moore who takes another really good grab. Good goal, good mark and a good bit of play by Collingwood.

The Pies out by 10 points now and outscoring WC.

18 mins in and the ball seems to be locked in the Eagles forward line, lots of pressure.

Nice kick from Sidebottom.

Collingwood’s delivery into the forward line again is very, very ordinary – a beautiful bit of wind-up work and then just basically pass it directly to a West Coast player who fumbles it and now it’s a ball-up 40m out…

It starts to sort itself out. Moore takes ANOTHER big mark and we start to dominate.

Half time and we have again had 7 scoring shots for the quarter but instead of 2:5, it’s 5:2 and the Weagles have had 1 shot for one goal only. We lead by 17.

What happened?

Clearances. Centre clearances.

From memory the Dunnys won one for the quarter, and we won the rest. Grundy, Taylor Adams, Mr Silky and the Buckley protégé, Treloar, dominated.


3rd Quarter

The Eagles get the first of the second half. Got a man spare and used it to great advantage, one over the top and goal. 6.2 and very efficient in front.

Although an even contest, the game is still not really reaching great heights for me so far. Sort of reminds me of an early season match with two sides trying to find some pace and form after the summer break.

Ten mins in and the Eagles are starting to come back a little and get another one, it’s now 7.2 to 7.9. Looking pretty line-ball just now. Varcoe and Cloke are having a quiet day so far, both flashing in and out but without any impact on the game. Greenwood kicks a point. He’s done some good things and some not-so-good things…..

After some good forward play Kennedy surprisingly kicks a point. Up until now their accuracy have kept them right in this game. They are looking a shade more desperate for the ball so far this quarter.

Haven’t seen Moore for a bit and someone tells me that he’s rumoured to have done a hammy. Damn.

Collingwood have taken the foot off the gas and WC are definitely looking the better side in the last few minutes, they kick another and 15 mins in, it’s a point the difference. The drive out of the centre seems to have dried up.

21 min mark and the Pies kick their first for the second half, an absolute cracker of a goal by Sidebottom. Tackled with the ball, he shakes it off and using the momentum, somehow keeps his feet, straightens up and snaps a left footer straight through the middle, probably 40 out.

A ripper.

It’s why we go to the footy.

Three quarter time and the Eagles have come back and are playing better, trailing by just 2 points, a 15 point turnaround. They certainly looked better. The Woods looked to be playing catch-up footy while the Weagles had more drive, more set up in their play. That said, I don’t really see a great future for West Coast going into the finals, they’re just making up the numbers really.


4th Quarter

Three minutes in, West Coast kick the first for the term, a real good one from the boundary, after a couple of shocking turnovers from Collingwood. West Coast look better at this stage although there is still a lot of endeavour from the Collingwood players. 10.3 WC to 8.11 Pies.

Collingwood gets the lead back after some nice work down the ground sees Jesse White marking in front and goaling from 50 metres out.

Two more to the Pies and the crowd starts to lift.

Maynard backs his judgement and takes a lovely intercept mark in front of goal and kicks truly. He has played really well in spots. Not totally consistent but with a few games under his belt he is starting to get the tempo of the game at this level. I’m starting to notice him (for all of the right reasons).

We are on a bit of a roll at the moment, playing quite well.

16 min mark and Josh Kennedy takes a really good strong mark over Brown, who’s played OK and misses. A couple of minutes later has another very gettable shot and kicks it out on the full. Keeping us in it….

Another point to the Eagles on the rebound and really…. it’s their turn to miss.

22 minutes down and the Budgies finally get one and it’s 11 points in it. Plenty of time.

We get one back, the Pies are going to win and Cloke has just missed an absolute sitter –25 out, dead in front. What more can you say…….


Final score 13:13 to 11:6


Generally speaking it was the engine room that won it for us. Grundy, Pendelbury, Treloar, Adams etc with a couple of good cameos from others like Aish, Smith, Williams, Howe, Maynard, Crocker and the like. Wills was OK. Brown and Reid were good, the backline did a pretty fair job. Pity about Moore – I’m sure that the third quarter would have been different if he was still OK.

To keep things in perspective, Bazza’s comment is that the Weagles have been very disappointing the last three games and have just not been able to run out the game with last quarter fade-outs.

Not a fantastic win by Collingwood but a good, gritty one.


Floreat Pica


Frank, Cheeseman


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  1. E.regnans says

    Ahh, Frank.
    It’s a puzzle.

    Will D Swan saddle up for 2017? J Elliott?
    They are some good reasons to go to the footy.

  2. Very fair and accurate report Frank. Exactly as I (am trying not to) remember it.

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