Round 19 – Collingwood v Richmond: Shocker (Floreat Pica Society)

Collingwood v Richmond
Friday 7:50pm

by Richard Moody for the Floreat Pica Society


Well it has been said, that the blood of the black and white has resided within my family since before I was born into this world. As part of this blood bond, there has been a significant dislike of the Richmond football club. This is in most due to their prowess in the late 70s and early 80s, and more significantly to do with the 81-point drubbing that we received from them in the 1980 grand final, but the less said about that day the better.  Though having said that, it is a day that is imprinted in my memory, as my step father made us sit and watch the entire game. His reason being is that it would teach us resilience, and secondly that my sister was the recalcitrant of the family, a Richmond supporter and wanted to watch the presentation ceremony. In addition, to compliment this my step father was one who would always ensure we acknowledged good play from the opposition, and I clearly remember that when playing Richmond post-1980 this philosophy was allowed to be selectively ignored.


On the way to the game I bumped into Dave Nadel at the train station, and one of the first nuggets of information he gave me was that Adams was out of the side due to injury and this was wee bit unsettling to say the least. This led to “Shocker” being reinstated into the side, and probably not the best option, with no midfielder in the emergency list it had meant a significant reshuffle of the lineup …. what was to be made of this we would very shortly find out.

Q1(Kicking to the City End)

Well the game got off to a blistering start with Cox receiving a free about 40m out and proceeds to pull the ball to the left for a behind, then after locking the ball into the forward half, Treloar kicks truly for our first. At the 6-minute mark it was looking like a it was going to be a close contest, with positive pressure and tackling being applied around the ground. And then it all started go pear-shaped, a suspect free was given to Richmond on the wing and after a series of low-pressure possessions Martin kicks their first and the match is turned. No one appeared to be on Martin, and he was running without accountability for the next 20 mins of the quarter. Along with this the wheels were falling off the Pies structure, and the back six were getting a solid working over with a further four majors kicked against us.

The woes of the quarter were exemplified through no forward defensive pressure being applied; the ball was rebounding out quicker than ball off a pinball bumper. The best example being the two Thomas-inspired turnovers from not having the confidence to have a run with the ball in open space, and instead handballing or kicking to a man under pressure, (usually a three on one contest).

The only thing saving us is the ruck work from Grundy who at a guess won over 60% of contests, and the generals of the backline H.E., Howe and Sharenberg.


Quarter Time: 1-2-8 to 5-4-34



After the Richmond dominance of the first quarter, we seemed have learnt nothing. Our ball extraction technique out of the back line mostly consisted of a series of short hand balls, followed by a kick and hope from one of our mid-fielders. Only for the ball to make its way back to the point of departure within seconds. By the 15 minute mark, Richmond are doing everything that made us the team to beat last year in the finals; locking it in, making space, shepherding, supporting each other, finding targets, and quite simply we were not.

The only positive I could find out of the quarter for the Pies were the two goal in the dying minutes of the quarter to Pendles and Shocker.

A very disappointing quarter to say the least


Best for the Quarter: Grundy, Mayne, DeGoalie, Crisp, HE (and Sidebottom in parts)


Half Time: 3-6-24 to 9-7-61



Within minutes of the quarter beginning, the frustration with Treloar was increasing, with his kick and hope clearance strategy just not paying off, with the ball rebounding back, going straight to a Richmond player or going out of bounds 7 out of every 10 attempts.

On a positive note Mayne was playing a cracker considering the circumstances, and his follow up tackles lead to our first goal of the quarter at the fifteen-minute mark. The back line is being stoic with the continued ball flow into the back 50, and Sidebottom starts to make better disposal judgements.

Overall this would have to be the most unsatisfying 3 quarters of footy I’ve had the displeasure of watching for the last eighteen months (note: I missed the North Melbourne Game).


Best for Quarter – Sidebottom, Howe, DeGoey, Mayne


Three Quarter Time : 5-10-40 v 11-12-78


I could wax lyrical about how bad the umpiring is, but I saw Pendles having several animated discussions with the camera-wearing umpire throughout the quarter.



Well the quarter started with a miracle, with Cox taking two marks in less than 30 seconds. After that the only thing that kept me from going home was having to write this report and the lessons learnt at an early age about resilience.

As the quarter progressed and it became less likely that the pies would get up a goal to Checkers, and zero reaction form the cheer squad. Looks like most of the Pies fans had checked out. Even with the junk time goals that followed in the last 7 minutes the roar was gone. I reckon that the umpires were having a crack at us by gifting a dodgy free in the dying minutes, probably payback for not paying advantage on at least three occasions when we had the ball and were in the clear.


Final Score: 9-12-66 v 14-14-98


So very uninspiring, we are going to struggle over the next four weeks to get any resemblance of flowing footy we were playing to get ourselves into games in the first half of the season. We have winnable games against The Suns and Melbourne, Adelaide and Essendon will be a 50/50 proposition if we continue to play this way.

This game was once again lost at the selection table, surely, they would have known that Adams was possibly not going to pull up in time, so why not have a midfielder on the bench or in the emergency list? We have also dropped the ball in the forward 6, possibly due to the rotating nature of the group in the last 10 weeks due to injuries. There has been a significant reduction in their forward defensive pressure being applied by this group and midfielders. Let’s hope the coaching staff do something to rectify this over the next four weeks before we are hit the Finals sledgehammer.


Floreat Pica



COLLINGWOOD           1.2   3.6    5.10   9.12 (66)
RICHMOND                5.4   9.7    11.12   14.14 (98)

Collingwood: Mihocek 2, Pendlebury 2, Crocker, De Goey, Elliott, Thomas, Treloar
Richmond: Lynch 5, Lambert 2, Martin 2, Bolton, Chol, Riewoldt, Soldo, Stack

Collingwood: Adams (hamstring) replaced in selected side by Crocker, Roughead (concussion)
Richmond: Cotchin (hamstring) 

Reports: Nil

Umpires: Stephens, Nicholls, Mollison

Official crowd: 78,722 at the MCG


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  1. Steve Todd says

    Your Dad should have taught you another important lesson years ago. Respect your opponent. Not a single mention of a Richmond player. The game wasn’t lost at selection bro…it was lost on the park where your boys were outplayed by a more skilled, more committed and better organised team who had to endure the loss of their Brownlow medallist skipper after only 10 minutes of the game. The arrogance of Pie fans like yourself never fails to amaze me….it’s.always about yourselves.

  2. E.regnans says

    Tough night, Moods.

    S Todd – The Floreat Pica Society is a group of Collingwood supporters who take it in turns to write (from a Collingwood perspective) on each Collingwood game of the year. FPS reports have been running weekly for more than 10 years. There’s a good argument that team selection played a role on Friday night. And plenty of other arguments can be made, too.
    By definition the FPS society is pretty well interested in Collingwood – celebrating, commiserating, speculating… And that is fine. That is great. I think that the FPS are part of the rich tapestry of Australian footy life. Each reporter brings their own style; perspective.
    And reports are published here at The Footy Almanac.
    If you wrote from your perspective perhaps your story would be welcome here, too.
    [Disclaimer – I am a member of the FPS].

  3. Greg Sheehan says

    What tripe
    2 comments re the umpiring
    Nothing about how good Richmond were.
    Grimes & Dusty brilliant

    Free kicks rd 2, 25 to pies , 9 for Tiges.
    This week 19 to 16 pies way.

  4. It’s always a great pleasure to see Collingwood lose. Rivaled only by losses to Hawthorn and the Power.

  5. Well done on sitting out the four quarters, as if the weather was not bad enough, the state of play during the game must surely have made you want to leave much earlier than you did.
    Enjoyed the background story in the opening paragraphs.

    It was such a wet night, that fine incessant misty, but drenching to the core of your body drizzle; Yes, Tigers were great but I thought they were particularly great in picking up the ‘spilt’ ball..the one the Pies just couldn’t hold on to because of the wet ball or because of the sliding factor underfoot. In my biased opinion, I felt we (the tigers) won the game in being physically accomodating in the wet conditions. I can’t imagine that would be easy.

  6. Call me crazy, but I find it quite difficult to be surprised by one-eyed writing from a passionate fan. #genre

  7. I reckon the reason I enjoy Collingwood losses so much is because, over the years, they’ve pinched so many of Norwood’s best players, beginning with Phil Carman and ending (so far) with James Aish. On the other hand, whilst I support the Crows (although they are dishing up too much rubbish at the moment), I enjoy watching Geelong, Brisbane, Sydney and have a soft spot for St Kilda Finally I have no love for the Power or Hawthorn.

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