Round 19 – West Coast v Hawthorn: We’re a Happy Team

Come gather ye near I’ve a tale for your ears
About footy in all of its glory
On a cold August night Hawks were given a fright
But that is hardly the story

The Swans and the Cats declared an end to bad bats
Playing the ball not the man
Selwood, Enright and Bartel in top flight
Finals are now in the Cats plan

Over in the Wild West, gladiatorial combat’s the best
Way to describe what unfolded
Pleasure and pain played in pulsating rain
The victors justly emboldened

My story’s not done, it follows the sun
Or at least Melbourne’s version of it
Footy’s a game that refuses the frame
Of the AFL, branding and profit

On Sunday’s it’s praised beyond TV’s gaze
By thousands and thousands more still
The game has a soul and a heart and a role
For those Unders and over the hill

The Preston Bullants U13s have danced
And stumbled into this year’s finals
A five point win has locked them in
They didn’t back down from their rivals

Then to a mud-heap park, sky threateningly dark
The Darebin Falcons stood tall
Epping was Favs but it wasn’t their day
When our U18s girls’ team came to call

First to the ball this was boots and all
The Falcons would not surrender
Tackling so fierce Epping’s resolve was pierced
By the mighty underdog contender

I’m ever so proud and I’ll say it out loud
The Falcons are footy pioneers
Next week they play on Grand Final day
For the right to be Premiers

That is one little tale, (a vernier scale)
About what footy is and its seam
The family was tested, challenged not bested
And that’s why we are one happy team.

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  1. Steve Hodder says

    I dunno Trucker, I started off with Wedding Parties Anything in my head, then lost the thread and was looking for Yankee Doodle (We’re a Happy Team) and then wondered if it was your own tune?


  2. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Good to see the Bullants and Falcons doing well Slim. Hawthorn? Meh.

  3. Trucker Slim says

    Thanks guys

    SH, I was listening to Dylan’s ‘North Country Blues’ (from The Times They Are A’Changin – brilliant record) and thinking how sad a story it told. At our place we had had such a good weekend. Our son barracks for the Cats and they won, daughter and I barrack for the Hawks and they did well. Then both son and daughter had great wins for their respective footy teams. By Sunday night we were happy as. So I tried to turn a sad blues tune into a happy tale. As to whether or not I maintained the beat and rhythm I’ll have to refer to a quote from the Jimmy Buffett song, The Wino and I. The line goes: He walks down the street shuffling his feet to a rhythm that only he knows.

    PD, the Falcons had another ripper, they shouldn’t have but they did, wins. The team often asks about a player for their 2014 Premiership team :)


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