Round 18 – Richmond v Port Adelaide: Feeling Good


Art by Kate Birrell



On Friday evening I sat up on the top deck of the Sky Bus as it glided smoothly down the Tullamarine Freeway from the airport.


I had a great view of the passing traffic. There was an order and a rhythm that made the trip feel comfortable.


Gear and lane changes took place with seemingly effortless transitions as the driver scouted his surrounds, always knowing his position and that of the other vehicles.


There was the occasional hiccup with a slow moving vehicle, a learner driver, or merging traffic, but easy adjustments were made to account for the lost ground.


After a week in Bali this short road trip into Southern Cross station was in stark contrast to many of the Balinese roads where the same distance would likely take at least twice as long; with stoppages and congestion making a simple journey complex.


I felt good, and in that post holiday way I was looking forward to slotting myself back into my own daily routines, even if that meant working, cooking meals and dealing with minutiae.


I was also feeling good about the Tigers 2019 season.


The last few games I’ve been to have seen the team pull together in a coordinated and streamlined manner, entertaining us fans in the crowd, enabling us to feel just a little bit good, a little bit comfortable and, even a tad hopeful as each week has passed.


As newer and younger players step up to fill the void of the injured and experienced a sense of optimism pervades.


With seats booked for the Richmond v Port Adelaide game the following day at the MCG; Punt Road End; M2 Row R, I was excited to see what sort of game would play out.


Could Sydney Stack take another flying leap?


Could Dusty build on his return to form?


Could Houli, Grimes and Prestia maintain their stamina across the ground linking team mates in goal bound chains?


I was dying to see Jack back.


I was hoping Lynch could maintain and build his upon his inner sense of confidence.


I was hoping that other Tiger fans also felt good.


After nine Balinesian days I was in need of a footy fix. I was in need of the colour, the movement and the atmosphere that is my home town and my team; our culture and our language.


As one of the cheer squad flags down on the fence, Punt Road end, states “If you Love Richmond Stand Up”… and so it was with hope and optimism on Friday night that I did stand up and alight the Sky Bus at Southern Cross.


It was 9pm and given that I was travelling light, I headed for Platform 12 and my connecting homeward bound suburban train on the Frankston Line.


On this occasion, that which is often an arduous journey to and from the airport, seemed easy.


I hoped that tomorrows game would play out the same way.


P.S. With great company in my youngest H, other half GB, friends, Noel, Jack and the nearby Tiger army, my good feelings were not pummelled.


Lynch played a solid game, Dusty covered plenty of ground, Jack was alive and in the mix. Sydney seemed a bit flat and Mabior, perhaps a touch off the mark.


Grimes felt good.


Prestia was good.


As a team the boys played with a methodical and organised rhythm for much of the game enabling them to glide smoothly into fifth position on the 2019 ladder. Richmond defeated Port Adelaide by 38 points on a bright and sunny Melbourne day.


May the good feelings continue into round 19.


Go Tiges.



RICHMOND             5.4     8.5     12.7     15.11     (101)
PORT ADELAIDE     2.4     4.6      7.7        9.9       (63)


Richmond: Riewoldt 3, Lynch 3, Prestia, Martin, Graham, Chol, Ellis, Castagna, Soldo, Edwards, Rioli
Port Adelaide: Butters 2, Amon 2, Dixon, Howard, Duursma, Sutcliffe, Rockliff


Richmond: Martin, Lynch, Grimes, Houli, Astbury, Prestia, Ellis
Port Adelaide: Amon, Boak, Broadbent, Dixon, Rockliff, Byrne-Jones


Richmond: Nil
Port Adelaide: Houston (head knock)


Reports: Nil


Umpires: O’Gorman, Chamberlain, Findlay


Official crowd: 41,642 at the MCG


Check out more of Kate Birrell’s art work HERE



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  1. Chris Daley says

    I’m ripping the lid of this year. Kept in on tight last year. No fun and ultimately pointless. GO TIGES!!

  2. Kate Birrell says

    I decided Good was the perfect word for this point in time (despite being derided for using it just now after a spin class.. be more descriptive the instructor suggest energetically!!)
    Anything more than good would be over inflation.
    Anything less, a lie.
    Looking forward to Friday night.
    Thx Chris.

  3. After feeling down in the dumps on Friday night with yet another insipid crows performance, my weekend improved considerably when my beloved Redlegs won (after 4 straight losses) in a canter. This win , I’m sure, would have pleased Rulebook immensely.

    Then came RICHMOND tossing THE POWER (you little beauty) followed by the collywobbles overtaking Collingwood. By then the weekend was looking decidedly better.

    Kate, it would appear the Tigers are on the prowl once more and ready to pounce.

  4. PS I forgot to mention PORT MAGPIES also lost to really put the cream on the cake. Also Kate, over here in South Oz, GLENELG TIGERS are, at present, top of the heap and looking good.

  5. Kate Birrell says

    Hi Fisho

    Plenty to look forward to, I think, over the coming weekends to keep wintery blues away.

    Hoping the prowling tigers maintain their stealth.

    Enjoy the cream cakes ( love the use of cake metaphors in footy!)

  6. Joe De Petro says

    Nice piece, Kate, and love the painting. that is exactly how the game looks from those seats at the Punt Road End. Hopefully, we start to feel a whole lot more good as the weeks roll by.

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