Round 18 – Hawthorn v Richmond: Taking them on

After last week’s horrible loss against Fremantle, this week we beat the team that had won eight in a row! In the first quarter Richmond were very good, with Deledio kicking three goals. One of them was a free kick for Vickery and it went down the back of the pack to Deledio and he ran from the 50 and into an open goal.

In the second quarter, annoyingly Hawthorn came back a bit and by the end of the first half Hawthorn had taken the lead with a free kick (that, in my opinion, shouldn’t have been). Number 19 (and yes I’ve forgotten his name) [that’s Jack Gunston, Laurie – Ed] kicked the goal to put them in front.

But that didn’t stop us, we kicked a few more goals in the third quarter, including Deledio kicking another goal (four now) and to their one we took the lead AGAIN. We had quite a lazy third quarter. But maybe a bit TOO lazy; for some reason we missed about three goals right in front! They weren’t set-shots, but still we could have done with a few more goals.

In the final (and my favourite) quarter Vickery tried to rub a Hawthorn player’s face in it. But he failed. He tried to dodge them on his way to the goal square and he fumbled it. Hawthorn hardly did anything in this quarter and we kicked a few and stuffed up a few but in about the last 20 seconds Richmond got a 50-metre penalty from, I don’t even know!! We could have gone for another goal but we kicked it towards the opposite end because all the Hawthorn players were playing defensive, so we played kick to kick in the back-line (running the clock down). We WON!!!!! (VICTORY!!)

We have not been defeated wearing the Dreamtime jersey!! We were wearing the Dreamtime jersey because Adam Goodes is getting booed. Richmond FC wanted to show everyone that when you’re booing Adam Goodes you’re booing all Aboriginals.

The best players for Richmond were probably Maric (who I haven’t mentioned) Deledio (who kicked four goals) and Newman. For some reason Roughead cost his team two 50-metres and one free kick.


  1. Laurie – excellent report. The Tigers were just too tigerish for the hapless Hawks. Great win.

    I hope you realise that when the Tigers beat the Hawks, a bloke called Rick Kane (who writes on this site and is a mad Hawk supporter), went from being the happiest man in the world to only the second happiest man in the world.

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