Round 18 – Collingwood v Carlton: Thrashed (Floreat Pica Society)



Well folks,


As Bob Menzies (a Carlton supporter) prefaced his announcement on the outbreak of the Second World War: ‘It is my melancholy duty…’ it is MINE to have to do the Match Report this week.



I must say, that although Cripps was ruled out of playing, which certainly put us in the box seat, particularly after Grundy and De Goey’s form last week against the Tiges, I didn’t put Carlton out of the frame considering the death of Serge last week.



They had a lot more than the usual, huge grudge match against the Pies to play for.



Pies v Blues

Round 18

July 18



Well, I caught on the news last Thursday – as we were going into lockdown again – that Sergio Silvagni had passed away. I cannot consciously remember seeing him actually play (my parents weren’t interested in going to the footy) however, I certainly remember the Carlton side at that time via the radio, print media, footy replay and World of Sport on a Sunday. John Nicholls, Robert Walls, Bruce Doull, Jezza, Gags Gallagher, Siddy Jackson, John Goold, etc.



At that time in Australian society, the White Australia policy was still fully supported by all of the main political parties and racism and homophobia was a virtual part of the Australian psyche. Aboriginal people were finally counted in the Census in 1967 (can you believe that?). Terms of racial and sexual derision were used unthinkingly by the general public. This Carlton side was coached by a bloke called Barassi and included a fashion designer (John Goold), a First Nations man (Syd Jackson), an Austrian-born Ukrainian-Australian (Alex Jesaulenko) and an Italian-Australian (Sergio Silvagni).



They were all great players.



And, more importantly, they certainly helped change Australia’s perceptions of ourselves collectively as a people and a nation.



Whatever your opinion, sport DOES play a major role in shaping society and we can thank those players like Sergio Silvagni who excelled at our game at the highest level and led to a greater appreciation of us as a multicultural society built in large part by immigrants.



As we all know, Serge passed the playing baton to his son, Stephen (SOS – Son Of Serge, also Spiderman), another fair dinkum champion, and now to his grandson, Jack. A true football family dynasty.



Vale Serge. You were a great Australian, thank you.




Well, Cripps is out for Carlton, so on paper, they look a little undermanned. That said, we have to be careful as with all of the emotion at Serge’s passing, they’ll be seriously keen to cause an upset.



First Quarter

I missed the first minute and the opening bounce, and turned it on to watch some lovely ruck work by Grundy after a boundary throw in. Poor shot from Noble – ignored some good centre corridor leads only to kick a beautiful pass to Carlton as he transferred play across the ground. The quarter has started off at a frenetic pace with both sides making errors.



An absolute sterling kick by De Goey – good pick up, evaded a tackle, lovely long kick around a Blues defender to Elliot who finishes it off nicely.



A brief foray into the Blues forward line and Mayne picks it off…



A nice bit of centre corridor footy by the Cheats (that nickname is sounding a tad hollow this year) when we really don’t bother them, and they finish it off with a behind.



(Cripes! I’ve just seen Callum Brown take a hard ball – amazing!)



Six mins game time and Murphy has a set shot and misses everything. Shocking. Sidebottom had a fresh-airy and the Blues clear it out again. It’s in the Blues forward line, ball up, and…C. Brown went in hard again! I can’t believe it.



Geez…Henry, after a turnover, had the overlap and he kicks a pin-point pass to the Blues. Had great options, just DID NOT look up…



However, redeems himself with a good mark and great kick and goal from the pocket. A ripper. Eyes on the ball all way onto the boot. Copybook.



Checkers has a hurried shot on goal after a nice bit of play. Callum Brown is getting into the hard-ball, I still can’t quite believe it…. De Goey is having a crack but misses – it’s three shots each and it’s 2.1 to 0.3. At this stage you can probably say that Collingwood are a tad cleaner and that’s why they are in front.



Silvagni has a snap and puts it out on the full. (He looks pretty sharp today that boy…)



Henry kicks his second, another very, very good kick, and it’s 3.1 to 0.3, fantastic.



The Poos kick their 1st goal after the siren, disappointing really, and it’s 3.2 (20) to 1.3 (9)



Both sides are trying their hardest, both sides aren’t that clean. Grundy’s turning it on so far, taking his good form from last week and I’ve seen Callum Brown do three really hard things that quarter which is a turn up for the books. Very pleasing and I think that it shows on the scoreboard actually!



Second Quarter

We start the quarter off nicely with a goal to WHE after series of three kicks started from the backline by Grundy. 4.2 to 1.2 with one minute on the clock. After some messy but good work by Noble and C. Brown, Checkers goals. 5.2 to 1.3. We are getting great drive from Grundy who is on fire at the moment.



Thomas bangs his head/jaw against Cameron while they were both going for the mark and looks as if he will be subbed off. No further comment required.



Pendles turns it over and Carlton gets a reprieve. The Blues are trying very hard and the scoreboard really doesn’t reflect their endeavour. Seems to me that the Blues are just lacking a little bit of luck and they would be a lot closer.



The Blues rush a behind then we get it down forward after some hard work by De Goey and Elliot where Henry has a set shot. Runs in to take his kick while watching the posts, glances down at the ball on his last step and predictably kicks a behind…Geez, what about the basics?



Bloody hell – talk about a comedy of errors, we transferred across from one side to the other even though there were players with clear leads downfield – unbelievable! Mucked around and mucked around sideways until IQ would you believe tried to take a player on – holding the ball, kick from 50 dead in front, goal to the Blues. An own goal.



Carlton are not playing direct and we are falling into the same trap. Funny how you can get dragged down by the opposition’s style of play…



Nice centre clearance and C. Brown lays a good tackle, gets a free then gets 50. Does all of the right things – followed by a dummy little kick straight to the opposition, reverting to his previous career form. Hang your head down son.



Having another shot on goal, a few guys are standing up today, Ruscoe and WHE are having good games and Henry is having another shot. Eyes watched the ball from the run in – someone’s had a chat to him – and a lovely kick and goal. 3.1 to Oliver Henry.



Five to go for the quarter and the Blues are missing their shots – another behind to them.



Grundy is being knocked around and Jack Silvagni takes a great grab in a pack dead in front outpointing Maynard and kicks truly.



The Pies have lost concentration in the last five to ten and Eddie Betts gets a dodgy free and also kicks truly. 6.4 to 4.5 all of a sudden, only two kicks in it…



Lacking drive – Adams and Brown have gone missing as has De Goey.



Best to half time would be Grundy, WHE, Noble.



Game on at half time – we should be further in front. 6.4 to 4.6



Third Quarter

A minute and a half in and Jamie Elliott misses a goal that he should have nailed.



Mihocek gets one around the neck, the boundary umpire should’ve called it out on the full by Jones – must be a Carlton supporter. Sidebottom gets well and truly caught at the 50 and they have a shot on goal which luckily they miss. After a great set up by Mr Silky and some hard work by Cameron and Elliott, Sidebottom goals. Callum Brown has gone missing after a great first quarter.



Carlton were patient – chipped it around and Betts has marked it 30 out but they stuff it up again and kick another behind.



We make another mess going forward and kick it out on the full. Madgen takes a good mark followed by a lovely low-raking kick to Cameron who, with eyes on the ball, kicks it straight through the middle.



Carlton answers a nano second after the bounce with a long bomb goal by Matt Kennedy.



They get another after a truly dodgy free to Zac Williams. (I wonder if the umpire’s name is Silvagni?) Been a massive drop in intensity by Collingwood and the Blues are firing up. Against the trend, Carlton fumble it in their backline and Bianco takes a shot as the rain begins to fall. A pressure kick and he slotted it! Well done.



We have kicked two out of the last eight goals.



The Blues kick the last for the quarter to trail 7.9 to 9.5 – eight points in it.



Last Quarter




I’m not going to depress myself or any Collingwood supporters further by describing play.



6.4 to Carlton for the quarter.



0.3 to Collingwood.



Well done Carlton, you plainly had more collective ticker.



Final scores

Carlton defeated Collingwood, 91 to 62.




A thrashing.



Although I truly HATE Carlton as a club, I must say that I shared some of Jack Silvagni’s emotion at the end of the game.



He did his Nonno, family and the football world proud.



Floreat Pica,




P.S. Don’t expect too many Horsborough votes from me this round




COLLINGWOOD     3.2     6.4     9.5      9.8 (62)
                 1.3      4.6     7.9     13.13 (91) 


Collingwood: Henry 3, Elliott, Hoskin-Elliott, Mihocek, Sidebottom, Cameron, Bianco
Carlton: McKay 4, Betts 2, Martin, Stocker, Silvagni, Kennedy, Williams, De Koning, Walsh 


Collingwood: Noble, Henry, Mayne, Crisp, De Goey
Carlton: Walsh, Kennedy, Dow, Martin, Stocker, Silvagni, McKay 





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  1. Mark Poustie says

    Frank, fitting words on Sergio Silvagni , very well done. I am old enough to have watched Serge on his bandy legs trundle around in the ruck combination with John Nichols and Adrian Gallagher in 2 premierships (1968 ,when he won the Carlton B&F, and 1970). As for Saturdays game, perhaps Sam Walsh is a Silvagni on his mothers side?

  2. Peter Fuller says

    I want to acknowledge your gracious tribute to St. Serge; it’s especially generous when I know you’d be smarting after the outcome on Sunday. It was barely explicanble in the context of the early stages of the match, although you mention your premonition that the Pies weren’t playing particularly well. Carlton suddenly finding a direct route to goal and swamping your mob seemed improbable, particularly as the Woods have been producing strong final quarters whether winning or losing.
    My impression of the recent contsests between the two great rivals is that they have been mostly like the first three quarters, two scrappers trading blows with neither particularly effective at finding a knockout punch. However Collingwood have certainly had the better of the Blues in the last several contests before last weekend.
    Thanks again for your generous introduction.

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