Round 18 – Adelaide v Geelong: Crows intimidate the Cats


ADELAIDE 5.2 9.5 13.9 13.13 (91)
GEELONG 1.4 4.6 7.8 10.10 (70)


Adelaide: Douglas 4, Sloane 3, Greenwood, Cameron, Jenkins, Lynch, Brown, Walker
Geelong: Taylor 5, Duncan, Hawkins, Blicavs, Dangerfield, Menzel


Adelaide: Sloane, M Crouch,Jacobs, Douglas, B.Crouch, Talia , Greenwood, Kelly, Laird,Knight
Geelong: Taylor, Dangerfield, Duncan, Selwood, Henderson ,Blicavs ,Bews


Adelaide: B.Crouch (fractured cheekbone)
Geelong: Stanley (corked calf), Blicavs (ankle)


Reports: Nil


Umpires: Hosking, Chamberlain, Ryan


Official crowd: 50,464 at the Adelaide Oval


Malarkey Medal Votes
R Sloane (Ad) 3, M Crouch (Ad) 2, S Jacobs (Ad) 1


In an enthralling and vigorous encounter to say the least, Adelaide broke their Geelong hoodoo and ran out convincing 21 point victors (in both encounters this season between the clubs the final losing margin has in reality flattered the vanquished).


Points about the game-


1. Where did that come from??? In what was arguably the Crows most physical performance since Roo was the linch pin in the demolition derby at Princes Park in 2001 The Crows intimidated the Cats and had several looking over their shoulders which will be highlighted at their review early this week. Rhys Stanley, Steven Motlop and Jed Bews in particular will be embarrassed and can expect plenty of physical intimidation in the future.


2. The umpiring was a total disgrace and it highlighted you must have played the game at an adult level (note not elite level). Razor Ray is more interested in being noticed instead of just umpiring the game and worrying about giving the correct decision, he was putrid, the free kick against Andy Otten in the last quarter was disgraceful. He is leading the voting in The Troy Chaplin Award (most farcial, incompetent person in the AFL, and geez there is some stiff opposition!). Brendan Hosking and Shaun Ryan were also pathetic, the reversal free kick paid to Paddy Dangerfield when he did a Clayton Oliver and dived was horrendous also. The umpiring panel just did not know how to umpire the game full of physicality, thus they panicked. I could have out-umpired those 3 with a carton under my belt, a complete lack of feel for the game, it was an over umpired diabolical performance.


3. Staging! The AFL have had several opportunities this season to sanction players, with Clayton Oliver being the most obvious , (I include Matt Crouch for his effort re Tom Hawkins earlier in the season, if he had added any more mayo he could have opened up a factory) while Paddy Dangerfield is a incredible footballer, easily the game’s overall best player, the dive last night was pitiful. Yes, he hoodwinked the umpire, but it is a diabolical slur on the game and players must be sanctioned for this garbage!


4. Rory Sloane, fantastic and incredible leadership, and what a display after being knocked out the week before. He highlighted how every concussion MUST be treated separately until there is complete and utter medical proof re benefit of a compulsory week or weeks off. It must be left as it is now where the concussion tests are EXTREMELY thorough, Sloane passed with flying colours and played accordingly.


5. Riley Knight did a fantastic job tagging Joel Selwood (hooray the Coaches box woke up, it was brilliant to watch and finally some accountability, and yes I am still spewing re Luke Hodge against Hawthorn). Knights harassment and one percenters just sensational, he is a beauty.


6. Imagine if you had been told before the game Eddie Betts, Tex Walker and Josh Jenkins would only kick 2 goals between them, (they all still played their role, especially re chasing and tackling, Betts in particular) we all would have thought the Cats by plenty. Richard Douglas, who has had a very consistent year, stepped up kicking a career high 4 goals.


7. Hugh Greenwood has been a revelation, being recruited from a basketball background his quick hands especially re getting a hand in and deflecting a opposition handball also his tackling and aggression are fantastic. Well done the Crows recruiting staff, you have discovered a ripper. Hugh showed he could well be the master of all sports with a brilliant soccer volley goal also.


8. Sam Jacobs was beaten in the ruck in the previous encounter by Zac Smith, yet again Sauce rebounded, his record in this regard is remarkable, it’s almost a bankable commodity that Sauce will fight back (appalling free kicks re rucking both ways, also have said for years that the umpiring fraternity need a ruck coach as they do not understand the role and tactics re rucking).


9. While both Brad and Matt Crouch were excellent, it is Matt who has taken his game to another level, he is a Rolls Royce re in close, his composure and evasive skills are 2nd to none, he is improving his foot skills by the week. He must be in All-Australian contention and would be in the front in the best and fairest in my opinion.


10. Alex Keath, in his debut, showed a bit and with the Cats not picking George Horlin-Smith (best junior cricketer I have seen), the Crows also got up in the Twenty20 match immediately following the footy!


11. Luke Brown, another “BP the quiet achiever” performance highlighted by his classy goal.


12. The leader of the Crows defence Daniel Talia has had a lot better year than he has been given credit for, he is still the AFL’s premier negating defender, his leadership and instruction of his fellow defenders is vital.


13. For the Cats, Harry Taylor was dangerous up forward when moved there, kicking 5 goals (mind you Razor Ray should be credited with a couple), Paddy Dangerfield was harassed and pressured by the Crows at every opportunity but still as always had a influence on the game. Jed Bews did a good job on Eddie Betts (lost points for pooping himself on one occasion), Mitch Duncan and Zac Tuohy had their moments, Joel Selwood tried hard but Riley Knight restricted his input. Cats good players were hard to find with the Crows smashing the Cats in the clearances, which was another vital reason in the Crows win.


14. Where is Steven Motlop at, he has fallen away dramatically and seems to have lost some pace and possibly direction. Will another club pick him up?


15. What is up with blundering coaching errors, why oh why didn’t Scott Selwood tag Rory Sloane, bewildering and bizarre to say the least!!!


So the Crows have sewn up a finals spot and move closer to a top 4 spot in hopefully a defining game re the physicality, hopefully not having a let down against the pies next week while the Cats face the blues.


Go the Crows and doesn’t the AFL premiership table look beautiful at the moment!!


  1. Luke Reynolds says

    Very impressive performance from the Crows Malcolm. They’re raising the bar in the lead up to the finals, a top 2 finish will make them hard to stop.
    Razor is obviously striving hard to win the Troy Chaplin Award.
    Loved the Twenty20 reference!

  2. Mark Duffett says

    You know what will happen re the umpiring though – the reviewers will go through each free paid individually and say ‘yeah, that was there, that one was there’, etc. – and technically they might be right. But what this misses is how if that were applied consistently, there would be a free paid at every single contest. As you say, a feel for the game is sorely needed.

  3. Bloody awesome read Malcom, for me it shows that we can match the toughness of any team and some, R Knight was amazing and tough as nails bloody loved his game, Greenwood is almost the find if the year for me his 1% are just gold.. Malcolm you could have done a better job umpiring lkast nights game if you was blind ir was a disgrace and as close as you can get to match fixing as you can get…
    I hope Sellwood gets done for the hit on Crouch that done his cheek bone and the fingers in the eye of R Knight what a complete dog act

  4. Barry Adams says

    Umpiring was crap, missed a lot of crows frees, but managed to give Geelong undeservered frees. This is how I like to see the Crows play, physical and positive attacking football with that touch of risk and a positive mental attitude. Well done.

  5. hi Malcolm
    spot on comments mate, agree with you 100%
    just unfortunate to see Brad Crouch fracturing a cheek bone, i really hope we dont bring thommo back
    for another game..he will add nothing to the team now and is best left to his coaching role with the kids.
    Danger game looming next week , just the sort of game that we have lost points in the past, but hopefully we will have turned the corner with that win against the cats and will go there and bully the collywobblers…..keep the good work up mate

  6. Sharon Coad says

    Sauce Jacobs impact on the game began from the first bounce, marks,clearances,tap work first class. Crouch brothers played like the Gowan twins….love it. Greenwood can only get better, what a scary thought for opposition. Last week DMac stepped up, tonight it was Dougie”s turn. Knight stifled the influence of selwood. Eddie doesn’t always have to kick goals to be an influence, his run, pressure, tackling and dragging extra defenders to him, shows what a team player he really is. Impressed with Keath’s game, good hands and didn’t seem overawed by the occasion. How can you ruin a game? Have 3 green shirt idiots who think it’s about them, who blatantly overlook the sniper things that j.selwood does, and the dodgy overacting. Last word goes to Rory Sloane, his run and carry was exceptional, he and the team weren’t going to take the bs that geelong do and get away with. His aggression was always to the ball with the extras being his 3 goals. A superb team effort. With an extremely tough run home, Crows must be consistent with their efforts, but last night’s game will only give them belief

  7. anne sargeant says

    great to see the second tier players really stepping up

  8. Melina Mueller says

    Dougie is possibly our most underrated player, he’s been a long time favourite of mine. It was great to see him get recognition after another fantastic game last night.
    Selwood seemed vastly offended to have a kid standing on him, and his temper tantrum led to Knight having a great impact.
    As for Diving Danger, what a shame that a brilliant player resorts to such tactics!! Even after he left us, I’ve admired him, but last night was disappointing.
    The umpires were deplorable, I definitely agree that they were panicking.

    The brute physicality of the game is something we’ve been missing lately, and it was superb to watch the boys finally step up! Sloane was back to his magic, Matt Crouch was excellent – another underrated player – and Kelly showed he can play without his mate alongside.
    Overall, a great lead up to the finals, showing the difference between top & second best.

  9. Yes the table does look good, do you think Crows are favourites from here, I do but my formula says Sydney and the other one says Geelong.

  10. Mr Rebook your Crows were too good last night. You are spot on about Motlop and Stanley. Just scared. Motlop is playing like a confused, lost soul. Dangerfield had a stinker but the scribes had him in our best?

    Can the Cats or Crows win away from their own dung heaps? Big question.

    Very impressive summary of events.

  11. Rory Sloane has done us all, he is a unique individual totally focused on team and one of the special blokes that change clubs. 6 days after a KO is a warrior, having been in hospital by HT in a game after a KO and not played for a fortnight I can only say I was shocked by this special player!! Paddy is best back where he is and as much I love watching his power in the end it is all for Paddy, these type of people are hard to manage inside a group.Knight is a lad on the way now and his toughness will make a huge difference to the club. Yes Greenwood , a story in itself – if you look at the rookies and third / fourth round draft picks this is becoming a great story of recruiting for this football club. Atkins – that’s what you can do when you keep your focus!! Crouches , well the Crows you have 2 special players – our contested ball numbers said it all last night. Lynch – he was flat as a tack after what he has been through – possible rest to make sure we have him peaking and not destroyed- so underrated in this system. Luke Brown – playing so well for this group! Keath – well done! Admiration- and yes T20 was his go with a very unique Gilchrist like grip on the bat! Pyke – the doubters will all be back slapping- the fruit are ripe and the time has arrived- this football club should hold its head up – long way to go but don’t underestimate the importance of having done it together when it mattered !!

  12. Alex Page says

    I actually thought we had the rub of the green in the first half with the umpiring. Second half was lacklustre with some awful calls either way.

    Enjoying watching Greenwood develop. Chris Judd build…lets hope he develops into a similar footballer!

    I like the parallel between Keath and Alex Carey. Both had a crack at a different sport then reverted back to great success. Nothing but respect for both of them!

    Good read as usual Book.

    PS Your ongoing commentary/player criticism whilst umpiring was like a bloke taking the piss out of a mate during a pub session. Wouldn’t surprise me if you told me you umpired the Central United games a carton deep!

  13. Spot on mate

  14. Jill Tathra says

    Not because I`m a Crows supporter but I must say it was the best game of the year so far. Both teams were desperate and in there to win. Shame about the umpiring as it did infringe on the game, they should not be noticed in a game at all. Yes they have to umpire but if doing the correct way the game just flows beautifully.

    Wish the Crows could play like this every week, well except for the last quarter lapse. It would be very difficult to pick the best player as they all did their bit even those who may not have much in the stats because what they did was helping their mates and there isn`t a stat for that.

  15. Didn’t get to watch the game but glad to hear a really physical performance from the crows. Also was interested to hear that Tex, Betts and Jenkins shared only the 2 goals. Dissappointed to hear about the staging/diving and poor umpiring, however would love to see you follow through on umpiring a game of AFL with a carton under your belt! Next home game please Book

  16. Jeff Milton says

    Great to see the Crows physically intimidate Geelong. The end result certainly flattered Geelong. Maybe Crows a little tired in the last quarter 6 days after playing in Darwin but what an outstanding third quarter of physical pressure by the Crows. Only the very generous treatment of the Geelong forwards by the umpires kept them in the game. Only 4 goals kicked by our forwards but still kicked 13 goals in the first three quarters. Does that constitute a Plan B?

  17. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    I’ve put the mozz on the Crows by accepting the club’s kind offer to upgrade to Gold Membership, thus ensuring that we go out in straight sets.

    A lot to like about the past few weeks, we actually seem to have Plans B and C. Sydney will test us.

  18. Darren Holst says

    loved Knight on selwood, Loved douglas too, one of my favourite crows!

  19. Mark AXl says

    This comment has been removed for legal reasons. Unsubstantiated accusations of cheating are inappropriate.

  20. footy its a simple business says

    There’s a harsh truth that needs facing by Geelong.
    Joel Selwood will not win another flag with Tom Hawkins in the side.
    Geelong are blinded. Sadly the premiership window will have shut for Joel if they let Hawkins play on till the end of his career (32ish) in the misguided belief that he is the answer at full forward.
    I would love to compare stats between the very good to great full forwards and Hawkins. What percentage of marks taken from kicks has he taken compared to a Dunstall, or a Lockett? I think Hawkins has an appalling return on investment in every aspect of the game e.g for all the deliveries kicked to him and the time the ball is in his impact area he delivers very very rarely. He is beaten every time by a big bodied defender. He takes most marks when on the move. So he doesn’t really play big like Lockett but most of the time he is employed to play big but he rarely delivers. Only trouble with him playing like a roving flanker like Franklin is that he has no other skills. He is slow as a wet week. And is the worst AFL footballer below his knees ever seen, not to mention possessing no fine motor skills. He had one stellar game in the grand final but who was he against; a scrawny Reid. He often gives away ill-disciplined free kicks that a country footballer wouldn’t be able to get away with. His kicking of late has cost games. If Geelong was a business Hawkins is the worst performing department sadly needing restructuring or being sold off. Geelong for the rest of this year should play Harry at full forward and politely tell Hawkins to vacate his locker and ply his trade at Finley, where I think he would still struggle. See we have all been fooled into thinking that because he is built like a Kenworth Truck that he will plough through players and remain standing with ball in hand, and turn around and send them through the big sticks with the regularity of a Lockett. Nearly 10 years is too long to wait for Lockett mark two to materialise, only to see that he plays like a Leyland. Joel can’t afford it. Scott can’t afford it. The fans can’t afford it. Too much talent will be wasted waiting. I’m not gonna say the cliché ‘looks like Tarzan but plays like Jane’; rather ‘looks like Tarzan and plays like Wayne; Wayne from the Katunga seconds in the bush league. Name one time that Hawkins has run through the pack and left an opposition player out of action?

    Geelong has no forward line and it is increasingly despairing watching the ball booted long into it time and time again from the hard working back and midfields just to have Hawkins or anyone else unable to take a pack mark and the ball rebound easily. Last year’s finals problem has not been fixed; again because it relies on Hawkins being the solution when he is the problem. Plus he does not have any tough tackling forwards around him that will keep the ball in; Motflop, Menzel & Stanley are as weak as wet tissue paper in applying forward pressure.

    Why can’t Scott see that Geelong have too many players who don’t deliver way nearly enough at all. Draw a line now before it’s too late this year, through:
    – Motflop (whenever he is around the ball one feels the stomach brace itself for the eventual car wreck that unfolds. Plus he’s never going to do a hammy with all the short steps he takes);
    – Cam Guthrie (too light);
    – Jordan Murdoch (he must be from one of those wealthy cropping families in Western Victoria providing plenty of brown paper bags to the hierarchy as how the hell does he get a game?);
    – Daniel Menzel (too little output, and the old Nun at St Marys has laid more tackles in the school yard than him);
    – Rhys Stanley (Geelong can’t play Smith and him together in the ruck. Smith and Blicsavs will do fine. Rhys can work on his hair at home).

    In the off season they need to kidnap Jeremy Cameron from the Giants for Centre Half Forward, get a full forward, two tackling hard nuts for the forward pocket and a ruckman that will impact (though one of them hasn’t been seen since Madden hung up his boots).

    Tough decisions need to be made now, bravely, or the window will shut and Joel will never hold the cup up.

  21. Mark Ducker says

    Spot on RB this week – I said at the time last night at the match, that was the worst umpiring performance I have ever played in or witnessed in my 50 years. It was downright a disgrace and all need to made to account especially Razor Ray and number 25! But we will get the same crap from the AFL Umpiring dept. that they got 93.5% of the frees correct but what about what they missed? They were just plain incompetent or some would say clear Victorian bias bordering on cheating.

    It’s also about time divers were made to account – Dangerfield should hold his head in shame and be heavily fined first offense. We need to set a structure for repeat offenders to be suspended. RB, you missed Joel Selwood doing the same ( not as bad) in our deep forward half when barely touched and received a free. Should be fined as well if the AFL really wants to wipe this rubbish out .

    Scott Selwood went onto Sloane for short period 2nd qtr giving Blicavs a brief rest – I’d say he didn’t do it this time due to his physical condition ( had soft tissue since our last encounter). Or holding this back to when really matters at finals time.

    Agreed with your best players though had Sloane, Jacobs, Douglas, M.Crouch, B.Crouch and Greenwood.

    B. Crouch’s fractured cheekbone affected his influence last qtr. Clearly our best 3 INSIDE machines are B.Crouch, Sloane, Greenwood, M.Crouch in that order in MO. Obviously Sloane is the best overall player currently as in peak of his career with the other boys still learning / improving. Agree M.Crouch over the whole season’s work has been the best and most consistent but will finish his career behind the other 3. But Crows done well Vince vs M Crouch trade by the finish.

    Greenwood – wow, what a player already!! His inside work under pressure, decision making, pressure acts, clearance work from a 10 game player or whatever he’s played.

    The Crows constant pressure until near the end as I assume were stuffed was incredible but I loved the collective decison-making under pressure, precise kicking skills, using the middle when at all possible, and spreading apart their defenders by quick sideways kicking moving forward. No kicking down the line mostly again until the end.

    Loved the Knight run-with role – I agree about time.

    Their challenge now is to show this intensity every week – if they can, they are a huge chance this year.

  22. Tony Cove says

    My thoughts in no particular order: 1. Sam Jacobs, take a bow. Apart from his accumulation of disposals, his on-field decision-making & skills execution for a big man is SUPERB. Hope he stays fit. 2. Hugh Greenwood; could be anything! His presence vital next week as it looks as though we will be without Brad Crouch. 3. Great work from Rory Laird & Luke Brown all night & steady games from Talia & Kelly. 4. Charlie Cameron excites the crowd, just needs to be more consistent over 4 quarters. 5. Well coached Don Pyke & associates! 6. Crows need to NAIL those set shots, esp. Tex & Mitch McG., who had a quiet night. Poor set shot goal-kicking turned what could have been a hammering by Adelaide into a sound victory; the final score flattered the Cats. Without Dangerfield, they would have been shite. 7. Richard Douglas, take a bow. Don Pyke has realised the best way to utilise his skills. 8. Good to see Riley Knight cementing a spot at last 9. Lever hopefully available next week vs ‘Pies. With Crouch B. missing, I wonder if selectors will bring back Milera……

  23. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Luke and in all seriousness I would love,Horlin Smith to have another crack at cricket.Mark spot exactly what the afl will do lack of feel for the game is the huge problem of umpiring.Dennis the umpiring totally inept and we all eagerly await the mrp raffle result.Barry Crows got a few early and then the Cats late in the game it was diabolical in general.Sharon totally agree and love your passion.Thanks Anne.
    Melina totally agree and if the afl are remotely serious,Danger must be sanctioned.Aidan long way to go injuries will be vital way too early yet.Dips Danger made several errors but he has set such a high standard we all judge him harshly,Motlop better suited playing permanently as a small forward ? Both sides still a large number of question marks thanks folks

  24. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Bill I no no coach has ever had a problem with Danger who knows we may even be going for back to back if we still had him I wasn’t surprised re Lynch harder 2nd up after such a serious illness and after playing in Darwin he will be better next week love your excitement also.Number 123 love your analogy re Keath and Carey.Re your last point Sergeant Schultz I no nothing.Thanks Crofty.Jill couldn’t agree more such a huge number of 1 per centers every one played there part.Thanks Ben those days are long gone.Milts finally tagging is a plan b imo.Swish so if we fall away from here we blame you ? Mark it was putrid in general.Ducks totally agree and yes Danger must be sanctioned and yes they have set the bench mark re intensity and vital point re the precise kicking.Tony agree with everything big game tomorrow at the home of football for several individual,Crows ( Go the legs ) thanks folks

  25. Kym Hanel says

    Yet another fine article Malcolm Ashwood.The situation with the Umpires will never change,due to the Fact that every week another Rule is high lighted and by the Rounds end there is a different interpretation of the same Rule ( refer Port Delaide 1st Goal against Melbourne today).I must admit it was great to see D.Mac put a few fans back in their place with a very good game last night.Go you Crows and keep up this pressure

  26. Daryl Harper says

    As a keen observer of any official’s role in the game, I was extremely disappointed with last night’s officiating. The number of non-calls outnumbered the high tally of frees paid, with the Cats benefitting from several bizarre decisions. As a South Australian, we expect this nonsense, with Ray Chamberlain being a consistent offender in his successful attempt to be noticed. It’s a sad day when an umpire regards his performance as more important than correct officiating. It is also interesting that improper relationships in the AFL office are immediately addressed, whereas incompetent officiating is allowed to thrive on a weekly basis.

  27. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Harps thank you as some one who reached the top level re umpiring test cricket the Afl should listen to a expert like yourself

  28. Martin Rumsby says

    A performance that gladdened the heart of all Crows supporters. Fast, accurate ball movement overlaid with toughness at and around the footy. Great to see Sloaney get his mojo back, but I suspect he won’t get the liberty to be un-tagged for the rest of the season. A truly inspirational performance from him. Now for the next test – the ability and willingness to continue to perform at that level.

  29. Tony Circelli says

    Thanks Rulebook – certainly plenty to be happy about. One name not mentioned, who was just inspiring, was Josh Kelly – the Adelaide backs are growing a formidable reputation, and it just goes from strength to strength. It’s great to see a young player grow in confidence, and Josh seems to want to be along side the other great Adelaide backs – Talia, Lever, Laird, Brown etc… Also agree that it was fantastic to see Greenwood get so comfortable so quickly – many will be watching what he can do over the next few weeks (years!). It’s a pretty hard run home so best not to think the top 2 is in the bag, but they will be a force to reckon with – their team spirit is the best going round. That will count big for them come end of the year.

  30. Good account of the game Book.
    Whilst I don’t want to take away from the Crows win , the current state of umpiring is a disgrace. Razor has his own agenda and continues to make bewildering decisions, too many variations between the 3 of them. The same 3 should umpire week in and out with each other, couldn’t hurt!
    Jacobs outstanding- Sloane elite- Douglas underrated
    & very important – Crouch #2 building but injured = concerned- Jenkins looking better- Smith finding more of the pill- Knights is a hard determined footballer.
    Team balance and management is important this time of year , where does Seedsman fit in?
    Bring on the Pies.

  31. Good to see the Crows play another way from what they had been. Played very physical and we’re impressive in their control of the football, being patient bringing it forward.

  32. Paul Haylock says

    If the AFL is intent on tweaking the game why don’t they have a really good look at umpiring standards. Of the 50,000 there Friday night 95per cent would have said the umpiring was poor. The umpiring review by other umpires would conclude decisions were mostly right. (Caesar judging Caesar) but 50,000 paying customers are pissed off. Clearly the umpireso are out of touch and afraid to penalise taggers using dubious tactics and breaking opponents jaw (off the ball) because the tagging is allowed to continue. Pay the early free against the tagger not the soft in the back or holding

  33. Caz Phillips says

    Great article ,covered many variants .I thought the way the boys came out and hunted the Cats was awesome ,the intent and tenacity was evident in every way and the Cats were under as much pressure as I’ve seen in finals etc .
    Pykey and his assistants had a plan and it was executed ,Knights was brilliant in stopping Selwood influence on the game and the Crouch bros ruffled Dangerfield up as did Greenwood and others .
    Watching the game It felt so good seeing my beloved Crows playing the way they were I was pumped and nervous at the same time .
    Our leaders in Sloaney ,Tex and Dougy were standing up and taking the game on ,Sloaney just played his heart out and Dougy had a great game too.
    Overall everyone played their role and I could see each playing was up for the contest ,we were winning the clearance and contested possessions which Walshy would’ve been so proud of .
    A few missed opportunities in the last quarter which could’ve hurt us but we stood tall and got the four points .
    Bad luck with Brad Crouchs injury but I hope he won’t be out for long ,he’s been playing great footy as is Matt and Hugh .
    I hope we can come out fired up again this week against the Pies

  34. Stuart Paul says

    Yes i agree the game was over umpired.
    A night Betts will want to forget bit Sloane will remember.
    The margin did flatter the cats.

  35. Isaac Hinton says

    61 free kicks in a game of footy. At best there was probably 40. Farcical

  36. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Martin couldn’t agree more.Tony rapt for Jake he has been a revelation and surely must win the most improved award adds that vital closing speed which is ware he is a mile in front of Cheney ( also admit personal interest being the son of Ned) Greenwood has become a key player v quickly a long way to go yet.Chris they have tried the same group of 3 for several weeks on end ( geez you would celebrate copping,Razor Ray pigs ass) doesn’t seem to have helped much as I have said no game feel or footy smarts re Seedsman like Cheney is a fringe player injuries may give him a opportunity next week imp game for several individual players today( hope they play like individuals) Sam spot on the patience of ball movement and tagging a pleasing plan b.Paul as a experienced maggot I could not agree more.Caz Knight being left out was a poor error at selection v the hawks adds vital toughness and mongrel the other vital point is every one performed there role desperately hope there’s not a let down next week.
    Stuart while of course Eddy would have liked more of the ball his harassment and chasing of the Cats defenders was vital and still had several goal assists( would help if afl stats people actually watched the game) IVA yep incredible over umpiring ( you going today ? ) thank you

  37. Spot on as always Book. Can Troy Chaplin win his own award?

  38. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Holsty the footy world eagerly awaits your tactics v hv.Mark it was putrid.footy its a simple business love your passion towards the Cats I am a bit more complimentary to Hawkins than that but he seems to have fallen away re pack marks and certainly down on confidence which shows re his goal kicking and Motlop is on the nose interested in other,Cats followers thoughts.Kym agree and Dmac is a v imp player come September and dry grounds and yes at least the wipping boy can have a week off thank you
    TC love it I am sure I can use that in the future ( apologies getting replies out of sequence )

  39. Matt Zurbo says

    Passionate as always, Rulebook, with firm eye on the bigger picture. Looking forward to next week’s game.

  40. The lack of a tag on Sloane will be this weeks talking point. The only reason we could come up with is that Geelong were not disclosing their game plan in the run into the finals.

    Umpiring .
    I remember as a young player ,( who having done one unit of philosophy and knowing it all) creating a similar narrative during a game of football. The ‘unnamed umpire didn’t like the term term discraceful , nor an explaination that the comments were not directed to them but part of a private conversation between team mates. ?

    This evolved in coming weeks to a season long philosophical debate on the topic of “imcompetance or just a cheat.” With the views of umpires on the topic sought each week , and actively debated on the field.

  41. Nice review of the game Rulebook.
    I thought Jacobs game was exceptional with nice tap work to give our guys the chocolates on clearances while his around the ground marks & handballs were vital. Hope he doesn’t burn out before September like last year.
    Douglas’s game was also brilliant with his clever footy smarts and ability to kick vital goals, even when under intense pressure. His steadiness and ability to show the way to the team’s younger players is vital to our success.
    I was quite disappointed by the Rat’s game with one commentator on the night repeatedly praising him and I kept thinking, what for? He didn’t contribute much on the night IMO.
    The overall play style of the Crows on the night reminded me of Hawthorn a bit with excellent precision kicking & quick handball cutting its way through Geelong’s defences. It’s a good sign if we can maintain that level of accurate disposal but the real test will be whether it can hold up under finals pressure.

  42. Really nothing to dispute or add this week. I haven’t seen attack on the bal and the man from Adelaide since maybe the Sydney game last year.

    Great to see some lessons learned in the coaches box. Knight did a masterful job and it will be interesting to see if the MRP are happy with Selwood sticking his fingers in Knight’s eye in response. I know I’m not.

  43. Lynda Loades says

    So proud of our Crows, totally physical game, enjoyable to watch if your a Crows Supporter. BUT they need to back this up for the rest of the year.It was proberly hard on their bodies but that is normal and they still have to back it up.

  44. Cameron Glenn says

    Huge game between the 2 best clubs in the AFL in front of 50k at a packed Adelaide Oval on a Friday night.

    The Crows played really well and did enough to deserve a healthy win. Geelong did well in the final term and had they played the first three terms like the last they would have left Adelaide with the 4 points and top spot. The Crows need to play that good in the remaining games especially Collingwood, Port Adelaide and Sydney.

    Umpires can be shocking. Happens too often.

    Top spot is the Crows to lose with the 6 point gap and 5 rounds to go. Geelong have the extra 2 points and can take top if they win all remaining games and the Crows drop 2 games. If the Crows drop 3 games, Geelong win all games and either GWS or Port (or anyone else who could overtake the Crows win remaining games, Crows will drop out of the top 2. Having a good look at the remaining matchups of the Crows, Cats, Power and Giants plus other top 8 sides, the Crows look 99% likely to finish top 2 and a good chance to see a final against Port Adelaide. With the way the AFL is anyone can win and therefore the finals will see any mix of matchups. Only one team will go all the way but the Premiership cup will only be heading to Adelaide, Geelong, Sydney or stay in Melbourne. Its going to be an interesting ride during the next 2 and a bit months.

  45. Another great report Rulebook – was the first decent look I’ve at at the Crows in a few weeks – reckon you might be writing well into September.

  46. Re umpires – you just have to expect it with crows games now, some of those decisions are momentum changers but it was great that our pressure was so intense the momentum wouldn’t swing. Matt Crouch is just about elite now, averaging 32, he’s just a ball magnet and his ability to get a quick ball on his boot is fantastic.

  47. Malcolm, was this a preview into next season without Jake Lever?

  48. The win was significant for the Crows for the reasons outlined in Rulebook’s analysis of the game. The ability to cut-off Geelong’s carry through half back and through the midfield was crucial. The Crows also stuck a lot of their tackles, making Friday night’s effort probably their best for the season so far. Even better, the win puts the Crows in the box seat to finish in the Top 2- and we know the impilcations that come from this.

  49. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Old dog thank you.Farmboy yes interesting although I reckon,Ducks nailed it above lack of conditioning may have forced there hand re S Selwood and mmm.Big Jim I loved,Jacobs ruck work best he has tapped the ball in a long time ( oversight to leave out) Atkins better than the previous week but yep still need more totally agree it was hawks like.Steve I reckon there would be a few nervous players waiting for the mrp lottery results today agree def best since,Sydney last year.Lynda danger game this week just hope there is no let down.Thanks Cameron,Litza hope so.JO totally agree and Matt Crouch agree he is bp the quiet achiever.Duncs a huge possibility.Thanks Paul yes not giving time and space was crucial while I agree hold long way to go yet thanks folks

  50. Crows vs Cats, I have to say the same, where the hell did that come from, unsociable footy is what everyone wanted and thats what we got, maybe now Dale Lewis will stop calling us the “Lovely Boys” grrr…that discussion will be on mmm Rush Hour today, my thoughts of the game, I thought Richie Douglas played an outstanding game, for me he was a stand out, Greenwood and that unbelievable goal which happened near where we sit, surely that will have to contend goal of the year, Sloane roaming the oval, something he’s not been able to do in weeks, was refreshing to see, but again for me 2 brothers…Crouches, 61 touches between them, I’m so glad we have persevered with these boys re-injuries because who would of thought they were going to bring this style of footy to our club…I didnt. Im not mentioning Geelong today, because its all about us winning a game without any help from umpires. Im a bit excited at what maybe we could do during finals but personally I just think about the next game and winning..great weekend of footy all around Crows win and retain top spot, Port lose and drop a spot, Norwood win…

  51. Rick Kane says

    So Rulebook, what do you make of the Crows? They played so convincingly to beat the Cats but just a couple of weeks ago you were damning them because of their game against the Hawks? Have they got the consistency to win three tough games in a row in September? What are their strengths to achieve this and what are their weaknesses? I still think they (and the Swans) are the teams to beat come September but I am interested in your thoughts.

  52. George Carofano says

    Great article Malcolm. The first line was awesome – Where did that come from? I loved every minute of the game especially with some key areas where the Crows finally answered the critics of toughness at the ball and the player. It was controlled aggression, with a few scuffles that obviously Geelong players were so frustrated (i.e. J Selwood and P Dangerfield) tried to milk free kicks from crows players. Of course it worked but the way Knight, Crouch and Greenwood reacted warmed my heart that maybe just maybe we have what it takes to challenge the ultimate. Sloane was huge. Tex, Kelly were great. B Crouch has finally come out of the Dangerfield shadow and the youngsters coming through are awesome. Great article to couple a great game #weflyasone

  53. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks KDE love your passion.Rick to Don Pyke’s credit it is my understanding that he admitted several errors re by the Crows coaching panel against the hawks and not picking Riley Knight and not tagging was one of them I don’t think,Luke Hodge would be allowed to run around like a unregistered dog again,the Crows also not the 1st team and won’t be the last to get ahead of themselves showing how much of the game is played upstairs.I honestly didn’t think showing that amount of mongrel was in them may be GWS injuries are just to much and they lack blue collar workers,Sydney the team to beat imo and Port have me stuffed I rate there list long long way to go injuries will be vital.Thanks George yes a tad of excitement and anticipation amongst,Crows supporters!

  54. Peter Coleman says

    Good article Rulebook. Great to see Pikey & the team finally out coach the Cats.
    Agree with your comments on the umpiring. Only blight on an entertaining game. You have to go back to the Crows V Bull Dogs last year or back to 1986 Uni V Greeks in A8s for a more disappointing umpiring display.

  55. Phil Walsh says

    RB the problem with the umpires is simple! It is not the rules which are a problem, it’s the ‘I’ word – INTERPRETATION.
    For instance: Over the shoulder – is the player ducking, has the tackle slipped up, has the player got his head over the ball etc.
    In Rugby League there is very little leaway for interpretation – head high tackle is a penalty, no matter.
    Now this leads to your comment of umpires needing some level of actually played – Razor Ray could never make a junior side, so how is he going to make a senior side. He has the classic small man syndrome. The AFL will never address the situation of umpires for the fear of not getting enough….
    Which is laughable. Fining clubs/coaches/players if they comment on umpires! I think what upsets people is that the umpires can do no wrong – this is where they loose their cridibility, if the AFL came out and admitted mistakes that umpires make then they won’t be seen as untouchable and supporters will accept the decisions made……
    PS One last thing on the little bloke – there were at least four centre bounces that he attempted that didn’t get above the ruckmen’s head, he called only one back – why? Because his ego wouldn’t allow him to admit he failed. Or maybe the AFL tells them the same baloney about how good they are and that they don’t make mistakes.

  56. Phil Walsh says

    Noticed a couple of times on Friday night and again yesterday at the Parade, that Crows players instead of going to ground and risk being penalised for holding the ball they pick the ball up, knowing that they will be tackled immediately; resulting in a ball up because they had no prior opportunity to dispose of it.
    The end result, a ball up, is exactly what the diving on the ball and dragging it in rule was meant to stop – interesting how this has evolved, the players get what they want; a ball up, and the AFL get what they want; players diving on the ball and dragging it back in…….

  57. Crows lifted when it mattered people forget finals and home and away games are the same when in fact they arent
    Crows playing for top spot lifted in intensity and went up couple of gears
    Improved drastically on last year going all the way
    Cats are only good on home soil

  58. Good stuff, Rulebook! Crows looking good.

  59. Byron Bay says

    i can only think that maybe not tagging Sloan was due to his concussion last week, Scott was happy to go head to head thinking that Sloan shouldnt have played and as so often happens a week after a concussion his contribution would be minimised. However, should have reacted quicker when we could see this was not the case. SLoans real impact is when he gets outside should have tagged him and resticted him to inside possessions like we should have tagged Selwood last time – at least Pike is learning.
    Geelong are pretty much a two man team so we have to hope that they have off days in the finals because when they play well Geelong normally win despite having little younger A grade talent around them.
    I think Hawkins is still ok but needs another forward to support him – wont be able to afford to get that forward i wouldnt think unless it is Ablett on the cheap i guess.

  60. Spot on book We rely so heavily on Selwood and Danger and Hawkins. I look at the second tier and they just don’t stand up.
    Motlop has got to go.
    Why there was no physical tag on Sloane is a joke?
    It was on Crows terms all game.

  61. Malcolm Ashwood says

    PC agree re finally out coaching the Cats and love it and you were better than that keep working on your angles.Phil thank you couldn’t agree with you more re Razor Ray and v good point re the Crows on Sunday.Fiv in reality questions re both sides playing away.thanks,Hardman.Byron I think,Ducks is spot on above re Scott Selwood that the Cats decided he didn’t have the match conditioning to tag,Sloane.I think the Cats are better than that but understanding that any club is going to rely on the best player in the comp and another champion they need a hell of a lot more from,Hawkins and Motlop.Astro yes v interesting tactical decisions by the Cats to say the least thank you

  62. Great round up Rulebook! Couldn’t watch the game when I was o/s had to follow on twitter – nail biting to say the least.

  63. The Cats didn’t seem too bad, just got steamrolled by a team who’s physicality was as good as it’s ever been, as you alluded to well. If only coaches had a magic potion to bring that out every week! The final margin flattered the Cats, it was a genuine smashing. And yeah, S Selwood not in Sloany’s face was a strange call. If he’s picked to play, then he’s match conditioned.

    Whenever the Cats lose, the finger gets pointed at the lack of depth beyond Dangerwood, and it’s hard to argue. Signing a Brownlow medallist can have its down sides… in Judd’s years at Carlton & Ablett’s at God Coast, the only fellow mid who blossomed into a star was Marc Murphy at Carlton. And the Suns had a draft full of guns. Challenges ahead for the second tier at the Cattery if they are to stand up in September’s heat!

  64. Agree with all your comments Malcolm – especially the umpiring! Disgraceful! If they want respect they should do a better job.

  65. Among the more impressive aspects for me ‘Book was despite the limited scoring contributions from our forwards, but the way our midfield in Douglas and Sloan kicked seven. To go deep into September we need goals from all over the ground.

  66. John Butler says

    Who are the real Crows. Rulebook?

    When I saw them in the flesh a few weeks back, they looked thin on blokes who could win a one-on-one, and overly dependent on getting things on their own terms. Then they come out and play like that.

    So hard to get a real handle on a lot of teams this season.


  67. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Tess always nail biting and nice and loud on Sunday ! Jamesey I reckon the Cats have been hurt by injuries to there small forwards they need Cockatoo and Motlop to stand up pace is vital.Timmy it was putrid.Mickey yep sharing the goals around and not be to reliant on any individual is just so important.
    JB I honestly did not think we could play like that it was incredible just how physical we were.I rated us as only a outside chance till fri night IF I repeat IF the Crows can produce a similar maximum output like that we are in with a distinct chance thank you

  68. Just recovering enough to make a comment. Yes, the Crows were too good Rulebook. Surprisingly physically imposing, Score flattered the Cats. Not sure what happens next. Carlton is one of those games that the Cats can drop – like last year.

    Crows? I’m looking out for the impact of Swish’s behaviour.

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