Round 17 – St. Kilda v Essendon: No Escargot, Baguettes Or Croissants For Saints On Bastille Day



By Braham Dabscheck

Friday 14 July 2017, 7.50 PM

Etihad Stadium


Le Revolution is kaput! The myth of Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite promulgated by the propaganda machine of the footy moguls has been exposed once again for the lie it is, always has been and always will be. The Terror was unleashed on the Saints on Bastille Day by Robespierre with  his pseudonym from the west ‘Woosha’, Danton who incorrectly spells his name as Daniher, which is apparently heredity and the Oxymoron St. Just; as if justice has ever been part of footy! Is there no better demonstration of this than the 2009 and 2010 Grand Finals? I rest moi case.

As I have told Jean Paul Sartre many a time footy is not an existential experience. It is about something real. As good as the Saints were last week against the Tigers, they fell apart against the Bombers who put them to the sword; well, it was more the guillotine before Madame Defarge knitting away with her gnarled fingers at the feet of Charles Dickens.

For the Saints, in this topsy turvy world which is the AFL in season 2017, it was simply one of those games that got away. The Saints had none of the fluency and team work that had been on display against the Tigers. Players got in each others’ way, there were turnovers and the kicking boots they had found last week had been stolen by sans culottes trying to eke out an existence in the pestilence which is now post revolutionary France. The best players for the Saints were virtually all in the back 50, for no other reason that is where the play, a little known French farce, spent most of its time.

Beside the loss there is the prospect that Sam Gilbert may have badly injured his finger and miss a few games. His potential absence will badly affect team balance. This may provide a chance for Blake Acres to be recalled. Jimmy Webster is also likely to return after his forced absence. Some thought might also need to be made concerning which of the Saints’ small brigade will man the barricades next week.

After the game, Marie Antoinette, that silly scribe from The Daily Moan was heard to say feed them cake. Mon Dieu! If anyone is to act on this silly idea can they please keep the Saints away from French patisseries and the fare that is available in Acland Street and try Brunetti’s in Carlton with its wonderful selection of Italian cakes. Well, they help me to munch away my sorrows after the Saints experience a loss; and are icing on the cake – presuming a cake can be icing on another cake; Sartre tells me this is not an existential problem, more epiphenomenal in nature- after a win. I offer no apologies, that’s modern French philosophy for you.

Look out Swans, the Saints will be a different team next week.

Go Saints!!


St. Kilda      0.2   2.6   4.11   7.15 (57)

Essendon    2.5   6.10   13.12    17.16 (118)



St. Kilda: Lonie, Bruce, Battle, Sinclair, Carlisle, Gresham, Riewoldt.

Essendon: Daniher 4, Green 2, Bellchambers 2, Zaharakis 2, McDonald-Tipungwuti 2, McKenna, Hurley, Hooker, Colyer, Myers.



St. Kilda: Savage, Steven, Carlisle, Newnes, Roberton.

Essendon: Merrett, Daniher, Zaharakis, Kelly, Hurley.


Umpires: Margetts, Nicholls, O’Gorman.

Crowd: 47, 156.


Our Votes: Merrett 3 (Essendon), Daniher 2 (Essendon), Zaharakis 1 (Essendon).




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