Round 17: Richmond v Brisbane: Big weekend


The boys say “hooroo”, Myki touched on, through the gates and onto the VLine, packed to the rafters surprisingly for mid-afternoon at Sunbury, find a spot at the front, phone on, headphones in, AFL app up, Cats v Hawks on and Dangerfield has 5.5, 12 kicks on one leg and the Cats are up by three sausages but this year that’s not enough, but a twelve goal lead to the Tiger magoos is, text Dad the stats, he likes it, Bolton has three and Lennon’s on song but cub Jack Graham has tweaked an ankle and I’m off the train and Woodend is unseasonably not-garbage while at the ‘G’ Isaac Smith misses the game-winner and the Cats have scraped by, pick up the bike and climb the hill back home in time for feet-up o’clock, a cuppa and the finish of the Pies and the Suns where Buckley keeps his ship afloat for at least another week, polish off a roast and what feels like half a book’s worth of Legal, watch the Giants limp to a loss and worry over the ladder, head to bed in preparation for early morning maggot duties, wake up to a heavy frost and an icy tomb for a house, head down to the ground, walk around the oval to see a young girl, decked out in mittens, trackies, a ski jumper, earmuffs and a beanie carrying a slab of ice as big as her, “look mum, found this on the road,” and a young bloke in full footy kit, shivering in his singlet which he looks to be regretting, warm up by game two which is a ripper, climb into the growling Liberty to get home in time for a shower, bowl of soup and bounce-down at the Darklands, although the roof is open today and the Tigers have turned up, J.Castagna nabs the first within a minute and although the game is no spectacle Richmond are getting by, needing a win to jump to fifth and calm the increasingly deranged Punt Roadians who after the previous week have every right to be a few crumpets short of a good breakfast, but are pleased enough at half time with the effort of the Tigers, who are wasteful but yet have kept their opponents quiet, but the glitzed-up Roys bite back soon enough and close the margin uncomfortably, only for Dustin Martin to gather 900 disposals and triple that number in fend-offs in the third term while a cheeky Lion called Nick Robertson attempts to keep him in check but succeeds in being booed by the pro-Tiger crowd, blowing them a kiss to further incense the raging masses which is pretty much the most entertaining thing about the contest which dies with Richmond a forgettable five and a bit goals to the good which after the St Kilda massacre is warmly received by the keyboard jockeys, Jack’s been good and Cotchin’s leadership has shown while Ivan Soldo, with his nose spread across his face, sees his first win but the Tigers will have to be better if they want to challenge the undermanned Giants in a week’s time, switch off the iPad, kettle is on, relaxed footy talk in the room, hammer out some Oasis on the acoustic, sit down at the laptop.


A big weekend, and the Tiger train is still intact.


RICHMOND                 4.4       5.8       9.13     16.16 (112)

BRISBANE LIONS        1.3       4.6       6.8       12.9 (81)



Richmond: Riewoldt 4, Butler 3, Martin 2, Castagna 2, Edwards, Cotchin, Prestia, Rioli, B Ellis

Brisbane Lions: Keays 2, Schache 2, Hipwood 2, Cutler, Zorko, Bastinac, Mathieson, Walker, McCluggage



Richmond: Martin, Cotchin, Riewoldt, Prestia, Butler, Nankervis.

Brisbane Lions: Witherden, Andrews, Taylor, McStay



Martin (Rich) 3, Cotchin (Rich) 2, Riewoldt (Rich) 1. 


  1. Joe De Petro says

    Hmm, 900 disposals and 2,700 fend-offs, that sounds like an average day for Dusty.

    love it.

  2. It was a nervous wait for the match review panel’s deliberations to be announced. How about Dusty’s goal on the run from outside 50? That alone was worth going to Etihad at stupid o’clock on a Sunday.

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