Round 16 – Sal’s Preview: I See Red

Greetings All,

So the AFL have said there are not enough incidents that warrant them to consider a send off rule.  So we add Stewart-Prestia to the list of Gaff-Brayshaw, Bugg-Mills, Cameron-Andrews, Hall-Staker not to mention the many that came before ,including plenty in Grand Finals.  What if Alistair Lynch in the 2004 decider was as accurate with his haymakers as he was as his goalkicking.  His last game – a suspension – meant nothing but taking out the opposition full back would have given his Lions a better chance.  That it has not been required before is bunkum, we just did not trust the old adage ‘the man in white is always right’.  Until recently that was understandable, but video surely changes all that.  It stands apart not just from every other major code on the planet, but every other level of the game across the country.

The key concern will be how to ensure that there are no mistakes.  An alternate view is if the game gets cleaned up then we can live with the odd error.  There is enough technology and time to protect from that.  Here are the conditions and protocols that could work.

  • The player hit must be declared out of the game without waiting for the 20 minute concussion test.  Subbed out is easy otherwise his team must declare them out.
  • Offender is informed they are on Magenta Alert.  They can stay on the field during this time.
  • The video reviewers have 5 minutes to make a decision.  If they can’t decide in that time then there must be too much doubt.
  • If the decision is expulsion, then the offender can be replaced by the sub it should not be a numerical penalty to the team.

Then there is the footy and we were treated to some great games last week, what do we have in store this week?


Great Dayne ($1.42) vs Lion Hunter ($3.30)

Brisbane get two critical players back in Zorko and Bailey, they will certainly provide a bit more bite around the contest after being destroyed in that facet last week.  Their forwards need to provide a much better contest also, should be easier against the Dogs.  Doesn’t hurt being at the Gabba too.  The Bullies are in good form and get Lachie Hunter back in, however at the cost of one of their most creative players in Daniel.  Plenty of questions raised about the Lions last week, but reckon they get back on the winner’s list at home.  The MCG question remains and the Tigers loom before the end of the regular season.


De Koning Plan ($1.62) vs Paddy Whack ($2.60)

Much made of the performance of Tom de Koning against Freo, some lovely pieces of work but the opposition still won the hit out count handsomely.  Of more importance was that the Carlton midfield took control and stopped the avalanche of ball into defence that they succumbed to against Richmond.  The Saints are battling but get back Paddy Ryder, they are a much better team with him and Marshall paired up.  They need to tidy up their delivery into the forward line and Max King a better chance, he is a real danger especially if Weitering remains on the sidelines.  Form says the Blues and loyalty has me with them, but expect the Saints to make this a huge battle.


Shiel-ded ($3.20) vs Nosey Parker ($1.40)

The Bombers and Dylan Shiel have their opportunity for redemption from the last meeting with Sydney and Luke Parker.  They have shown greater resilience and form since that game led by the efforts of Sam Draper, however they are still seriously undermanned down back.  Which makes Buddy a bit of an issue and at his favourite theatre.  Sydney got back on track last week and expect them to continue this week.


A Cheap Charddy ($6.00) vs Fruit of the Viney ($1.17)

The Crows got the win they should have against North and will be pleased that their two big forwards hit the scoreboard.  They host the premiers who got their groove back led by the tenacity of Jack Viney.  Luke Jackson filled the void left by Max Gawn and most importantly Steven May back led a frugal defence.  Adelaide will be feisty at home but the Demons look back.


Purring ($1.03) vs Noble Rot ($29.00)

Cats hosting the Roos – time for the mercy rule!


A Chol-ly Good Fellow ($1.86) vs In Good Nick ($2.12)

A great contest awaits in the Mansion where Gold Coast host the Pies.  The Suns are in form and maybe notch a win last week if Mabior Chol kicked a fraction straighter.  The Pies will relish the test, they have won their last five and the F word is not finals any longer.  The defence is as settled as any, Nick Daicos has been superb playing with maturity beyond his years.  Oppositions need to pay him more attention.  Can the Suns forwards make a difference?  Personnel wise Mabior, Levi and Burgess compete well and Rankine provides a bit of X-factor so they are well equipped.  It will come down to supply.  Witts teams well with Miller, Rowell, Anderson and co – the Pies though seem to find the right match in there to compete and then add Pendlebury to separate them.  Underestimate both of these at your peril, but just think the Pies will get another one on the road.


Rusty Dusty ($1.14) vs Eight Shapers ($7.60)

The Eagles have got a few back and Nic Nat this week and are talking big about shaping the eight.  They have done that most of this year donating percentage to their opponents.  They donated plenty to the Tigers who they face again this week.  A few questions on the form of Dustin Martin – has he set our expectations a bit too high?  Are the Tigers balancing the load with Baker and Short doing more midfield minutes?  Nic Nat might be back with a few more, but not rating a home win over Essendon and the Tigers will take another little percentage boost.


Need a Spike ($1.50) vs Hawthorn ($2.78)

The Giants host Hawthorn in a game unlikely to shape the eight, but it may have some ramifications on the aspirations of Spike McVeigh to hold the role next season.  Incredibly they came out of the Collingwood game with a clean bill of health, but still won’t get anyone back.  The Hawks will get a couple back but importantly need to maintain the effort for longer – an undoubted focus for the week.  If they can do that then reckon they can win as the Giants are pretty good on their own terms but do fold under pressure.


Fyfe Strife? ($1.46) vs Rozee Coloured Glasses ($2.98)

Nat Fyfe has battled in his couple of games back.  Just seemed off the pace last week but showed a couple glimpses of his magic that just did not quite work.  Expect he will get better at the business end.  To get there though they need to beat Port this week.  Port had to throw the kitchen sink back at the Suns to win at home, much to do with the poise and class of Rozee.  The trip to Perth will be a challenge and not sure they are going well enough to notch this one.


Go Friars, Go Blues,

Cheers, Sal

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  1. You know my thoughts on this Sal!

    Red card send off rule = bad idea. Another avenue on top of all the others for monumental stuff ups. Our game is already hard to adjudicate. How a couple of muckers in a room about 100 metres from the play can make such a call such as the send off just doesn’t sit with me.

    The “but other sports have it” argument also doesn’t wash. Footy is a fast, 360 degree game. Other games like rugby, basketball and soccer aren’t. This makes a huge difference to perception and reality.

    Many reported players (who may have been sent off) get off at the tribunal.

    We’ll simply be swapping one issue of contention with another.

    The game has never been cleaner. Very few “dirty” acts occur now. Many incidents are collisions due to the speed of the game.

  2. Daryl Schramm says

    Interesting preview as always Sal. I think you have an argument with your send off idea in regards to the technology. It’s interesting that lower competitions have various send off and sin bin scenarios. The SANFUL may still have a send off for assault and for a player twice reported for separate incidents in the same game. In supporting Dips’s No case, but not necessarily his arguments is the history of most things. The other games are not Australian, and, in the main, have historically respected authority. That’s why the send off has always sat reasonably well in those sports, but not in Australian football.

  3. I find it hard to take seriously people talking about the send off rule in Footy. The modern version of Footy is so sanitised, physical contact is severely restricted. Totally cognisant of the advances, development of the medical understanding of head knocks. Yet how many of these head knocks are king hits, or punches? You’d be hard pressed finding many. Those few head knocks now are from bumps ,once a legal, normal staple of the game, nowadays not encouraged.

    The game I played in the 70’s, the game I watched during the latter decades of the 20th century, is a memory. I won’t say if that’s good or bad, but it’s the reality. I recall the occasional voice in ‘the day’ calling for a red card, or the send off. These concepts were rarely considered as relevant or helpful, though the VFA took on board the send off rule for a period from the mid 80’s. There was one famous example of the send off rule in action.

    We cast our mind back to the 1986 First Division Grand Final between Coburg and Williamstown. It was a tight,hard fought contest but it turned in the third term when Coburg’s inspirational leader Phil Cleary was sent off unduly rough play. Subsequently he was found not guilty by the tribunal. If he had have played the entire game could Coburg have won the premiership? A 13 point loss, your inspirational leader missing; is this the benefit of the send of rule?

    Footy is a fast game played by fit, strong young men. It’s a reality there will be clashes, collisions, causing injuries.No one likes being hurt. However the game is so sanitised these clashes, collisions are now very rare. But to talk about red cards,send off rules, for these occasional events reduces footy further back into a semi contact sport. A big NO to any of these ‘ideas’.



  4. I have never been a fan of a send off but Saturday changed my view.
    There was no doubt about that or the other incidents mentioned above being completely cut and dried.
    Even Geelong people agreed.
    For completely 100% no doubt incidents send them off, i’d go further and give a one man down 15 minutes penalty.

    On an aside I loved the irony of Hardwick on Bolton the previous week when Bolton showed the football: “not the values we stand for” compared to Scott on Stewart: “he’s a great bloke”.

  5. Sal,
    I am a hard “No” on implementing the send-off rule.

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