Almanac Time Capsule: Round 16, 2015 – Port Adelaide v Adelaide – An emotional showdown

Adelaide defeated Port by 3 points in the most emotional showdown ever.


It is impossible in any review of this game to avoid (and nor should we) the happenings of only 16 days since the shocking loss of Phil Walsh.


In a interview with Tex Walker (it is the first time since Mark Ricciuto became – in a lot of regards, the head honcho of the Crows) Roo asked Tex how long will it take the boys to get over the loss of Phil. It was a silly question, in that everyone copes and rationalizes grief differently. Some will have their moments where they’re okay, and others when the brutal reality will hit again and they will struggle. In some regards, Phil’s death seems like 5 minutes ago and for others 5 years ago. Sporting clubs unite and support each other well, we all wish everyone the best in coping and moving along with life.


Adelaide got away to a fast start with Jacobs on top in ruck and feeding Thompson and Dangerfield. Sauce and Thommo had poor games last week and are responding, while Danger continues with his outstanding form and showing yet again, he is in the top few players in the league.


Jenkins started the ball rolling with a fantastic goal. He is incredibly quick for a big guy, but his lack of physicality at times is just so frustrating. Both he and Ricky Henderson have come from mainly a basketball background, and it shows at times. The athlete comes out and they are not natural footballers. Walker is leading from the front as is Boak for Port. Adelaide consistently look the better side but Port hang in there when the Crows’ best defender in Talia is concussed in the second quarter. The Power’s height in Schulz, Ryder and Westhoff are a chance to get right on top.


Jake Lever in just his sixth game stands up and I am starting to eat my words about Kyle Hartigan. When he played against Norwood in the SANFL earlier in the year, he was diabolical and I said he would never play another AFL game. To his credit, he has fought back strongly and I was wrong (Geez that was hard). The momentum of the game continues to swing from one side to the other in seconds.


Ryder is having his best game of the year (wouldn’t be hard), Gray and Wingard – as always – look dangerous and are conjuring up the odd bit of magic to keep the Power in it. Gray’s skill and quick hands are as good as anyone in the game. A shocking kick in error by Henderson seems to give Port the momentum and then a poor hand ball by Ah Chee gives it back again to the Crows.


Adelaide are getting contributions from more individuals than Port. The hard working link man, Tom Lynch, is good. Brodie Martin is a welcome addition to the side. I hope he is given a decent run of games and opportunities to show he belongs at the level. Rory Laird’s courage and commitment is fantastic as always.  He must be in All-Australian reckoning. Riley Knight is showing promise. Nathan Krakouer is doing a good job on gun small forward Eddie Betts and is keeping him under control


For Port, Hartlett playing mainly at half back and Broadbent have been strong contributors. Boak has been very good, and in the last quarter lifts and goes to another level.  He is willing every Port player to the line to try and keep their season alive. The Power’s extra three days rest and the Crows being down a rotation through losing Talia, all may be contributing to Port getting on top in the last quarter.


When Gray kicks a fantastic goal with a minute to go – and brings Port to within three points – it suddenly is anyone’s game. An intercept mark by Tom Lynch, and then a good tackle by Richard Douglas saves the day and the good guys (the Crows) hang on and win by three points. Ken Hinkley as always, is honest after the game – admitting it would have been a travesty for the Power to have pinched it.


Adelaide’s greater depth in covering injuries than Port, and having more contributors have enabled them to hang on in what was a fantastic and fitting tribute to Phil Walsh. It was bitterly disappointing that a few idiots booed Tex Walker when coming up to collect the Showdown trophy. This was a game when the situation should have been respected. Scott Thompson collects the Phil Walsh medal from Quinn Walsh. I am sure that will be his most treasured award of his career.


Thank you to the overwhelming majority of football followers, and all the best to the Walsh family.


Again we are reminded it is just a game.




Port Adelaide  17.11.113

def by

Adelaide 18.8.116


Port Adelaide: Ryder 3, Wingard 3, Schulz 3, Gray 3, Lobbe 2, Boak 2, Monfries.

Adelaide: Jenkins 3, Walker 3, Cameron 2, Lynch 2, Martin, M Crouch, Henderson, Betts,

Wright, Douglas, Knight, Thompson.

Port Adelaide: Boak, Gray, Hartlett, Ryder, Wingard, Broadbent

Adelaide: Thompson (Phil Walsh Medalist), Dangerfield, Jacobs, Laird, Walker, M Crouch, Lynch, Martin.


Crowd: 54,468 at Adelaide Oval.


Malarkey Medal Votes:  Thompson (Ad) 3, Boak(Pt) 2,  Dangerfield (Ad ) 1.


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  1. Nice article Malcolm, although i am still not totally convinced of Hartigan despite his effort yesterday….the game and result was a fitting tribute to a man who had made a huge contribution to Australian Rules.

  2. Melina Mueller says

    Love reading your reviews. It was an emotional game, and a fantastic win. There were a few tears shed when the siren sounded and immediately after; nothing like the devastation of the previous week. At last our boys have a reason to smile through the tears. And what a reason!! Heart stopping games are always the best, and this one will go down in the history books amongst everybody’s favourite win. #weflyasone ??????????

  3. Campbell says

    Great article, the showdown was very emotional yesterday. Quinn Walsh was very strong to present the Phil Walsh medal. Great game, and a great tribute to Phil Walsh!

  4. Wren Thomas says

    Yes it was a fabulous game. The better team won on the day, and the close finish somehow seemed appropriate with the winning team meant to be. As a Port supporter, I am proud to say that at the final siren I stood and applauded the game, and the efforts of both teams, despite my disappointment, and was disgusted at the boo-ing. (Boo-ing and swearing at the footy is the reason I never took my kids as youngsters. They are teenagers now, go to a few games (both Crows and Power), and at least have the maturity now to make their own judgements about crowd behaviour.) I was equally appalled at the Collingwood Power game last week, when an anti-Power pro-Crows “gentleman” was mouthing off, even during the lovely tribute at the end. Even his mates were telling him to shut up! So yes, Port has some feral supporters, so do the Crows, and every team. It’s just a shame that the great supporters cannot drown them out! Great Showdown, RIP Phil Walsh, let’s leave his family alone now to move forward as best they can.

  5. Great article Book and I agree with Wren , great game, great result and better that it was close (I suppose) and now its time to leave the family alone. Thommo was stellar – a great comeback from last week and he spoke really well at the end of the game, Jacobs played really well and it goes to show if you have no real ruck backup you will let a side back into the game. the young guys are going well and just need to increase their body size. Too early to call re Hartigan he looks way out of his depth and I do think we need to find ourselves a dominant forward – sorry all you Tex supporters

  6. Jill Tathra says

    It was a brilliant game and a very fitting one in memory of a man who has had so much to do with both clubs. Thank you to both Scott Thompson and Taylor Walker for going over and hugging Phil`s daughter before making their speeches, it must have been extremely difficult day for her.

  7. Brodie Borg says

    Great work Rulebook.

    Great reminder to us all that there are things greater than football. Would have been very fitting if the game was drawn!

  8. Randall Sparrow says

    A classic game played in the right spirits .the crows played three quarters of quality football but still made some silly turnovers. Tex walker had his moments as well scott Thompson played a great game.sam Jacobs very good as well

  9. On the money as always Book. I thought Jacobs was B.O.G – shades of Milesy in his prime!

  10. Great report Rulebook. It was a nail biting end to the game. I thought I heard booing but could not figure out what it would be about, so dismissed it as my bad hearing.
    I thought Scott Thompson’s speech in accepting the medal was first class.

  11. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks folks it was a great game with intense pressure,Wren totally agree a few idiots ruin it for every 1
    some,Port supporters are saying the booing was aimed at the umpires either way it was dumb.Campbell totally agree,Quinn Walsh all class and Thommo,Tex and Ken Hinkley handled the end of the game with dignity.Brodie a element that we as in Ad Uni always remember.Paddles Tex season has been a mixed bag we need more consistency.TC great line as said above,Dips spot on

  12. anne sargeant says

    Great read again. Also dismissed the booing as was sure my hearing must be faulty. fantastic game to watch. Love free flowing and forward moving footy.

  13. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Best game to watch that I’ve seen for a long time, although I’m not sure that I would have thought that, had the result been different.

    Seeing Quinn Walsh out there, wow.

    Onya Book.

  14. Nice job Malcolm. Tremendous match sprinkled with great performances. Laird has been fantastic and Knight looks special. Thompson is going well. Does he play next season?

  15. Michael Rehn says

    Surprisingly the game was shown live in Melbourne despite the Richmond V St Kilda tribute to Maddy Riewoldt game being played at the same time. the game was a great spectacle all day although I thought Adelaide were really the better side by more than three points. The loss of Talia from an already height challenged defence was a costly blow, and of course the eye injury to Jacobs at that crucial time in the final quarter was a severe blow. The fighting spirit of the Crows prevailed and at the forefront of the battle was Scott Thompson, a man regarded by some scribes pre-season as being too old and too slow, was a fitting winner of the very first Phil Walsh medal.
    Phil Walsh has left many legacies, but none greater than his beautiful daughter Quin, who showed so much composure and dignity in her after match presentation of the medal named in her father’s honour.

  16. Dave Brown says

    Quinn Walsh the bravest person I have seen on a football field in a long time. Jacobs best on for mine – up against & beat 2 quality opponents single handed. Thommo (exceptional) doesn’t get the clearance without Jacobs putting it in his hands. Ignore the booers – it was a terrific game played and supported in the finest spirit by the vast, vast majority. A wonderful contrast to the spiteful (on & off the field) Legs / Magpies encounter the week before.

  17. Good job , I still think you’re right with your first thoughts on Hartigan , and still think Martin will be back in the magoos , simply not up to the standard .
    Huge respect between the 2 captains ( I think there is a bit of man love between the 2 ) and definitely not a dry eye when Quinn presented Thommo the medal .
    To the dick heads that bood Tex , I hope you all had a good look in the mirror today ..

  18. James Jolly says

    Wow.. what a game its unfair to itemise individual performances on such an emotional day. If the non afl world dont know much about how our game is played i suggest u watch this game. Congrats go to both clubs on perfomance and class shown . Rip walshy.

  19. Steve wood says

    Well written as usual mal. Port seemed to rely on too few again, with some if the second tier crows performing better than their counterparts.
    Port still do not seem to gel with Ryder in the side yet, and westoff seemed to suffer the most.
    I thought Jacobs actually deserved the medal over Thomson as he had more to best on the day to help set up Thomson & co.
    But it was great game of footy and it put to shame some of the other crap the afl is dishing up right now .

  20. David Ward says

    Awesome Malcolm.
    Appreciate the opportunity to have a read.
    Well written and certainly caught the real essence of and importance of the game itself.
    Cheers mate.
    David Ward

  21. well done Book – you captured the spirit of the ‘occasion’ really well once again. Agree re the class of all the leaders involved – players, Koschy, Chappy and a mention too of Sodas who did a great job with Ch 7 – not over the top or emotional but respectful & informed. Quinn Walsh – you just wanted to jump thru the TV and hug her – she looked so ‘alone’ at times – but what a tribute to her dad. Im sure she will take the memories of the applause and genuine respect from the record crowd with her for ever.
    oh yeah…I’m glad the game didnt go another minute!
    will be interesting to see if Crows can back it up again this week.
    Hope you sold plenty of raffle tickets on the day!
    great work mate.

  22. Nicely written an edge of your seat game. Amazing efforts from both clubs

  23. Your last sentence is spot on Rulebook. I’m sure Quinn wouldn’t have cared who won.

  24. Cheryline park says

    Well i have to say that was the first show down I had ever been to,and what a show down it was.Great performance by both teams but of course the Adelaide crows got the win,i want to say Quinn your are a brave and beautiful young lady and your father would be very proud of of u as I’m sure we all are.My heart and thoughts are with your family.So to too this off I’m one bloody proud supporter of the Adelaide crows,#WEFLYASONE#

  25. Demi Moore says

    What a game of football!
    Seriously amazing spectacle, with a huge over capacity crowd going nuts for 120 minutes.
    Great win by the Crows, keeps the dream alive, but sadly I cant see them winning enough games to make the finals… Port, well… See you later!
    Good article Book.

  26. Mark mcinerney says

    terrific read Malcolm.

    Cannot under estimate how good Hardigan was considering he’s played less than 10 games along with Lever they both stood tall and will play many games together.

  27. Coralie Warner says

    What a fantastic game, I was at Elder Park watching. It was so good for our guys to come out with the win, after such a hard 2 weeks with the tragic loss of Phil. I was very disappointed in some of the opposition supporters and the banner, I thought it would have been more about Phil and not Port getting the job done. That would be the best game I have seen the boys play for awhile, especially Patrick, Scott, and Sam. Great win and to the people that booed you should be disgusted in yourselves. My heart goes out to Quinn Walsh and her mother, to go out onto the oval was so tremendous, it would have been so hard, she bought tears to a lot of supporters eyes. Rest in Peace Phil and GO CROWS ??????????????????

  28. Solid as always Book. We knew what we’d get from Port going in… unsure about Adelaide… but they were amazing. With the grieving process unique for each individual, will be fascinating to observe how the Crows will round out the season. Props to Campo & Ken for not tagging, and having an exciting shootout spectacle for the fans as Phil would have wanted. And to Chapman & Koch arm in arm… all class. Thompson’s speech receiving the medal was top notch. Wines still understandably shattered… coz he’s so big & imposing & awesome, we forget he’s still a 20 yo kid whose lost the midfield mentor of his 1st 2 years of AFL.

    Although a secondary concern, important to note the courageous win has Adelaide clinging to 8th place.


  29. Rick Neagle says

    Let the Phil WALSH MEDAL stay with the showdown. Which one? Perhaps the Crows home ground.

  30. Raj Singh says

    Great write up Rulebook. A great day for Adelaide followed by the Liverpool game the next night showed how well we do things.

  31. Nick Raschella says

    One team wanted it more than the other. One team kicked for goal more accurately than another. One team plays 2 proper KFP’s and a 3rd tall, another team doesnt. When Talia went off, the instruction should have been to kick it long to Ryder and exploit the height difference and crumbers be ready. He was finally having a dominate day in Port’s forward lines. It didnt happen as Port insisted on playing short passing careful footy until late in the game.

    One team believes in building its midfield into big bodied, big arsed warriors, the other believes in having middle distance endurance runners. Dominate the mid field you usually win the game. Scott Thompson was a worthy winner of the medal. I felt for young Quinn being out there, I dont think I could have done it, but I guess she was there for her dad and representing what he stood for.

  32. Crows played well on sunday especially after there loss of a good coach.
    I like your articles on footy.
    Good job.

  33. Barb Jamieson says

    Our best game for awhile , good to see them play as one .
    I’d like to see us field very close to the same team with the exception of Sloane coming back in , for a few weeks to get some continuity and stability .
    I read your column, and , yes, agree , it was another emotional day , and great to see the guys rising with that , and playing the competitive tough football we know they can .
    Not sure that I agree with your opinion of Josh Jenkins. I’ve had my eye on him all year, and can see a new confidence in him , and much better , stronger use of his body, and while he has room for a lot of improvement , the more game time he gets , the better he will become .Not taking anything away from Port Adelaide, they are tenacious , and you never give them an inch, but the difference was , every Crows player gave their all , while Port seemed to be leaving it to their mates

  34. Neat and Tidy says

    Nice one, Booklet. Great game of footy, wasn’t it.

  35. Martin Rumsby says

    A great game of football and a fitting tribute to Phil Walsh’s long-term contribution to Australian football. I hope the Crows are able to take the positive attitude shown in this match into the remainder of the season and seal a spot in the finals. As an aside, I wonder how long the members who don’t pay extra for reserved seats and don’t arrive at the ground more than 2 hours before the game will tolerate having to stand to see the game?

  36. Darren Manuel says

    Beautiful article mate spot on. Best showdown I’ve seen hands down. I was a nervous wreck in the last quarter and when the final siren went I was in tears. You’re right the good guys won, it meant more to the Crows. I also did notice Walker getting booed what the f was that about? You’re right about Hartigan bit, I’m not 100% convinced yet. When’s Pods gonna get a go? Really like Lever and Knight and disappointing Martin hasn’t had more of an opportunity.

  37. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Folks Mickey think so re thommo,, as Swish said,Quinn Walsh wow ! DL yes thank you did ok,
    Papa totally agree,Barb yes some stability would help after the last two weeks of unprecented mental turmoil a let down is a real possibility( and understandable) this week re the booing every club has some moron supporters.Martin very good point it would not want to become a regular occurrence
    Appreciate the comments thank you

  38. greg perkins says

    spot on article……………..for a FAB game………….only a Draw would have been more fitting……………but Phil was a Crow so wel dun to all the boys for a win for the Walsh family…Crow supporters and footy folk in general. cheers Perky

  39. Lovely Lisa says

    Great article Book, it was good to see the game was so close and ultimately a Crows win. More importantly rivalry was put aside and the whole day was an appropriate “celebration” of Walsh’s legacy at both clubs.
    Sport can be a great way for people to come together in times of sadness.

  40. Willow Wilson says

    A great summary of the game Rulebook.
    The Crows tackling intensity in the first quarter especially, but throughout the game was the best it has been for a long time and it was their best performance since the North Melbourne game in Round 1. Hats off to the back 6, Lever and Hartigan under immense pressure with the Power talls probably both had their most significant games for the club. Laird continues to be consistent and becoming more and more creative off half back.
    Riley Knight was really impressive in game 2 so lets hope he gets a block of games. I am a Brodie Martin fan, can take a contested grab, and can use the ball well. Give him 5 or 6 games straight and see if he can play consistently.
    Also pleasing to see some quality doing well at SANFL level, with Pods, Van Berlo, Cheney and Ellis-Yolmen playing well. Good to see Andy Otten playing again after the knee reco.
    Ryder’s best game for the Power, but Lobbe had a stinker, agree with other comments that Jacobs could have easily won the medal.
    In summary, a more even team performance from the Crows, too much left to too few for the Power.

  41. Good article Rulebook. A great victory to the Crows albeit very unexpected. Even better that we put another nail in the finals aspiration coffin of the power rabbits!

  42. RB – Great article. It really was a great celebration of all that is good about footy. Can only hope the Walsh family is now left alone to try and deal with the reality of their lives post Phil

  43. Well said Rulebook, well said

  44. Luke Reynolds says

    One of your very best Rulebook.
    I worked all day Sunday so haven’t seen any of the game, sounds like a epic, emotional encounter. With over 54,000 there, fantastic crowd. Well done Adelaide and Port.

  45. Port fans booed the umpires, not Tex.
    What was idiotic was the former Adelaide media personality to slag Port off when he didn’t know what he was talking about.

  46. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Perky,Lovely Lisa and AD entirely agree yes hope the Walsh family are left alone now.Willow the Crows are starting to get a fair bit of depth and agree re,Martin.CuddySark there is a real problem with your point the umpires were off the ground in reality there are idiotic supporters from all clubs,Sunday the situation should have been respected and was not no excuse,thanks folks

  47. Sam Penniment says

    Nice Article Rulebook, agree that Lever stood up and was good. Think he’d have to be a good chance to be the next captain of the club

  48. Great article.

    It was a fantastic weekend for the Crows to get back on track and move on from such a tragedy. First the record breaking 101 point win over North Adelaide (expect them to finish last) in the SANFL on Saturday. It was a bonus to see Norwood play in the reserves beforehand but they lost, giving North fans some relief for what was about to happen. The Crows SANFL win would have likely encouraged the AFL side to do the same and give them confidence.

    Sunday was unbelievable. Port Adelaide have done a fantastic job in creating the best match day experience. Having a joint march and banner was great and also the game on big screens at Elder Park for those without a ticket. For Port Adelaide to offer 3 game membership access to this game and unreserved ga seating at the back of the grandstands helped to get over 54k in the gates. Boy was the atmosphere great. The high scoring and accurate kicking were highlights and was nice to see the Crows at AO again. Their bad kicking all season was absent this time around and they ended up playing the best footy since early in the season. For 3 quarters the Crows were the best side while Port struggled at times. When Port got a goal, the Crows generally responded. With a 30 point margin at the final change, the game changed with the Power showing signs of 2014 with a surge and looked like they could take a win when the margin was cut to 3 points. The Crows held on for what was one of the best Showdowns in the history of Showdowns. Closet showdown ever and highest scoring I believe. When the siren went, it sounded like it was a Crows home game. Port Adelaide fans were full of color and voice when the Power scored a goal and while despite being outnumbered, the Crows were too for Crows goals. The Crows cheer squad were far more colorful at the other end on Sunday than the first Showdown last year and much louder too. If only it was a 1st vs 2nd battle, it would have been much bigger. The Western Derby next month will be huge!

    It was a fantastic game just like the Port vs Collingwood one 2 weeks ago. The Phil Walsh tributes were special and the games were very enjoyable with the results going the right way and margin both times, only 3 points. RIP Phil Walsh.

  49. Well written. I have nothing but praise for Quinn to put herself out there in front of thousands of fans as a mark of respect for her dad. No one knows what she is going through (and Phil’s wife). I am so grateful to have my son’s in sanfl footy because I know the footy circle is close and they will be looked after. That’s why I love footy.

  50. Another great aticle as per usual keep up the great work

  51. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Sam I was rapt that the,Crows picked for needs,Lever shows very good leadership potential yes he was coming off a knee reco but how he slipped thru to the crows and that they new he was going to was incompetent by a number of clubs esp the tigers.Cameron I love how much you enjoy footy..Debbie totally agree and thank you,David

  52. J Hochers says

    Great read as always Rulebook!

  53. Sean O'Dwyer says

    Thanks for the read.
    Great call on Brodie Martin I can really see a bright future ahead of him and I hope the Crows persist with him so he can get some consistency in the AFL.
    It’s great to see Riley Knight make an impact after his ankle injury which could have really interrupted his chance to play good senior footy he has bounced back well.
    Credit goes to Quinn Walsh very well done by standing infront of 54,000+ fans and presenting the award to the deserving Scott Thompson
    Lets hope Crows get the win this week!!!

  54. Leigh Plant says

    Great read mate and in particular Josh Jenkins and his inability to be as imposing as his size and speed suggests,Tex is very physical but this man has genuine pace to go with it,wow what a combo not posessed by many..

  55. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Hochers,Sean hope Martin is given a real crack and Knight shows a lot of promise,Quinn Walsh simply amazing.Leigh Jenkins ever so slowly is getting there don’t think he realises how good he could be and in response to numerous questions I can not work out how,Wright has kept his spot all year wet weather could help him tomorrow

  56. Whilst the game was entertaining, both sides have a mountain of work to do before they’re serious contenders. Adelaide has holes in its list (as long as Hartigan plays I’ll never take them seriously), and as far as Port’s concerned, any side that plays Paul Stewart and Cam O’Shea in a given game is never going to win.

  57. good read rule book.
    Lever seems to be playing well in backline so young

  58. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Seags depth is a issue at virtually every club ( ex hawks) when,Troy Chaplin makes it to 200 games there is a problem with the competition( I am reliably informed there are a few members of the 200 club very happy that they will no longer be considered the worst,200 game player in history and a few may well be having a beer together to celebrate this fact,.thanks MS Lever is very very good and should have gone higher in the draft.

  59. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Roo said,Rulebook you missed out that,Jacobs was off the ground for nearly,12 minutes in the last q from the poke in the eye from,Lobbe poor journalism to miss that out,I replied fair come back that

  60. Good one Malcolm. Rory Laird looks very accomplished indeed.

  61. Tom Evans says

    Great summary Rulebook! The game was a fitting tribute to a man who contributed plenty to our great game. It was an edge of the seat finish played in the true spirit of the game. It was good to see Tex getting his hands on the footy, surely not long until a return to his 2012 form, in particular his semi final performance against Freo in that same year!

  62. Well said Malcom, this game must have been very hard for all associated with the club and for the players to stand up the way they did all football followers would’ve been proud not just us Crows supporters
    Well done lads you let your actions speak of your love for Phil.


  63. Jeff Milton says

    Great to see a close highly competitive game with both sides kicking some great goals.
    All players can be proud that they honored Phil Walsh by putting on a great display of Footy.
    As a matter of interest when was the last time prior to this game that the Crows kicked the first goal of the match?

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