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Round 15 – Sydney v Gold Coast: Not making the same mistake

Sydney vs Gold Coast Suns, S.C.G.



Can’t believe I’ve almost forgotten to write about this game. With about ten minutes to go in the last, the realisation hit me. Quickly I opened up a google doc, and began to reflect.


Heading into this match, Sydney had proven that rebuilds don’t have to take long. Since going  1-6, they have lost just two games, and have beaten the Hawks, Bombers, Kangaroos, and have annihilated the Eagles.


Gold Coast, on the other hand, had shown improvement this year. Less blow-outs. Winning the close matches (or at least half of them, which is better than previous years). Still, they were on a nine game losing streak.


I wasn’t taking anything for granted, though. I remember last year. We all do. We expected the victory to fall into our laps. That loss meant we came *this* close to missing finals.


Early on in this game, it is tight. Both teams committed error after error. Sinclair went down with a dislocated shoulder. The Swans bandaged him up, pat him on the back, said “she’ll be right”, and sent him back out there. Unsurprisingly, the same injury happened again not five minutes later. Big blue committed by the Swans medical staff. Suns by a point at quarter time.


Sydney control periods of the second, the Suns control the rest. Both teams couldn’t make each other pay. I was quietly confident, though. It seemed the Suns were throwing their best at us, and we were taking it quite well. It was only a matter of time before we broke them down.


It happened in the third. We start to control the play. The Suns can’t keep up. We dominate the third in all areas of play except for scoring. Finally, into the last, we start to dominate scoring as well.


And here we are. 4 minutes to go. Not a blow out, but it’s not a thriller either. We lead by 37 points. Poor Gold Coast. They need a win. Thankfully, we weren’t in the charitable mood to give them one today. We are not making the same mistake as last year.


As for us? The season keeps on moving. We move onto next week against my other team (the Dons) with a brilliant team goal, and a score review go our way.


SYDNEY         3.3    6.3   10.6   14.9 (93)
GOLD COAST  2.3    5.5    6.7    7.9 (51)

Sydney: Reid 2, Blakey 2, Ronke 2, Papley 2, Heeney 2, Jones, Aliir, Kennedy, Hayward
Gold Coast: MacPherson 2, Wright, Sexton, Scheer, Day, Miles

Sydney: Dawson, Parker, Rampe, Hewett, Kennedy, Heeney
Gold Coast: Harbrow, Swallow, Miles, Hanley, MacPherson, Scheer

Sydney: Callum Sinclair (shoulder)
Gold Coast: O’Riordan (head)

Reports: Nil

Umpires: Meredith, Findley, Dore

Official crowd: 26,194 at the SCG



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