Round 15 – Melbourne v St. Kilda: Saints Finally Flick The Switch

Melbourne  v  St Kilda

1:10PM, Sunday July 1

Melbourne Cricket Ground




What has been a horror season for the Saints has finally come to an end with a succession of two point victories. Down and dusted against the poor performing Suns the Saints turned a 39 point deficit deep into the third quarter into a win based on guts and determination. This one against the more talented Demons was an all round four quarter effort based on skill and flair. The Saints ultimately prevailed in a highly entertaining and closely contested game. The Saints have finally flicked the switch which they have been looking for all season. With a young team, including the debut of Irish lad Darragh Joyce, the signs for the future are promising.



This was a game which at various times was done in sets of threes. The Demons kicked the first three and the last three goals of the game. The Demons had three score reviews for goals which all went their way, with one being a mistake. The Saints received three 50 meter penalties which all resulted in goals. Maybe one of them, the first to Paddy McCartin was harsh. And the Saints number three Jack Steven had three involvements in the last seconds of the game to ensure a Saints victory.



The Demons started like a house on fire and kicked three early goals. The Saints were reduced to being mere spectators. Then they flicked the switch and got into gear. They stopped the run of the Demons and moved the ball quickly down the ground to score easy goals. Jade Gresham produced another moment of brilliance when he burst through the center following a center bounce and kicked on his left for Tim Membrey to mark and goal. The Saints dominated the rest of the first quarter to go into the first break with a one point lead.



In the second quarter the game ebbed and flowed with the rule of three again prevailing. After the Demons kicked the first for the quarter, the Saints kicked three in a row, and then the Demons and the Saints again. The Demons kicked another with the Saints nine points up as half time neared. With seconds to go David Armitage was awarded a free and a Demon followed this up with a dangerous tackle on Daniel McKenzie; a 50 meter penalty to Armitage. The siren blows. This was the most important kick of the game. David Armitage is a great competitor and had a fine game, but is let down by his kicking, especially in front of goal. Get this and the Saints will win. He lines up and his kick is heading for the left hand goalpost and then swings slightly to the right and sneaks in for a six pointer. Saints up by 15 points at the main break.



The second half was an arm wrestle were both teams trading goals. The Saints outscored the Demons three goals to two in the third quarter and matched them in the last with four goals each with a few minutes to go; up by three goals and a couple of points. The Demons then kicked the last three but the Saints held on for a great win. The backs played well and the forward line looked more open and cohesive. For good parts of the game the Saints looked faster than the Demons and moved the ball quickly up the ground. The midfield more than matched it with the Demons heralded outfit. It was a win based on skill and daring. A great game and a season changing win. The Saints are back in town.


Go Saints!!


MELBOURNE   4.2   9.3   11.6   18.9 (117)

ST. KILDA   4.3   11.6   14.10   18.11 (119)



Melbourne: Fritsch 4, Harmes 3, Hogan 3, Brayshaw 2, Petracca, Tyson, Tom McDonald, Neal-Bullen, Melksham, Lewis.

St. Kilda: Gresham 4, Membrey 4, McCartin 2, Savage, Steele, Clark, Newnes, Armitage, Billings, Battle Steven.



Melbourne: Gawn, Brayshaw, Harmes, Viney, Fritsch.

St.Kilda: Gresham, Sinclair, Steven, Membrey

Crowd: 38,910.


Our Votes: Gawn 3 (Melbourne), Gresham 2 (St. Kilda), Sinclair 1 (St. Kilda).


  1. Great win by the Saints, Braham, and let’s hope they maintain the rage for their remaining eight games.
    Tim Membrey finally has his kicking boots on – 15.2 in his past five games after booting 6.15 in his first seven matches for 2018.

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