Round 15 – Geelong v Adelaide: Voices


We are the voices, packing the stands of Kardinia Park tonight, like every game.


The night air of G Town is placid tonight. Not too bitter. The fog will set in later.


It’s a must win, with GWS losing. It’s like the help has been handed to us on a silver platter, now we must utilise it.


Again, a slow start. But we knew Adelaide would come out firing, they always do.


It’s not special. It’s not the team that took apart the Eagles and Melbourne earlier this year, out there tonight in this first quarter.


We shuffle uneasily. The voices drop and the Crows’ visitors, who are never welcome at Kardinia, shout and taunt. And we still hold the quarter time lead.


But, the frustration of the Geelong faithful reaches the surface. The people around us mutter that we haven’t been like this since 2018…the Geelong of old…


It’s a worrisome thought, playing like we did last year. In bursts. Almosts. Never enough.


Maybe we are over-analysing this? But last week against Port stung. Played an ‘almost’ game.


It seems like the icing on top is the crunch to Dangerfield. We shriek collectively, it has happened right in front of our eyes.


If this is the fate for the game, we are done.


All the voices mutter that we are seriously missing Esava Ratugolea.


Dad knew this and has told us all, that his role and the structure he brings to the forward line, is more important than we first realised.


Adelaide are much stronger aerially, but, when that ball hits the turf, watch out. That’s where we needed Sav to shine tonight.


And so, we watched on, our voices barracking for our little guys.


Gryan Miers epitomises our hopes and snatches it from a stoppage and boots a needed goal. The voices scream. Better.


But the game changer lay in the hands of our one and only steeple chaser. Mr Versatility.


“Mark Blicavs to the ruck!” Tracy behind us calls out. My voice is too hoarse to cheer in delight.


“Hasn’t played there since ‘15” Mitch echoes from behind.

But the faithful have little doubts.


He opens the corridor, puts boot to ball, is in every contest. Refreshing. The Geelong of now is returning.


The Cats manage 10 goals after that hard first quarter. Adelaide were held to five after the first term. Stewart, a quiet game but his stats show his dominance.


We miss Sav, Gary Rohan too. But we collectively agree in voice, that Chris Scott made the right move with Blicavs tonight.


It was never pretty, but the voices of Kardinia Park were united and helped grind out that win.


The screams, the cheers, the breaths. All together. All for our Geelong cause.


And we will pack up and do it all again next week.


Our voices need a rest in the meantime…



GEELONG    4.1   7.6  11.9   14.12 (96)
ADELAIDE   5.4   7.5   9.7     10.9 (69)


Ablett 2, Hawkins 2, Kelly 2, Miers 2, Guthrie 2, Stanley, Clark, Duncan, Bews,
Adelaide: Himmelberg 2, Seedsman 2, Gallucci, Murphy, O’Brien, Greenwood, Walker, Smith


Kelly, Selwood, Clark, Miers, Hawkins, Guthrie
Adelaide: Seedsman, M.Crouch, B.Crouch, Sloane, O’Brien


Fans’ Best on Ground, in partnership with Google: Tim Kelly


Dangerfield (hip)
Adelaide: Walker (elbow)  


Reports: Nil


Umpires: Fisher, Williamson, Mollison



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