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Round 14: Sal’s Preview

Greetings All,


Gee it’s tough!  Thursday night games putting pressure on timely delivery and Eddiegaffe also requiring attention, not to mention the joys of work camaraderie on chilly Hobart evenings.  I found it difficult to put all my considerations together regarding the Triple M treatment of Caroline Wilson.  From my perspective I am not a fan of their commentary, it is generally high on octane but low on brow.  I do not agree with everything Caro writes but I greatly respect her professionalism and fearlessness, she has broken through so many barriers of the male dominated AFL.  However, I have found it difficult to write objectively in the case of Triple M vs CW.  I am male and feel somewhat unqualified to be able to dissect the right and wrong from this “banter”.


With my inadequacy exposed I have consulted the bride who has no such challenge on how she has viewed Eddiegaffe.  Her immediate retort was “which one?”  But after that repartee was a discussion about the complexity and layers of what was on the surface a bunch of silly men having no idea of what they were saying and the repercussions.  Our chat uncovered a number of questions not so much on the perpetrators or the target but on how we as a community react.


  • Why did it take so long for this to become an issue?  This should have raised alarm bells immediately but took almost a week before the uproar began.
  • Damien Barrett got a sense of the issue but could not call his boofhead mates out on air.  I wonder what he would do with his time again?  Being part of the sycophantic footy media mob he is not one of my favourites, but the Triple M team put him in a very uncomfortable position.
  • What if Caroline Wilson was Patrick Smith?
  • If this banter was a joke, I find it hard to find humour at any level.


The bride was right there are so many layers, angles and parallels that makes it difficult to make definitive comment.  Eddie does so much right, but gets things like this horribly wrong.  Should it cost him the Pie presidency?  It is ultimately a question for the Pies membership – but he is the whole package “warts and all”.  He has banished himself from the TV on Thursday night, a sign of the turmoil this event has had on him.


If it were Patto and not Caro – would we have had the same reaction?  There is no doubt that the female factor has had a large part to play in the reaction.  No issue with that Caroline Wilson has challenged the AFL, the footy media and many more in her role – and has been lambasted often for just being good at her job.  But if we strip the dialogue back from the Triple M buffoons and pretend it were another target it is still a pretty obnoxious case of on air bullying – the fact it was towards a woman makes it more despicable.


Now to meet this week’s timelines,


Charddy Sippers ($1.31) vs $80,000 Gaffe ($4.00)

The penalty seems a bit harsh but no doubt the umpiring fraternity was upset!  Now Brad Scott needs to get his team up for the challenge of the Crows in front of their masses.  A real challenge is the loss of their most creative player in Daniel Wells.  Cunnington and Swallow returning will help but the Crows can match grunt in the midfield it is the smarts that will make the difference.  The Roos defence was challenged last week, I doubt Jenkins, Betts, Taylor, Lynch,…. will make it any easier, whilst at the other end the North forwards are not at their best especially without Waite.  Purely on personnel and selections the Roos are not without hope, but coming off a six-day break compared to twelve and at Adelaide Oval I can’t see anything but a Crows win.


Hold On ($1.89) vs Fourmantle ($2.10)

The Pies have managed to hold on to Holden in a tough week for the club about everything but footy, almost a relief for the coaches and players.  They face the resurgent Dockers who are now brimming with confidence and would love nothing more than to inflict more misery on the Pies.  A wet, cold MCG awaits them both, great conditions for a club looking to make bold statement in the contest.  The Pies may do that, however they have not taken that option most of this year and I expect further misery with Fremantle victory.


Silent Treatment ($1.14) vs Bell has Tolled ($7.40)

Arctic conditions at the G will also be the setting for the clash of the big cats.  Brisbane lose another mature body with Tom Bell now out for the season, while the Tigers prepare without any comment on Triple M.  It will matter little, the Tigers just have too much top end talent for Brisbane and will get the job done.


Almost Bombed ($1.12) vs Jack in Attack? ($8.00)

The marketing dilemma.  The Blues have lost their way to goal, Jack Silvagni has booted four in his last two VFL appearances.  They take on the Giants whose record at the venue is spotless, it is away from Melbourne and is being played in the graveyard timeslot – does he play or wait till next Saturday night for a debut against the Pies at the G.  Fortunately, the Blues football department seems to be making the decisions this year.  The Giants were lucky to survive the Bombers last week, but with Mummy and Stevie J back I expect their torment of the Blues to continue.


The Young and the Restless ($6.20) vs Purring ($1.18)

Young talented teams can be hard to catch and St Kilda have been the epitome of that this season with some stirring performance as they played against the Blues, mixed in with a few shockers.  Working out whether Saints or Sinners turn up makes most tipsters pretty restless!  If the good Saints turn up they have the talent to really test Geelong.  But the Cats are purring along at the moment with Selwood and Dangerfield uncontainable in the last couple of weeks.  With the form they are in I expect them to win no matter whether Saints or Sinners turn up.


Launceston ($1.08) vs Gold Coast ($12.00)

Of all the weekends to send the Suns to Tasmania!  Hawks to reign at their fortress!


Friar Time

Another tough week with Therry Penola being far too hungry for the Friars despite the promising start, while the Under 19s were soundly defeated by the pace-setters Parkdale.  D1 has really been split apart with 6 teams vying for finals and the other four fighting the relegation battle unfortunately the Friars are in the latter bracket.  This week the battle is on at Friar Park against St Mary’s Salesian a win would really help break out of that bottom four.  The Under 19s travel to Old Carey in a game that will be much more competitive.


Go Blues, Go Friars


Cheers, Sal

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