Round 13 – Collingwood v Melbourne: Floreat Pica Society match report

by Tony Scully

Well, well, well. That was one out of the box.


Thinking about the game last night I felt the same dread I feel before every blockbuster. Everyone grows another leg to beat us.


I was surprised to hear we had won the majority (Queen’s Birthday) over the last 6 years.


Pre game my thoughts went to how well Nathan Murphy and Darcy Cameron have played lately, and , what would the combination of Elliot and Ginnivan would bring up forward. Maybe the Dee’s backline might be a little toothless without May!


What a great spectacle the Big Freeze is. All those Blue Beanies filling the Great Stadium that is the MCG for a Great cause and a Great Man.





Moore opens his account with a perfectly clean intercept mark. Cox opens his marking account as well, then Adams does what Adams does (less often now) and shanks an unpressured kick. Ginnivan applies good forward pressure but the ball ends up back in our defensive half. DeGoey is rushing his disposals, dumping kicks high into our forward line only to be rebounded. Quaynor, as usual, solid defence leads to a chance for Cox in front of the goals. Drops his head and subsequently drops a gettable mark. Ginnivan wastes an easy goal chance. This doesn’t augur well. Cox is heavily interfered with in a marking contest. Not paid. Melbourne goals against the flow, we’ve had 70% forward time.



DeGoey misses another attempt but our forward pressure has been really good. Moore is taking everything that comes his way. DeGoey hits the post ,another wasted attempt. Dees score again. McCreery misses a gettable shot, then Ginnivan does the same. They’re killing me


Coach please tell them they’ve got more time in front of goal


Pies 5 Behinds to Dees 3 Goals 1





Dees take control early. Pendles gets caught from behind 3 times. Our composure is gone. We’re fumbling everywhere. This looks very ominous. Elliott misses a stabiliser. Finally the Pies score through a nicely weighted kick from Ollie to Chekkers. Still plenty of fumbling but somehow we are still in touch. Cox misses a set shot from 25 in front. OMG.


Then,  the momentum changes. Pies cleaner, Dees feel the pressure. Are we back?


Pies 3.8 to Dees 5.4





DeGoey gets another clearance but bombs blindly. Viney makes us pay with a good, if not lucky, right foot snap for a major. Crisp tackle on Oliver, who has been doing his own thing all day, sticks in a battle of strength. Lipinski misses a snap. Ball ends up in Dees goal square with Petracca on his own. Inexplicably lets the ball slip through his fingers and the Pies rush it through. Chekkers kicks out on the full. Moore kicks into the man on the mark, Pickett who makes it costly. Are we seeing another momentum swing? McCreery lays a great tackle on a much stronger opponent then kicks truly. Cox on the run, (you scream and everybody comes a runnin’- sorry young ones ask your elders). Love him/Hate him he can be mercurial, he’s started marking everything. 8 pts the difference. High tackle paid against Noble. Ridiculous! Dees now emulating the Pies from first half. Bombing long. Pies repelling with poise. Elliott goal to close to 2 Pt difference. Inexplicably Pendles and DeGoey both bomb mongrel punts forward straight to Melb defenders. No scoreboard damage incurred.


Very pleasing quarter


Pies 6.10   Dees 7.6






Elliot awarded a free on boundary line. Ump won’t allow him a decent run-up and promptly kick out on the full. Rule change required. Dees are now the walking wounded. Q tackles Gawn front on and wins free. The Pies are now full of run. Chekkers kicks truly from 45 m. Confidence in front of goal has returned. The Boy’s now believe!. McCreery’s superior speed and deft kick to Elliott in the square brings on “Collingwoood, Collingwoood” chant. Stop it! Too early! Nick Daicos is in everything and Hyphen is having his best game for a long time. Jackson marks and goals and another thrust forward by the Dees is repelled by Howe. Pendles on the wing, dumbfounds the opposition then pin point passes to Hyphen who pin-points to a lead from Ollie. Goal! 10 Pts. Quaynor attacks . Chekkers goals again from Elliott excellence.



Note to Coach: Now is not the time to go defensive Pies. Brown chokes on one, Pendles to Crisp on the run. Goal . “Collingwoood, Collingwoood” rings out again. Not too early this time. Elliott put the icing on the cake with one more.


Pies home. I love football. Today!




3 : Crisp. When all around were fumbling he held it together and did not stop running till the final siren.

2 : Chekkers. He has become expert in one-on-one marking contests. 4 goals is over the odds for a player his size

1: Nick Daicos. Cool under pressure. Probably the most likely to take over best kick in the comp from Pendles


Consolation prizes to Big Cox who played a large part in the turnaround. To Jamie Elliott for three inventive goals. To the entire backline who did as we expect of them every week, and, to the Hyphen who was involved in numerous 1 on twos and who was a great link man (and didn’t kick any OOF for a change)


Happy Birthday Lizzy


Hot Pies!



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  1. E.regnans says

    Collingwood 3-0 under Albanese.

    Melbourne 0-3.

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