Round 12 – Adelaide v Collingwood: Floreat Pica Society Match report

Here we go…. nice to be reporting on a WIN this time!


Another game in our Annus Horribilis where we are given no chance. No Grundy, no Adams,  and we are playing the only team to have beaten the Dees this year. Yet with the inclusion of Billy Elliott, I hold a faint glimmer of hope. In fact the glimmer is strong enough, believe it or not, for this writer to actually tip them as the upset of the round.


Q1; Roughead starts the ball rolling the wrong way by deliberately tapping the ball over the line to two blokes on white plastic chairs. Fogarty says thank you and threads a goal from the boundary line. The Crows are away.
Accompanied by boos of the local crowd, the Pies get on the historic Adelaide Oval scoreboard soon after, with Elliott threading his first of six, after a crucial smother at half back by Pendles, followed by a rare set of clean forward moves.
Roughy redeems himself by cutting off a Seedsman foray. It seems the Crows are making more clangers than us, and with another forward move, JT roves & crumbs nicely, and slots it through for a major. Perfect. Following the local health regulations, Crows fans refuse to retrieve the ball, which is covered in apparently infected imported sweat from Victoria.
Roughie redeems himself further by out-marking Tex and moving the ball straight down the corridor, rather than sideways. More corridor work sees Maynard, JT and Crispy Jack combine to get the ball down to Billy, who slots another superb set shot and this time really silences the Adelaide crowd. No boos. Loving Billy’s early work and starting to think my upset tip was a smart one.


We are finding space and hitting targets, it’s a most unusual feeling. De Goey to Maynard and it’s in Billy’s hands again. Dead in front, 40m out and he makes no mistake. It’s the Jamie Elliott show at the AO and I’m enjoying it. Our half backs are harassing & tackling hard.


Tex Walker takes a set shot and misses. This is also the start of a likeable trend for today. Quaynor & Roughead are intercepting nicely. Poulter nails Sloan and gets a free. We start the sideways game again and the nerves seem to be coming back. Two easy kicks, out on the full, under no pressure. Tex is off the ground and the physios are all musing over his knee and I’m thinking if he stays off, we have a big chance here.


WHE and Daicos combine to get the ball down to Elliott again and he kicks his fourth.
Five zip and it’s our second best quarter for the year.
30 to 7 at quarter time. The glimmer continues to evolve into a warm glow, yet with this team, you just never know what creative losing strategies we hold up our sleeve.


Q2; Tex has somehow recovered from whatever knee issues he was having and his set shot from 55 gets the Crows off to a quick start in Q2. Messy footy for the next ten minutes until the tricky to pronounce Thilthorpe gets clear and goals. Sloane gets a free in the middle at the bounce and I’m sensing a momentum shift. Yet up steps Roughead, solid mark at CHB. Solid gives way to clumsy, as he kicks to Noble whose pressured kick is smothered by Tex, and he is heading for goal. Pressure from a desperate Noble eager to make amends ensures he misses. Phew.


De Goey gets on the board with a nice shot from the boundary. Next bounce and it’s back in the Crows forward line, Tex misses another set shot and is keeping us in the game. Scrappy ball again until the Crows get a forward move, and a desperate last line of defence tackle by WHE (yes, WHE!) on McAdam spoils a certain Crows goal. Yet, his ensuing kick is bizarre, scraping the turf, he would certainly be called to replace his divot on a golf course. Our back line are under the pump, and the ball is camping in the Crows forward line. Tex takes the ball out of a ruck contest and kicks truly. This one, however, has Darcy Cameron’s mitts on it. No goal, Tex.


IQ takes on the David role against Goliath and brings down Tex in a gutsy tackle. The scoring slows, as expected. Darcy Moore switches and coughs it up at half back and Fogarty’s miss on the run is very fortunate. Tex gets another mark 45m out, and this time his miss sees him cursing himself, not a happy Crow.


Bucks & Wrighty look like ninjas in the control box with their black masks.


Tex gets another mark on 50, but with 1-5 to his name, he desperately looks to hand it off, he awkwardly finds McHenry who kicks truly and it’s a 6 point ball game. Half expecting the Crows to kick on from here, and the Pies to lay down, but our endeavor is certainly there tonight, and the Crows have been unconvincing. More hard work sees the ball forward, Jamie Elliott crumbs the ball and slots a left foot grubber through for another major, his fifth. Breathing space. Darcy Moore, another fine intercept mark. Followed by kicking it out on the full. Darcy, please! The next five minutes is an arm wrestle, and we keep our six point advantage at half time.


Q3; Sier is off with a neck injury and Callum Brown is our medical sub. Lucky I’m not giving the DR’s this week. Riley Thilthorpe misses a set shot. I’m curious to look up the origins of that name. I recall a player for England’s rugby Union side in recent years called Billy Twelvetrees. Classic. And speaking of trees, the gum trees on the old Adelaide Oval hill show that there is zero wind, yet the home team are finding it impossible to kick straight.


Crisp somehow kicks into the man on the mark at half back. How do our experienced players manage to stuff up so badly? The standard of this game is so far below the Dees v Lions game last night. Leagues apart. Fogarty joins the nonsense by missing a set shot, 40m out, dead in front. De Goey does exactly the same at the other end and our lead is 4 points. Tex finally gets a goal on the run and the Crows take the lead. Is this where we fold? After JT hears footsteps at CHF, the crows take possession and take it forward to find Fogarty. An easy set shot from 10m sends the ball into the Gum trees. 8 point margin to the Crows.
Dunstall says both teams are operating at below 50% efficiency. I believe it.


WHE gets involved with two confident forward thrusts, the second one an intercept, finding Bianco on his own. The former Oakleigh Charger puts it directly over the goal umpire’s lime green hat. Promising form from this kid and the whole team get around him. Back to two points.
Classic Brayden Maynard gut busting gets us out of a sticky mess deep in Crows territory and back to the wing area. Pendles makes a Michael Jordan basketball move and gets it to Noble, but the forward push comes to an end with DeGoey totally out of position. He and Mihocek are both having dog days down forward. Seedman gets another opportunity from 55 and nails it against the gum tree backdrop. Crows back to an 8 point lead.


Daicos is getting busy in the middle and eventually JT is able to find Poulter alone at 55m and his kick just makes it over the line, Crows by two points. Daicos comes into the action again, crumbing a pack superbly at speed and threads it through. No laying down here just yet, our young team is back in front!
Crisp takes a courageous mark at half back and lands with a crunch. Doedee drags one in on our forward line and JT is taking a set shot against the Adelaide boos.
And he misses.
Pies by five points. We fight hard via Poulter, Maynard and DeGoey and this time it’s Sidey taking a set shot. He kicks truly and we have an 11 point lead at 3 qtr time. Can we hold our nerve?


Q4; Crows are first to get a scoring chance, but Rowe’s kick fails to make the distance. A shot from Keays goes wide. WHE kicks off the turf and gets it nicely into touch. Crisp does some clever dancing on the wing and we finally find some space, Mihocek cannot take a trick, let alone a mark today, a De Goey shot fails to make the distance. The ball is back in the Crows forward line thanks to the sharp eye & boot of Seedsman and McAdam threads another banana from the pocket. Pies by 3 points with 14 mins to go.


Callum Brown potentially earns another DR by being too slow to get rid of the ball and we are heading back into Crows territory, yet we nervously rattle it out again, thanks to the charging bull, Brayden Maynard. Some better movement out of the back line again sees Rantall within distance, but he never looked like kicking it.


A gift out on the full by the Crows sees WHE with the ball and he finds Sidey within 50m. His long kick scrapes the damn padding on the goal post. Pies by four points. Crisp stuffs up big time on half back, and the Crows are all lined up, McAdam is on the end of it and it’s Crows by two points.


Incredibly, the Crows lead is short lived. Highlight of the night… Cameron gets a free in the middle, over to Brown in space, over to Elliott in space, goal! Billy has six. Next bounce and the Crows go forward again, and IQ takes a solid mark at half back. He has been good and deserves accolades today. Poulter has also been good today, he tries a banana from the pocket but cannot quite bend it far enough. Pies by five points, 4 minutes to go. A couple of critical marks in the final minutes, Quaynor again & Cameron, and we hold on to take the points.


Players collect their face masks and sing the song two metres apart from each other. A bizarre end to a bizarre game. But a win is a win, and certainly wins on the road are extra special. Our younger brigade will take heart from this one.


The votes;
3. Jamie Elliott; 6 goals from 6 shots, and busy around the ground. His first quarter set up the win. Amazing the difference that an attacking forward can have on the team.
2. Brayden Maynard; his work rate and his constant support to the new players in the team is great to see. Plenty of trademark forward pushes which set up goals.
1. Caleb Poulter; 20 possessions and for a skinny kid finding his feet, really gave his all tonight.


Apologies to IQ, as mentioned above. Also Sidey who was busy around the ground, hit targets, did some steadying moves at crucial times and got on the scoreboard too. Also Jack Crisp, but on so many occasions his clangers often dampen the good things he does. Same could be said for Darcy Moore today.


As mentioned above, the difference between this game and last night’s game is huge.
And we have the Dees next week. Yikes.


I have just heard that the Melbourne / Victoria lockdown is being extended.
I hope all the Melbourne based FPS members (which I assume is most of this list) are coping with this difficult situation. And I guess it means the AFL will have some serious shuffling to do over the coming weeks.


Take care, everyone, and…


Go Pies!




The Bangkok Correspondent.


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