Round 11 – Sal’s Preview (Part 1): Injured and out?

Greetings All,

Much consternation around the current injury lists and with some justification with a couple of clubs where unavailability of players appears to be making a big difference, the Blues and Tigers stand out but there are others.  However there is one controllable in all this and that is effort and that is where Collingwood stand out. Their injury list is at a similar dimension to the aforementioned clubs however they are undefeated over the last 6 games.  Aside from some potential premiership hangover early, their effort cannot be questioned.

Have heard plenty from the media about shortening the games to reduce injuries. I just don’t know where they get the evidence to suggest the length of games is the reason for the spate of injuries.  Methinks, they have their own interest on the agenda.  If you want to shorten games then

  • Pay more free kicks and reduce ball ups.
  • Stop waiting for ruckmen to turn up to stoppages.
  • Put a time limit on score reviews and get rid of the scoreboard graphics that go with it.

What I haven’t heard is how the fans will be compensated for reduced game time.  I am sure the competitors won’t be giving up any of their payments.


Mr Ed (31%) vs Warnering Signs (69%)

The Dogs have found their best form and get to test themselves out against the current yardstick in the Swans.  It certainly helps that it is being played in the Loungeroom.  A couple of key changes for the Dogs have been the insertion of Ed Richards into the midfield and the release of Aaron Naughton to roam up the ground.  Their task will be to stop the run of the Swans out of stoppage and stopping their mids from hitting the scoreboard.  The Dogs have the cattle to shutdown key Swans and can win if they do, however the majority have to work.  The Blues locked up Errol but the rest got off the chain.  The Swans are likely to send Jordan to Bontempelli.  The key contest will be the battle between Grundy and English and providing first use of the footy.  The winner could be decided by this battle and reckon Grundy has the better form so going with Sydney.


Unhappy Travellers (62%) vs Happy Travellers (38%)

The other options for Fremantle if they don’t like travel is move closer to Melbourne, clearly not an option. So what is important is to make home a fortress and be competitive away.  A situation they are currently in.  The issue is that this opponent loves a road trip.  The Pies are justifiably pilloried for not being made to travel as much as other clubs, however when they do they deliver.  They were 0-3 when they ventured to the Gabba earlier in the year, they duly delivered and have not looked back.  De Goey and Hoskin-Elliott join the list this week, however Mihocek and McCreery may return.  This will come down to Freo’s ability to score, their defence and midfield will do their job.  The numbers say Freo do not score heavily, however 9-18 last week could easily have been 18-9.  Reckon they can hold out the happy road trippers.

The remainder to come.

Cheers, Sal


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  1. Daryl Schramm says

    I haven’t listened to the commentary in injuries and duration of matches Sal. I can say I agree with your comments above.

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