Round 11 – Hawthorn v Melbourne: Uncontested Victories


An empty MCG on a chilly Saturday watching the champions play against the Dees, no thanks.


Returning from my trip abroad, here I was sitting comfortably in the Qantas Singapore Lounge waiting for my A380 connecting flight, no queuing in the Long Room for me. With access to Qantas Wi Fi, streaming Saturday’s game was an enjoyable experience served up with Neil Perry’s Spice Temple and a very desirable Sauvignon Blanc.


Melbourne is a side that I normally give scant attention to. The Mighty fighting Hawks have managed to brush aside most sides with ease and this motley team of misfits provide no real challenge for the Hawks. It has been so long since they last defeated us, must have been at least 2 or 3 car leases ago.


The crisp-skinned grilled salmon with cucumber and mint salsa was working its magic, not too spicy, and the football, well it seems those Dees have managed to learn how to defend and we have a contest. We may not thrash Melbourne this time round, it is a strange feeling when you see a team and only think of percentage, well that is how I see Melbourne and a great majority of the other AFL teams. We seem to be very good at thrashing teams.


Normally I don’t get excited with home and away games, usually a good chance to see old friends from the Long Room Wine and Food Society and share a charming Red. Finals are when it counts and we are very good at making them count, 1..2..3.. and that’s just in this decade.


Today I am dining alone in a foreign land in unfamiliar circumstances, Melbourne are leading.


What has happened to our mid field? Captain Hodge was always the rock for us, we seem to miss his unsociable ways and why isn’t that charming number 5 getting as much of the ball as he used to? Have the opposition finally realised that a hard tag is hard to beat? Melbourne’s mid field looks rather good, making us look very pedestrian, how dare they.


I know that contested possession is not our strength, but it’s all about scoring more than your opponent and we are very good at that.


After almost choking on my steamed bok choy, Gunston scores a few goals, Cyril gets his usual 2 or 3 magical possessions and suddenly the game is back in our control.


Smart chap that Clarkson, he seems to move players like a chess grandmaster, toying the opposition into a false sense of security and then flicks the switch. Game over.


I can relax, return to Mahler’s fifth and appreciate the afterglow of my scrumptious meal. It is always more satisfying after a win, and I have been well fed.


HAWTHORN 4.5  6.7  8.14  11.16 (82)

MELBOURNE 2.0  7.2  10.2  10.4 (64)


Goals: Hawthorn: J Gunston 3 L Breust 2 T O’Brien 2 B Hill C Rioli K Stewart P Puopolo.

Melbourne: D Kent 2 J Watts 2 A vandenBerg C Dawes C Petracca D Tyson J Hogan N Jones.


Best – Hawthorn: Mitchell, Gibson, Gunston, Birchall, Smith, Lewis.

Melbourne: Tyson, Vince, Jones, Gawn, Watts, Wagner.


Umpires: Shaun Ryan, Troy Pannell, Jordan Bannister.


Official Crowd: 41,833 at MCG.


Almanac Votes:

  1. Cyril     2.  Hill      1.  Frawley (he must thank his lucky stars)



  1. Keiran Croker says

    Are you heading to the snow this weekend?

  2. Richard Michaels says

    Thank you Keiran, yes I see we have the bombers Friday, not at the G and a game I won’t really be following, more another percentage game I feel. I will be able to make a quick getaway and beat the traffic. The Lodge have Roast Chicken with Confit Garlic, Herbs Carrots and radishes on the menu, can’t miss that.

  3. Keiran Croker says

    Good to see you have your priorities sorted Richard. Enjoy!

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