Round 11 – Geelong v Adelaide: The Blueprint


The Blueprint

Geelong versus Adelaide

7.50pm, Friday 2 June,

Kardinia Park, Geelong,

Aidan Hammond


The Blueprint. A very smart blueprint first used by North Melbourne in 2017. To give the Crows no space to transition. How to break the Blueprint? That is hard as nails. But Don Pyke and his team are out at the smallest width ground, to go and break the Blueprint, and send a message to the footy world. Well, at least that’s what we tried to do. The match starts off with Zac Smith beating Sam Jacobs in the ruck. Patrick Dangerfield kicks the first goal and you know what all the Adelaide supporters are feeling. Crows and Port supporters can at least agree on one thing.  Charlie Cameron goes, I am faster than everyone, and then is faster than everyone, as he goes on his amazing full pelt and ends up on a 45 degree angle for goal on the run.


But Charlie hooks it, ah, we need to take our opportunities. Come on 7 point play. 2 minutes later, the head on the playing field, the captain Tex Walker goes bang! Selwood and Taylor get goals while cockatoo gets a point. The Crows get a rushed behind which is kind of questionable, I think it definitely could be deliberate. That might just be me being biased. Tom Lynch gets a goal, and for the rest of the quarter it is multiple behinds to both teams. But the highlights of the quarter is first, Rory Laird being thrown down in a tackle and getting hurt. He got huge grazes on his knee and shoulder and had to come off, and also Joel Selwood got an accidental elbow to the right side pf his head and got a massive would with blood rushing down and spreading so quickly. Another talking point is that Eddie Betts and Rory Sloane couldn’t get off the bench because of the ball being inside the forward fifty of Geelong.


I don’t really want to talk about the second but all I can say right now that it was much better than the 3rd.  Except for the end of the 3rd, the Crows kicked 2 goals and got the momentum. Brian Taylor said that he could smell it. The game high lead was 40 points, they used the blueprint. In the 4th quarter we sent a mini message, yes, we can break through the Blueprint at times. But not for full games yet. Don’t worry Geelong. When you come to the Oval, the blueprint will set you back.


GEELONG        3.6    9.10   12.13   13.18 (96)
ADELAIDE       2.3    5.5     7.9       10.14 (74)

Geelong: Dangerfield 3, Menzel 3, Hawkins 2, Taylor 2, Selwood, Motlop, Parsons
Adelaide: Walker 3, Lynch 2, Jenkins 2, Cameron, Betts, Otten 

Geelong: J.Selwood, Henderson, S.Selwood, Smith, Dangerfield, Stewart, Tuohy
Adelaide: Lever, M.Crouch, Lynch, B.Crouch, Greenwood 

Geelong: J.Selwood (cut head)
Adelaide: Lever (ankle)

Reports: Nil 

Umpires: Kamolins, Meredith, Harris, Ryan 

Official crowd: 30,468 at Simonds Stadium

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  1. Cat from the Country says

    Look again. Rory Lairds”grazes” are the paint from the logos on the ground.
    No grass stains on his shoulder at all

  2. Oh, I heard the commentators say that now that I look again I can see the paint!

  3. Hey Aidan,

    Joel Selwood is too good, I think. He was so powerful when his Cats played St Kilda. The loss to Geelong was so painful for the mighty Saints.

    I wish St Kilda don’t need to travel Adelaide twice a year to face SA clubs while we host none of them in Melbourne. We have no choice other than having to overcome the atmosphere at the Oval.



  4. Yeah, this is the only game that I wish Saint Kilda to lose.

  5. Aidan – very good report. Funny how some Blueprints work against some teams and not others.

  6. Dave Brown says

    Keep the faith, Aidan. They’ll work Geelong out. That said, you’re always going to struggle to win a game when you can’t get your hands on it.

  7. Thanks Dips and Dave, both very true. I hope they win against Saint Kilda!

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