Round 11 – Fremantle v Collingwood: Pies Win in the West at Last (Floreat Pica Society)

by Rory Adams

For a while there the Pies had a great record at Subiaco but lately both WCE and the Dockers have had the better of us.

Collingwood have been patchy all year – game to game –  quarter to quarter so I watch the football this year with my heart in my mouth as I’m not sure if we are that bad or that good depending on our mood.

We seem to have good depth of midfield and back line has been good so feel like we have some building blocks for the next few years but too many times this year we have not had a cohesive forward line or in some cases not one winning forward on the ground.

With Elliott finding form in the past few weeks we seem to be finding space and marking options in the forward line instead of the long bombs to Cloke / Moore which was not working and had not been working for some time.

The Pies started well which the experts always tell us is important when playing interstate although like much of their comments is not backed up by anything other than copying another expert who said the same thing and sounds convincing enough from a 250 game veteran so now is a football fact.

Our much vaunted midfield is really starting to dominate games and with Grundy, Pendlebury, Treloar, Adams and Sidebottom ours is as good as any out there and is the reason we are always going to be competitive at least in so many games.

We look so good at times and you feel our greatest weakness is not putting teams away when we have the chance, keeping the door ajar every week drives me crazy as it always seems harder work than what it should be, we are playing with a lot more desire now though and have the opposition under pressure most of the time.

Elliott went down right in front of where I sat although I was not aware of the high injury toll until I saw Goldsack trying to play with one arm that we must be in real trouble. We were let off the hook by a couple of bad Fremantle shots for goal in the last quarter, normally our affliction so you felt the footy gods smile on us at last. Bucks was very happy in the box as this was a classic 8 point game we could not afford to lose – as is this week.

Anyway that is probably our last game at Subiaco and all Victorian Pie fans should make the trip West in the next few years to try out the new stadium once it is up and running next year and spend some time in sunny Perth – dead set was like a summers day here on Sunday.

Votes for the game were:

3. Josh Smith (Good all day and great kicking – reminds me of John Blakey)

2. Jordan De Goey ( Has given us some grunt in the forward line since being back )

1. Adam Treloar ( His dash and willingness to play on breaks the game open for us )


  1. As someone who tipped Freo, but hadn’t watched the third quarter (I was listening while stacking Almanac boxes in the back shed as we prepare to receive The Women’s Footy Almanac by the palate), I assumed the home side would finish well and get the chocolates. I walked into the lounge just as Hill missed the sitter – and what a sitter. I still thought the Pies would fold. No way. What a brave win!

    Thanks for your piece Rory.

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