Round 11 – Fremantle v Collingwood (Floreat Pica): Crumble




Selection sees the debuts of Ed Allan and Wil Parker (sub) along with the return of Mihocek, McCreery and Dean. Three players go out through injury in De Goey, Hoskin Elliott and McInness whilst Macrae is again demoted and Markov is unavailable (though deserving demotion anyway).

Very ordinary start with Freo winning all the loose balls and seemingly having targets in space all over the field. Normally the commentators don’t bother me but I’m finding them quite irritating.

We can’t clear the ball effectively with first Josh Daicos and then Sidebottom choosing to kick on the left foot and failing to kick more than 40 yards.

Finally the returning Mihocek marks on the wing and launches an attack that results in the first goal to Harrison

Freo get their third but the rest of the quarter is dominated by the pies. A great running goal to Josh Daicos and then fortuitously a free kick to Harrison right on quarter time results in the lead. The absolute highlight of the quarter is my daughter bringing me apple crumble and custard (both made by herself from first principles.)




Q-T       Collingwood 3-4          Fremantle 3-3


The second quarter starts the way the first ended with the Pies controlling general play but unfortunately not able to capitalise.

Richards is lively while Sullivan is struggling and I nearly throw the laptop when he attempts to kick off the ground when under no pressure. Cox again is ineffective but at least Schultz is working into the game after being unsighted in the first quarter (yet again). Every week I wait for Schultz to justify the hype but it doesn’t arrive.

Poor kicks for goal from Hill and Mihocek undo our good work and then finally after 16 minutes there’s a goal but it’s Banfield for Freo after a free kick against Frampton. As so often happens one goal leads to another quickly and in fact Freo kick three for the quarter within about a five-minute span.


H-T        Fremantle 6-4               Collingwood 3-9


The third quarter is all important and we need to hit the scoreboard early. Two goals to Mihocek in quick succession and it’s suddenly back to two points. Nick Daicos dominant around the ball as always. An opportunistic goal off the pack from Harrison and his third puts us in front. Cox goes off with a possible knee problem and Parker enters the fray. A snap by Lipinski makes it 4 unanswered goals. Another snap by Richards and it’s 5 on the trot. The pressure around the contest and the tackling have been tremendous. A fantastic quarter kicking 5-3 to 0-4 and we take a 16 point lead into the last term.


3Q-T     Collingwood 8-12        Fremantle 6-8


All to play for in the final term and the Pies know this would be a sensational win if they could prevail. The first goal is again all-important and a strong mark and long accurate kick by Crisp gives it to us. Schultz misses a sitter and then Freo bring it back to 19 points with their first goal of the half. The next few minutes are crucial. Mihocek off with hamstring problems but a mark and snap by Hill restores a 25 point lead. A quick reply by Banfield and its 19 again. Frampton in the ruck makes me a bit nervous and clearances start to go Freo’s way. Come on pies. A ludicrous umpire free in front of goal hands Freo a gift and it’s game on. Suddenly they are getting all the frees and go bang bang and there’s a point in it. They even have one chance to get in front but a minor score draws them level. We push forward but to no avail and the siren sounds to make it a draw.


I’m bitterly disappointed that an heroic win eludes us but we take two points and move on. Unfortunately more injuries makes selection hard again next week.


Very emotional game football. Horsburgh votes

3            Nick Daicos

2            John Noble

1            Harvey Harrison



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  1. george smith says

    Have not had much luck with free to air replays lately, so much so that i deliberately sabotaged the recording against Carlton and the boys narrowly won…

    So Wednesday night I pressed the record button and tempted fate against Fremantle as I would be away in Melbourne. Of course the bad vibes pitched in. First Newcastle lost 8 nil to A League Men. Then A League Women lost 1 nil to Arsenal in a ripper game while my leg slowly froze to death. On the tram back some earnest young men told me that Collingwood was doing well at the moment in spite of my wish not to know. The match dragged on to 11pm and sure enough – another draw. I will definitely be sabotaging the replay this week, but I fear the damage has already been done, with Mr Injuries up and about at Magpieland.

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