Round 11- Collingwood v GWS: White Knight sees off the Giants

The 1.10PM timeslot. I can’t recall going to a game this early. Has Collingwood ever played at 1.10?

It’s a glorious day, has the feeling of sunny September finals footy. I’m at the game with my two boys and Brian, Pomborneit Cricket Club legend and Pies man. I grew up with Brian’s four sons and despite his family having a strong Collingwood supporting tradition, they barrack for Richmond, Fitzroy/Brisbane, Geelong and Essendon. A tragedy. At least they’re good blokes.

We sit in the sunshine in the Great Southern Stand. And that’s where we spot him. In the row in front us. A real life Giants fan. There’s actually probably a couple of hundred in the stadium. But he’s the only one in our vicinity.

The Giants start well, move the ball the length of the ground smoothly and dominate the first half of the quarter. But inaccuracy in front of goal costs them and it’s not until the 15 minute mark that James Stewart, overlooked as a Father-Son selection by Collingwood, kicks the first major of the game for GWS. Our Giants man in the row in front leaps out of his seat and roars with approval.

Jesse White snaps a goal in reply in his 100th game to reply for the Pies. The man who looks like Tarzan but often plays like Jane is a regular source of frustration for me and I suspect many other Collingwood fans. Fasolo, Varcoe and Broomhead kick further goals for us while Jeremy Cameron kicks one for GWS. I have loved watching Cameron since witnessing his awesome 7 goal performance against us in 2013. As long as we win I’d be happy to see him kick another bag.

Our 12 point quarter time lead disappears as GWS kick the first three of the second quarter, two of them to the super impressive 20 year old Cameron McCarthy. We hit back: Seedsman, White with another snap, Cloke and Crisp all goal. A 15 point lead to the home team at the main break.
As we line up for a vending machine drink we notice the massive queue of people waiting to be served at the food outlets. The ones that are open anyway. Seems a crowd of far less has been catered for. Glad we have taken our own food.
Two goals each in the 3rd quarter, the lead is 17 points at 3/4 time. Elliott and De Goey kick the goals for Collingwood. The sun is still shining. The Giants fan in the row in front is still very much invested in this game.
The final term kicks off with an early goal to Jack Crisp. Cloke, being held by one arm, takes a one handed mark, then goals. Not long after our skipper Pendlebury bounces twice, waltzes into the forward 50 and goals. The Collingwood Army go beserk. Despite the ground being less than half full, if there’s 200 Giants fans there that makes 43,190 Pies devotees in attendance. It’s strange to be at a game where there is next to no opposition support. Must be what the Adelaide Oval is like…
We win. Cloke finishes the game strongly, ends up with 5. The injuries to GWS defenders Davis and Patfull help his cause. A 42 point win doesn’t reflect how well the Giants have played. They are going to be an amazing team. Very soon.
Jarrod Witts and Nathan Brown are not high profile players yet they were as crucial as anyone in the win. Witts ran all day against Mumford, beat him in hitouts and nullified the giant Giant’s influence. Brown absolutely smashed Jeremy Cameron, maybe his best performance since his great work on Nick Riewoldt in both 2010 Grand Finals.
The Giants fan in the row in front stayed right until the end. Well done him. He has much to look forward to.
Our draw gets harder. Looking forward to seeing where we are at when we play Fremantle, Hawthorn and Port Adelaide in coming weeks.
The sun was still shining as we drove over the West Gate Bridge. A strange feeling to be leaving a Collingwood game without artificial light. Home in time to have the boys in bed by 8.30. I’ve been converted, bring on more 1.10PM games for Collingwood!
COLLINGWOOD: 4.3 8.6 10.10 18.11 119
GWS: 2.3 5.9 7.11 11.11 77
COLLINGWOOD: Cloke 5, White 3, Crisp 2, Fasolo, Varcoe, Broomhead, Seedsman, De Goey, Elliott, Pendlebury, Oxley
GWS: McCarthy 4, Cameron 2, Stewart, Smith, Kelly, Ward, Haynes
COLLINGWOOD: Adams, Brown, Williams, Pendlebury, Crisp, Cloke, Swan, Varcoe
GWS: Shiel, McCarthy, Shaw, Treloar, Ward, Scully, Whitfield

UMPIRES: Bannister, Margetts, Stevic
CROWD: 43,390 at the MCG
3. Adams (Coll)
2. Brown (Coll)
1. Shiel (GWS)

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  1. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Luke yes while it was a novelty to be there with no one barracking for the opposition it wears off pretty quick with no crowd banter and almost a artificial footy feal at times. Gary Pert super impressive on radio yest talking about the pies list and the planning behind it the interview should be sent to several clubs.GWS are going to be a incredible side in time,missed goals and injuries stopped this game from being a lot closer

  2. E.regnans says

    Very happy to bank that one, L Reynolds, with 8-3 start the same as last year.
    I think the second half of 2014 netted 3-8..

    1:10pm interesting. The most family-friendly time slot. How was the audio pollution this week? Ii thought I t thankfully much reduced for the North Melbourne game.

    Well done that GWS lone voice.

  3. kath presdee says

    I think the margin at three quarter time was probably the true indicator of the game. Collingwood by three goals; being accurate where it counts and running out each quarter the better side.

    Did Cloke get most of his in the 4th quarter? It seemed to be Jesse White the danger man until we lost Patfull.

    And did I hear the Pies crowd booing Heath Shaw? Or was that just the effects mike?

  4. I’m 100% with you Luke on the 1.10 timeslot, I’d be happy to play that time every week. Terrific for the many who travel from the country or outer suburbs. I took my kids as well and they were thrilled to go on the ground after the game. I had to drag them away as we were still kicking the ball in Yarra Park an hour after the game. That was just a really enjoyable afternoon, wound back the clocks on the live experience and why it’s worth making the effort when the administrators get the basics right (scheduling, kick-to-kick, kids free entry, ground level GA seating, no invasive hoopla etc).

    My only gripe was the lack of food outlets open, they must have been expecting 30k rather than 45k.

    Good point re Brown – been a huge (underrated) bonus this season in the continued absence of Reid and in supporting Frost taking the opposition gun key forward.

    There was a few boos for Heath Shaw Kath but only for his first couple touches and certainly no malice behind them.

  5. DBalassone says

    Glad to see Brown in your votes Luke – he’s having a great season. I think our pressure was the difference between the two sides for those first 3 quarters before the game broke open in the last. But how good are GWS going to be? Their midfield is a cast of thousands and they seem to have some good key backs and forwards as well.
    Mind you, Collingwood had 13 players who have played 63 games or less in their starting lineup – so the signs are good.

  6. Dave Nadel says

    Good report, Luke. I too enjoyed the 1.10 start. Nice to get home in time to walk the dog in daylight. I also agree about Nathan Brown’s fine game on Cameron. Brown has come good at the right time because I feel that Frosty has lost a bit of form in the last couple of weeks and would want to lift his game with Reid likely to return after the bye.

    I wasn’t as annoyed by the noise pollution as I usually am so maybe you are right, David, and they have turned the volume down, Then again I spent most of the half-time break queuing for coffee in the Collingwood members area in the Ponsford so I might have just missed the worst of it.

    Kath, you are right about Cloke. Four of his five goals were after Davis and Patfull had gone of injured and Travis was opposed by some fair haired kid who seemed unequal to the task.

    Speaking of footballers called Travis, Varcoe played another fine game for The Pies. I am beginning to think the three way trade at the end of last season really was a win/win/win situation. Varcoe plays something like the role Heath Shaw used to play out of defence (and kicks goals as well) Melbourne got an experienced player and Geelong got a second large forward to relieve pressure on Hawkins. From the players point of view. Travis got a coach who rates him in the team’s best 22, Heritier got a coach who understands his off field priorities and Mitch got a coach and club that stands by their own. At this stage everyone’s a winner.

  7. Dave Brown says

    Nice Luke, I imagine Bucks would be putting a very big tick against that win. Given the opportunity GWS now have the ability to blow any club away – Collingwood did well to contain them even before the key defender injuries.

    With Stewart and Kelly playing first team football at other clubs, Eddie does need to give the academy talk a rest, though. There was even suggestion on the ABC commentary that Stewart got booed in the first quarter. If true, it says nothing about the club and everything about people’s ability to get drunk, even with the early start.

  8. Luke Reynolds says

    Malcolm- yeah wouldn’t like such a one-sided crowd too often. But enjoyed it as it was so different to most days at the footy.

    ER- hoping for a much better second half to 2015 than was the case. And as others have said here, the audio pollution was kept to a minumum.

    Kath-reckon you are right about the margin. From my vantage point barely heard any booing of H.Shaw.

    Jeff- yes, just a really enjoyable day at the footy. Credit where it’s due, G.McLachlan has listened to the people and made changes. 1.10 would be a great time on a Saturday too.

    Damian- seriously considered giving Brown the 3 votes. Thrilled for him that his body is holding up and he’s playing great footy.

    Dave N-good points, especially about Varcoe. He’s slotted in beautifully, adding some much need class to the back half of our midfield. Hard to believe Geelong would get rid of him.

    Dave B- very big tick. Kelly and especially Stewart look like they could well come back to bite us. Is there talk now of all club’s having academies?

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