Round 11 – Collingwood v Fremantle (Floreat Pica Society Report): Purple Gloom

Written for the Floreat Pica Society


While top level sport has placed itself firmly in the entertainment industry, does this still apply when Ross Lyon coached teams are involved? What a horrible game of Australian Rules Football. Played throughout in a dank darkness, despite the early 1.45pm bounce. The whole game could have been played under lights.


Yes, good things have come out of Western Australia (Dennis Lillee, the Farriss brothers, kangaroo paws, Justin Langer, Brian Taylor the Collingwood Coleman Medalist). But there has been plenty of bad things (the Marsh brothers, Alan Bond, West Coast Eagles, Fremantle Dockers, Brian Taylor the commentator). My wounds from the 2018 Grand Final have not healed. WA continues to haunt us of the Magpie persuasion.


As has been our standard, the Pies dominate early everywhere except the scoreboard. De Goey kicks our first. Mihocek misses from point blank range a minute later. Early misses and decisions don’t seem to be as well remembered as those that occur later in close games. They should be. Mihocek’s miss was terrible. Reid and Pendles goal for us. Hill kicks one for the Dockers. Level at quarter time.


Collingwood again look the better team in the second term but can’t fully take advantage. De Goey kicks his second, always looking dangerous but not quite taking hold of the game. Stephenson threads one through from an incredibly tight angle. Looked magnificent from and lifted us all in the Ponsford Stand. When Beams received from Varcoe and kicked truly, I felt this dull game in the dull light was in control and would finish to our advantage. But shortly after, our worst nightmare looked to have become reality when Brodie Grundy hobbled off, the one player we can ill afford to lose. Seeing him return later in the quarter was a huge relief. 13 points up at the main break.


Fremantle could have, should have, put us away in the third term. Fyfe totally dominates the clearances, dominates around the ground. Collingwood barely look like troubling the scorers. And pretty much didn’t until late goals to Hoskin-Elliott and De Goey. Four points down at the last change, this has played out similarly to the Carlton, St Kilda and Sydney games. Can we continue to win games with less than half a game of good football?


Pendlebury starts the last quarter as he has in recent weeks, leading from the front. Our only midfield winner on the day. He kicks the first goal of the final quarter and regularly drives us forward. While not the dominant player of a few years ago, I feel he is now leading better as captain. Reid bangs one through from on the 50 metre line, and after a Matera goal for Fremantle the barely sighted Josh Thomas, kicks another. From that moment Collingwood seem to panic and have skill error after skill error. Crisp has the chance to goal but misses, which results in the Dockers running the ball up to the other end and eventually Michael Walters goaling. A disappointing loss, but we were lucky to be that close. The purple Sandgropers deserved the win.


The crowd is as gloomy as the light at the ground. But this could be the wake up we needed. We’ve come off a 7-game winning streak that has only occasionally seen us produce our best football. Cox as a forward marking target and especially as a second ruckman, is badly missed. Elliott will give a much needed spark to the forward line, Adams and maybe Sier extra grunt to the midfield. And it’s worth noting that last season after 11 rounds we were 7 and 4, with a percentage of 115. Right now after 11 rounds we are 8 and 3 with a percentage of 124. No point peaking in the June gloom, this season still has plenty of light to come. If only that 1933 Western Australian secession vote was allowed to go through.


COLLINGWOOD 3.3 6.5 8.6 11.9 (75)
FREMANTLE 3.3 4.4 8.10 11.13 (79)


Collingwood: De Goey 3, Pendlebury 2, Reid 2, Stephenson, Beams, Hoskin-Elliott, Thomas
Fremantle: Walters 2, Hill 2, Hogan 2, Matera 2, Hughes, Lobb, Langdon


Collingwood: Pendlebury, Maynard, Howe, Crisp, Grundy, Crisp, Roughead
Fremantle: Fyfe, Hill, Wilson, Walters, Blakely, Langdon


Umpires: Fleer, Whetton, Meredith


Official crowd: 41,774 at the MCG


Horsburgh Medal votes-

3. Scott Pendlebury
2. Brayden Maynard
1. Jeremy Howe


Malarkey Medal Votes-
3. Scott Pendlebury (Collingwood)
2. Nat Fyfe (Fremantle)
1. Brad Hill (Fremantle)


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  1. Rulebook says

    Luke Yep sandgropers can be interesting always have felt easily the most biased and definitely seam to intimidate the umpires especially at WC games.Incompetence yet again by the afl re score review get rid of it clearly hasn’t worked thanks,Luke

  2. Can really feel your frustration, Luke. After all these years, I still find it quite bizarre that our emotions can be so swayed, week to week, by our footy teams. Maybe if we wrote our stories towards the end of the week, we’d have calmed down, but then again, true emotion is needed in order to express writing from the heart.
    You’re in a dam good position at the moment, which I’m sure you do really appreciate. Good luck!

  3. Oops! Fortunately you’re not in a dam good position! Damn would be more appropriate.

  4. Andrew Starkie says

    Due for a loss, Luke? Haven’t played four quarters for a while.

  5. Great to see Collingwood finally lose one but somehow i think that was only a flash in the pan. Hope Aish can keep his spot.

  6. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Fine report Luke and thanks again for the ticket offer. Would have been nice to catch up, but I’m glad I wasn’t there to witness that.
    We have been patchy over the last month and I reckon missing Cox has played a major part as he frees up Mihocek and other forwards. He also gives Grundy a breather in the ruck. Last thing we need is Grundy to get injured.

    Also, the loss of Adams’ grunt in the middle has left Treloar, Sidebottom and Beams a bit exposed in terms of being able to create time and space. Treloar and Beams have seemed hurried and indecisive since Adams went down.

    Maybe time for Thomas and Varcoe to make way for Daicos and Sier ?

    And yes, these bloody Sandgropers keep finding a way to cork our juices. Although will always be grateful for Starcevich and Christian in 1990 and Wellingham, Toovey, Lumumba and Leon Davis in 2010.


  7. Les Everett says

    Nice report.

    I’d have some sympathy for you Magpie pricks if you hadn’t blown a five-goal lead that one day in September last year.

    How good is Son Son Walters?

  8. ELIZABETH fryers says

    keep writing Luke love it GO CATS

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