Round 11 – Adelaide v St Kilda: Crows go marching on


Sunday morning and it’s off to work for the Shoppies Union and then selling raffle tickets for Down syndrome at the Queens Head Hotel. On my way to the game I run into Channel 10 news reader, Ad Uni ruck coach, Pembroke CC gun and all round good guy, Nick Butler.  Walking to the ground with him I was amused with the female attention, geez they flock worship him, I wouldn’t have minded crumbing the pack years ago!


A shout out to a fanatical crows supporter who lives in America Jason Ozzie Ford. His passion for all things Crows is absolutely mind boggling. He is well and truly a leader on Facebook in pushing the Crows’ cause and no matter what time the game is on, which can be 4.30 in the morning his time, he never misses a second of a Crows game.


In reality this game was over as a contest within the first 20 minutes, allowing you to sit back and and watch in a relaxed and observing mode. My main thoughts are;


1. It is still far from an even competition and so many sides are really poor at traveling. Imagine if it was actually an AFL comp instead of a extended VFL and there were less sides based in Victoria?


2. At least the Saints have been honest to themselves and their supporters and the game by admitting they are in rebuild mode with a long term goal unlike those tiger muppets. The only thing the Roos did wrong Friday night was not call for cartons of crownies to be sent to the coaching box when, Chaplin was a late inclusion. Talk about percentage before the bounce of the ball (not bad this week if I say so myself).


3. Sauce Jacobs gave Hickey an absolutely pants-down job, in fact security should not have allowed him to leave the ground fully clothed.


4. Batman Rory Sloane is just a energizer battery so full of oomph and energy, to his credit, exactly the same when doing kids coaching clinics and so good in the air for his size.


5. Talia hold the phone stop the press he made his first error in 3 weeks with his lack of awareness when getting caught holding the ball but in all seriousness the glue which holds the Crows together must be a lock for All Aust honors.


6. The Crows displayed a want to chip the ball around and think their way thru the saints flooding numbers back. This showed in the incredibly high stat of 158 marks and Talia 17, Jacobs 13, Lever 11, Seedsman 10 etc, the extra sharing the ball around and then with precision kicking finding the opening was a pleasure to watch.


7. Matt Crouch was excellent re winning the in close and contested ball but must improve his kicking which is unusual for a left footer so he can reach v good player status.


8. Mitch McGovern like his brother Jeremy at West Coast, a sensational mark but his kicking needs plenty of work.  In fact the Crows general kicking for goal showed that if the game allowed a replacement player to have the kick for goal that the blacks Adrian Howard, aka The Homemaker, formerly the Home wrecker could sprint out of the bar to kick the goal. (Howie might be 40 but still a dead eye kick for goal)


9. Rory Laird slipped back like he hadn’t missed a beat and inadvertently provided one of the lowlights of the game when he spoiled Josh Bruce and the man bun was paid the mark. It was a extraordinary decision in which there were several other mind boggling decisions which it must be mentioned went the Crows way.


10. Jenkins was again too quick and agile for his opponents, Crows supporters wait with nervousness for him to sign a contact to keep him at West Lakes. He is in demand and wanted by a lot of clubs.


11. For the Saints it was hard to find positives but Geary did a fantastic job on Betts to keep him to 1 goal and several assists which was excellent since the Crows controlled the contest.


12. Stevens, Armitage and Montagna ran hard and at least competed and tried to limit the Crows damage.


13. Bruce competed at both ends of the ground having to be used in defense also after the terrible achilles injury to young Hugh Goddard.


14. Savage had a lot of touches but didn’t hurt Adelaide.


15. As I said originally at least the Saints have a rebuilding plan and while there will be pain there is long term vision and light at the end of the tunnel.


The Saints have the surprising Blues this week, both have youth which can be inconsistent and while they will be the underdogs they have a chance.


For the Crows, West Coast Eagles awaits and readers, I am going to let you in to a secret and reveal the Crows game plan this week. At the opening bounce they are going to whisper in the eagles ears that it is really an away game and that should do the trick.


Adelaide 19-19-133 def St Kilda 6-9-45

Goals: Jenkins 7,Walker 3,Cameron 2,Lynch,McGovern,Jacobs,Lyons,Betts,Seedsman,Sloane

St Kilda: Bruce 2,Riewoldt,McCartin,Gresham,Memburey

Adelaide Best Players: Jacobs,Sloane,M Crouch,Jenkins,Talia,Cameron,Lever,Laird Lyons

St Kilda Best Players: Steven,Geary,Armitage,Montagna,Bruce,Savage

Crowd 40,896

Malarkey Medal Votes: Jacobs (Ad) 3, Sloane (Ad) 2, M Crouch (Ad) 1



  1. Dave Brown says

    Good stuff. The Crows’ first move all night was lateral. Amazingly the Saints didn’t try to shut that down at any point. The other player you didn’t mention that impressed me was Lever. Composed, competitive and creative. Granted this game ended up as a glorified training run but this lad is the goods.

  2. Campbell says

    Crows looked great against the Saints. Jenkins was great again, and he needs to be signed up as soon as possible before we lose him

  3. great to read positive criticism and didn’t realise umpires could be so humorous :). even though we won convincingly, we still have work to do to bring home a flag and agree with the dubious decisions that went our way for a change

  4. great read again and good positive criticism. agree with the dubious umpiring decisions which went our way for a change. convincing win but we still need to improve to bring home a flag hopefully sooner rather than later

  5. Luke Reynolds says

    Malcolm, I’m starting to scan through your articles for the Chaplin sledge first, then go back and read the whole story. That was one of your best “Chaplins”.
    Josh Jenkins value growing by the week. I’ll swap you Jesse White and Travis Cloke.

  6. Great read, Malcolm. Some absolute fantastic jokes made through out a great analysis. I’d like to see some stats brought up though, I think it would add another dimension to what you write.

  7. Love your comments Rulebook. The test will be West Coast over in the west and they need to beat them. Brad Crouch should be playing as he has a lot of potential. Playing in the local league will not improve him.

  8. Steve wood says

    Fair write up mal.
    1. Douglas worries me.
    2. Where’s brad crouch at? Contract? And how will that affect Matt.
    3. Take the umpiring decisions and mark it on the calendar.
    4. The Blues are not surprising!!
    5. See you at the parade Sunday

  9. Martin Rumsby says

    A thorough analysis, Mr Ashwood. A healthy confidence and percentage boost never goes astray. West Coast at Subiaco will present a much more significant challenge.

  10. Mark Axl says

    Tex is back to his best now to

  11. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Dave I love Lever and thinks he shows potential of developing in to a elite defender but as you correctly said it was v v average and over awed opposition.Thanks Campbell yes imp that we sign,JJ.
    Thanks Anne some umpires do have a fantastic sense of humor some are ridiculously serious tho and I am sure we will not get that good a run in the west.Thanks Luke just think I am responsible for the only cult following bloody,Chaplin has had in his career.Thanks Ambrose I think the remarkable stat was the marks our back man took as we moved the ball with precision by foot to avoid there defensive web
    Thanks Chris if Brad Crouch had started in the sanfl ad he should have I am sure he would be playing and contributing at afl level by now it is a huge game this week end in which quite rightly due to there imposing record at home we will start under dog.

  12. The Saints are a no contest so Crows supporters ought to not get overawed by Jenkins 7, Crouch 17 and any other stats that punters would like to boast. I am glad that both SA football teams won by plenty over the weekend. OMG that is hard to say, but there are only 3 things in this day and age that are certain; death, taxes and more importantly an increase in the SA economy when both the Crows and Power win games of football

  13. Marcus Smith says

    Haha that is funny as
    Yeah the Saints had a “pantsdown for the club lads”
    Absolute flogging.Crows looked sharp with foot passing for sure
    Sloane really is hyper
    Well done Crows
    Love the article Malcolm

  14. Brad Tsoumbris says

    To think how good or club is going to be when we lay our best footy.
    Kinda scary (for the opposition)

  15. Bill Martino says

    “Kinda scary (for the opposition)”

    Not if the opposition also plays their best footy.

  16. I can’t get excited about that win as I’d say most top 4 contenders are 15 goals better than the saints. Sloane has got to be one of the hardest working players in the comp and every disposal is one that counts. Richard Douglas has to do more very soon

  17. Jill Tathra says

    If the Crows had kicked straight it would have been over 5 mins in!

    Why doesn`t my “boyfriend” get acknowledged more in the press, err thats Rory Sloane! Hes always in and under and never stops running. Yes there are others that do as well but Rory just covers so much ground and still seems to have the power and energy to continue for ever.

    I wasn`t taking a lot of notice of the Saints players, well the names really, but did hear the name Bruce a lot so if I were to be asked who was their best I`d have to say him.

  18. Cheap shot Rulebook.. Now I understand what Troy has to put up with.
    Hope the Crows boys follow your advice. Their taxi fare home to West Lakes after the game on Saturday night should put a dent in them.
    Let the hostilities commence.

  19. Crumbing the packs hey Rulebook. I heard some stories about you back in the day but didn’t believe tehm.

  20. Loved the article Rulebook, some subtle sledging at both Craplin, sorry Chaplin, and Luke Beveridge. Hopefully the “secret tactic” works against the Eagles next week as they’re a different proposition at home than away.
    This was the first game I’d been to at Adelaide Oval and my wife and I took our two youngest sons to their first Crows game and it turned out to be a great game for them.
    We had an excellent view of the whole ground sitting in the Riverbank Stand in the nosebleed section lol.
    A few points about the game I’d like to address.
    Great to see the spread of goal kickers, showing we aren’t reliant on one or two to do the job.
    As good as Sauce is as a ruck man, i think he needs to do more around the ground to make his opponent accountable, especially hitting the scoreboard. In this regard it was pleasing to see him push forward and kick one from the goal square.
    Watching the three Rorys in action was great to see as they bring so much to the team. Batman just doesn’t stop running and his overhead marking and ball use are a joy to behold.
    Charlie Cameron gets better each game and his genuine speed will prove telling this week on the open plains of Subiaco.
    Tex going for and taking contested marks was great to watch, his form is getting better.
    Mitch McGovern has the best pair of hands in the game and I love the way he attacks a marking contest. Wish JJ would take a leaf out of his book more often (107 kg and should be splitting packs more often. )
    Set shots our downside again. Poor living is poor footy and has cost us games before.
    Good win and great experience for our first family outing to Adelaide Oval.
    Let’s hope that the team can keep improving, starting this week in the West.

    Cheers, Steve.

  21. Josh Jenkins will be rocking up to West Lakes in a Bentley next year.

  22. Sam McEwen says

    Good analysis Mal but i don’t agree about Eddie. He was still tenacious and some of his knock ons and contests assisted in goals. There were just no crumbs for him to get! 28 marks in the forward 50!

  23. Riverboy says

    Good summary mate,
    Keep up the good work.

  24. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Number 48 spot on.Thankx Marcus and Brad.Bill yes hard to gauge because of the opposition..Gilbo agree,Douglas would be very nervous re selection this week.Jill love your comment.PB rule 11 out of the bible r book must bag the scrubber each article ( I thought that was 1 of my better ones) Sat night should be a good game.Raj I wish.Thanks Steve I thought that was the best sauce has moved around the ground and was good as the link man it is hard with our forward Lind for him to push forward much tho.
    McGovern sensational hands but his kicking needs plenty of work.all the Rory’s were good,Cameron pace totally agree at Subiaco.Thanks Chef nice Lind

  25. Barb Jamieson says

    Hi Malcolm
    Yes , it’s always good to come away with the four points
    One can’t help but wonder , just how much better we would or could have been had we been under the pump
    Having said that , it’s not as easy as it looks to play well against a very average ( and rebuilding , and god knows, we know what that’s like ) team
    I guess the million dollar question will be , can we lift and play better when we will need to .
    Plenty of accolades from the commentators about being a real threat , and while I think this week wasn’t our best game for the season , and we can continue to be very competitive , I’m cautious about getting too far ahead of ourselves . The competition has been full of surprises this year so we need to assume nothing .
    Great to see Sauce do more than just ruck, and show us that he has a good kicking leg , and Rory Sloane , playing his best football
    Right now., they look like a team who are loving what they’re doing , and they’re doing it well , and while there are some players who are doing it a bit better than others , i wouldn’t want to be on the selection panel .

  26. Jeff Milton says

    A great training run in preparation for the real game against West Coast..Yes imagine the standard of a true 12 team national competition.

    Assuming Scott Thompson comes in this week who goes out?

  27. Nice summary of the game Rulebook.
    My question for next week is whether Thommo will have learnt from past experience and NOT give away too many high tackle frees to the Coasters, many of whom are expert at buckling their knees and shrugging shoulders to lift the tackle. That’s my main concern, as we always seem to give away crucial frees in bad positions that cost us goals in the tight ones.

  28. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Barb yes a big test this week end and Milts as well selection will be v interesting hope they remember how important pace is in the west.Big Jim totally agree it is a real blight on Thommos career the number of dumb free kicks he gives away stops him as being considered top shelf in my book( pun intended )

  29. Well written RB.
    Game was in the bag early.
    I enjoyed the way the Crows controlled the footy with patience, WCE will provide a different challenge .
    Crows must sign Jenkins.
    Laird was impressive.
    The leg on Smith is scary good, I’d just like to see him use it to better effect more often.
    Dougie…is it time for an SANFL game?
    Talia V Kennedy, could be good this week!
    For the record, I have seen Book crumbing the pack….Charles Sturt Tavern, Grenfell,, maybe even Bojangles.(circa – when I had hair).

  30. Rulebook i had you pencilled in as more of a wingmen than a crummer, but my judgement is astray. Rather than dwell on the performance of the Fruit Tingles, I propose we divert to the sterling performance over at Bob Neil #1 on saturday afternoon. The most impressive was your technique is getting me to cough up the credit card to pay for the subs that were due – oh yeah and the Blacks winning by heaps was a close second…..and your Chaplin sledge in the article was your bestt effort thus far. Well done mate.

  31. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Chris geez that bought back some memories lasting until mr bojangles was the last song of the night and fair chance mcdonalds got a visit on the way out.Jags I was flexible played the roll of wing man on more than 1 occasion as well as crumbing.Walking towards you on sat with you standing with son of red I knew which person I was going to get money out of.Blacks were v good and thanks re Chaplin
    ( hope I have to keep coming up with sledges ! )

  32. tony miles says

    should re name the crows to the sloanes as he is the heartbeat

  33. Willow Wilson says

    Nice work Book, a few comments;
    1. Dud time slot – nothing good about it.
    2. Contest was over by quarter time, Crows should have won by more.
    3. I liked Sauce’s work around the ground, seemed more mobile
    4. Atkins leg and decision making – both very good.
    5. Party time in the backlines, Lever, Talia, Cheney, Brown all did as they pleased.
    6. When Jenkins and Walker were dominating down forward, why did the Crows persist with the lateral kicks from wing to wing. When it went in quickly,even when the Saints had extra numbers back, the Crows still found a way to score.

  34. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Milsey don’t come from the same town as Sloaney by any chance ? Willow re working and then selling raffle tickets the time slot actually worked for me bug in general I totally agree with you and I have no doubt it cost the crows at least,5 thousand due to country folk not attending the other points I totally agree 100 per cent

  35. Ben Larsen-Smith says

    Loved the article Book, found the first point about the VFL, blowouts and inability to travel particularly interesting.

  36. thanks for the shout out Malcolm we all love our club no matter where we are on the planet .it was a good run for the boys against the saints with a tough test coming against the eagles

  37. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Ben and Aussie appreciated

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