Round 10 – Western Bulldogs v St Kilda: Dogs String(er) Out The Saints In Game At Turnover City

By Braham Dabscheck

Saturday 27 May, 1.45 PM

Etihad Stadium



This was not one of the great games of footy. The Saints and Dogs came into the game with 5 and 4 records after losses in the previous week. The game started at a crisp pace with both teams turning over the ball with apparent abandon which set the stage for much of the game. In the first quarter the Saints controlled most of the ball but continued with going ring-around-the-rosy in the back half of the ground; a tactic that had not worked in the previous week against the Swans. They seemed unwilling to take a risk with forward dashes and when they did they either overused the ball or had attacks of the fumbles and dropped marks. The Dogs were not much better. In the first half six of the eight goals scored came from turnovers. There were few examples of quality team play.


The major difference between the two sides was the Dogs’ Jake Stringer who had bought his kicking boots with him and kicked 4 in the first half. He ended up with 5 and was the player who had the major impact on the game.


After the first quarter the Saints’ ineptness seeped further and further down the ground. Forward kicks were easily intercepted and the Dogs, who could see the Saints were having an off day, simply sweated on Saints’ mistakes and kicked a number of easy goals. In the third quarter there was a period when all of the play was in the Saints’ back 50. In fact, the Dogs muffed a number of chances and if they had have kicked straight the extent of the Saints’ loss would have been much greater.


After the main break, Jake Carlisle, who was having a good game in the back half was moved forward for a period, but to no avail. Again it is hard to evaluate the contribution of Paddy McCartin. For most of the game the ball was done the wrong end of the ground and delivery to him was poor. He got into the game more in the last quarter with several marks, a long goal and one that hit the post.


The Saints were so good against the Giants and have now fallen in a hole. They have lost the verve they had in going forward. The possession game that they are now employing in the back half is not working: as footy oracles have pointed out, if you have spare men behind the ball then you will be outnumbered going forward. Hopefully Jimmy Webster will return after the bye and Nick Riewoldt will have recovered from his crook knee. The Saints’ next game is against the Crows, away! Saints fans as they always do can only hope that after the break the Saints will get their season back on track!


Go Saints!


Western Bulldogs   2.2   5.6   10.9   13.12 (90)

St. Kilda   2.1   3.2   5.5   7.8 (50)



Western Bulldogs: Stringer 5, Dale, Johannisen, Picken, Bontempelli, Suckling, Murphy, Boyd, Dickson.

St. Kilda: Billings, McKenzie, Membrey, Gresham, Newnes, Weller, McCartin.



Western Bulldogs; Stringer, McCrae, Adams, Daniel, Wood.

St. Kilda: Longer, Newnes, Gilbert, Steven, Carlisle, Montagna.


Umpires: Findlay, Hay, Meredith.

Crowd: 34,685.


Our Votes: Stringer 3 (Western Bulldogs), McCrae 2 (Western Bulldogs), Adams 1 (Western Bulldogs).



  1. Len Rodwell says

    Can anybody tell me why Josh Bruce is not playing for St Kilda?

  2. Yvette Wroby says

    Thanks Braham. Sensible evaluation of game as usual. Len, Josh Bruce was dropped because he was seen to have poor form but at least he was one who would run up and down on the wing like Rooey. Missed him on Saturday. I hate when they play backwards !!! Where has the early confidence gone? Looks like it took us both days to write up our reports Braham.

  3. Len Rodwell says

    Thanks for your response Yvette. I am a Doggies person and was very surprised and perhaps relieved that with Nick out the Saints could not find room for Josh Bruce.

  4. Braham Dabscheck says

    Len, Yvette hits the nail on the head. It is a mystery to me why he was dropped. Against the Blues he kicked 2 in a low scoring game, he is always up for the contest and can be used in the ruck to give Billy Longer a break. Yvette, I was unable to write anything until I found my Stringer pun. Sad is it not that the Saints have literally gone backwards!

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