Round 1 – Collingwood v Geelong: What a cracker of a game!

What a cracker of a game!


Geelong were sensational in holding off a desperate Collingwood to defeat the Pies by 7 points. 


With their big guns coming to the fore in the last quarter; Dangerfield, Selwood, and Ablett used all of their experience to keep the Cats in the game throughout a hectic last quarter. Selwood and Dangerfield were excellent Generals for Geelong all night. Some clangers from the Pies didn’t help their cause either.


I thought Rhys Stanley was magnificent in that quarter. He competed manfully all night against Brodie Grundy and although he lowered his colours to Grundy he was able to secure telling possessions driving the ball forward when it counted. He never gave up and was one of the reasons Geelong were able to eventually take control of the game even though there was little difference between the teams on the scoreboard during the quarter.


It was a fast see-sawing game. Early Collingwood were scintillating with their speed in moving the ball forward usually through the middle corridor. Only some easy misses kept Geelong in the game.


Jamie Elliott made a welcome return for the Pies kicking 3 goals and always looked very threatening when the ball went forward.


I thought  the new rules worked well especially the 6/6/6. It opened the game up, allowed some fast movement of the ball, and stopped the flooding tactics of the past.  A far better spectacle for us punters.


A thrilling game of footy viewed from my comfy chair in front of the telly!



COLLINGWOOD  3.5   4.9   7.10    9.11 (65)
GEELONG            2.2   3.4   7.10   10.12 (72)


Collingwood: Elliott 3, De Goey 2, Cox, Treloar, Beams, Brown
Geelong: Ablett 2, Hawkins 2, Duncan, Selwood, Dahlhaus, Dangerfield, Constable, Parfitt 


Collingwood: Treloar, Moore, Pendlebury, Phillips, Elliott, Sidebottom
Geelong: Kelly, Stewart, Dangerfield, Dahlhaus, Ablett, Selwood 


Collingwood: Nil
Geelong: Nil


Reports: Nil


Umpires: Stevic, Harris, Haussen


Official crowd: 78,017 at the MCG


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About Colin Ritchie

Retired teacher who enjoys following the Bombers, listening to music especially Bob Dylan, reading, and swimming.


  1. george smith says

    Not happy Jan!

    Once again the heart attack kids have finished on the wrong side of the ledger in a close game. And once again a team that plays like Long John Silver against Richmond and the Weagles has turned into Jake the Peg against Collingwood!

  2. An intriguing match. I thought Collingwood was doing enough to win for most of the game but full marks to the cats as they refused to lie down. I must admit to be disappointed that the scoring still seemed difficult, even under the new rules. There is no doubt what so ever that Geelong’s big 3, Danger, Selwood and Ablett Jr are the driving force behind the cats. Anyway, it was most pleasing to see Collingwood go under despite Aish playing.

  3. Colin yes intriguing but as a experienced maggot the umpiring is deplorable how,Hayden Kennedy has kept his job is personally disappointing the lack of understanding and common sense re the sliding rule one aspect the ruck rules interpretations bizarre a ruck coach for the umpires is desperately needed

  4. Rulebook – as you say it’s common sense that is lacking with many umpire’s interpretations. However, this has been going on forever and a day. I well remember as a lad being frustrated with a certain Laurie Sweeney’s apparent bias towards Port Adelaide in tight situations. West Adelaide stalwart Doug Thomas firmly believes Sweeney gifted Port quite a few Flags in the fifties. For all that, I often have thought it’s not the frees paid that can kill a game but those that aren’t. And malcolm, keep on calling it as you see it. Cheers

  5. citrus bob says

    Fisho and Rulebook – umpiring will always be controversial but more to the point it is hard to see the Crows making the finals after the episode last night.

  6. Bob – after the rubbish the Crows served up last night I’m convinced they’re just a bunch of PYKERS

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